10 Aug 2010

Summer Holiday in Scotland

I sat in the passenger seat while Hubby drove. The beautiful scenery outside the car called me to observe.

What did I see?
lakes and rivers:

And images that made me gap for a second and ask myself:
"what are they trying to say?"
Yes, I felt a little bit strange.

Back in the car we drove past broad valleys of tall grasses and swirling clouds.
The scenery out reminded me of films such as Braveheart and
The Highlander.

Then, I saw the bridge below and it reminded me of a scene from Harry Potter.

Do you know - the scene in which he had to drive to Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry, because he was late to catch the train?

Again, the pic below made me gasp for how beautiful and romantic Scotland can be. Just observe where the house is situated. And behind it the river is limpidly flowing down from the razor's-edge valley. It was just like a fairyland.

To arrive at our final location we had to walk 20mins; below is what we could see:

blue sky, green fields and so sheep.

I sat down to take a break. And take a shot of my boots and Ralph Lauren waterproof trousers. Okay, okay, you call me vain, ;)!

There were so many activities going on but the one I enjoyed most was abseiling. I was attached to a rope and I had to descend a rocky mountain.

Wow, me doing abseiling before my 30s? I am honoured :D!

From that height I could see vast hills, seas and the deep blue sky. I was on cloud 9.

On the fourth day we were offered a boat trip to one of the nearest isles.

On our way I saw a wild isle with a big cloud hovering over it.

A tiny rocky island.

A tiny isolated beach, where the Queen have pic-nic.ed before.

Finally, big cows and bulls looking at this city girl.

Strangely, she looked just like me :).

I laid down on the grass in my full hiking gear and felt asleep.
Yes, by the end of the week I was destroyed, after all I am a city girl.
As the saying goes - you can take a girl out of the city
but you cannot take the city life-style out of the girl, :).

This trip was adventurous. I walked so much that my back was soar when I got back to London. However I was more relaxed, mainly because we were cut off from the world. There were only 25 visitors on this isle. There was no supermarket. Most importantly, there was no television and mobile phone networks.

{We were at One with Nature}

Earth, fire, wind, and water were the elements we could see and feel.

The worries I had on the way there have disappeared and I felt a deep peace within.

On our way back I felt like turning the car back to where we just left. Another good sign was my flawless and sea breeze kissed skin. I was glowing with healthy looks.

For me, Scotland is a place which helps to rediscover the important things in life.

Have you ever been to a place which has made you realise that the important things in life do not involve material stuff?

Please share with me.



  1. looks like you are having a geat vacation! Please check out my blog, I gave you an award!!

  2. Ummm . . . . that doll?? Wow . . . LOL @ you laid out in the grass. Bet you were really at peace. Glad you had a great trip!!


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