22 Aug 2010

Sunday in London

I know it has been long and I really missed Sunday In My City posts hosted by Unknown Mami. But as the saying goes what does not kill you make you stronger. Yes, I am feeling very tough and I am happy about this new state of mind.

But lets get back to the mood of sharing our Sunday pics.

This week I would like to share two pictures of an Indu Wedding I attended few weeks ago. I love every weddings because their remind me of my own big day:) However, this one was super romantic and very meaningful. I never been to an Indu Wedding and I felt honoured to attend this one. I was marvelled by the whole ceremony and I wish I will go to many more. All the details mean something very symbolic and important for the bride and groom.

Walking Around The Holy Fire (FERA)

The Agni (fire) symbolises illumination of mind, happiness and knowledge. Ablations are been poured into the sacred fire. The spouses walk around the fire four times. At the start of each round a brother or male cousin of the bride places rice in her hands. Their participation symbolises their good wishes and lifelong support for their sister. Each time they walk around the fire they will stop and touch a stone with their toe. This symbolises the obstacles in life that they will overcome.

Each fero (round) has a specific significance of the marriage

1. Dharma: A promise to uphold the values and principles of the religion

2. Artha: A promise to employ material wealth in the righteous way

3. Kama: A promise to fulfil desire in accordance with Vedic scriptures

4. Moksha: A promise to strive for salvation

Life's Seven Steps (Sapta Padi)

The groom helps the bride touch seven betel nuts with her right toe and invoke the blessing of God to:

- nourish each other

- to grow together in strength

- to preserve wealth

- to share joy and sorrow

- to care for their children

- to be together forever and remain friends

- to protect each other and each other spiritual values

The meaning is very similar to a Christian Wedding but the way is performed is different. I hope this mean the same thing to you all.

God bless all couples. Happy Sunday to everyone :)!

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  1. It sounds so interesting I would like to attend wedding like this one day too.

  2. The wedding sounds lovely and intriguing. Thank you for sharing all the symbolism. The photos are wonderful.

  3. Oh, I loved learning about the wedding and traditions. What beautiful shots capturing this special event. Thanks for sharing.

  4. New follower here and fellow baby fever holder. The wait is rough isn't it?

    Hope you'll follow back and check out my first review and giveaway event starting tomorrow!

  5. Love your blog! Following via Relax & Surf Sunday. Hope you follow back! http://funfritzfamily.blogspot.com/

  6. Thank you for sharing this beautiful ceremony.

  7. I love learning about other cultures so thank you so much for sharing! Thanks for your comment and I hope you visit again soon!
    I also love weddings, I sometimes wish I could live my wedding over and over again, not the stress but the actual day! :)

  8. I agree with you Angelica.

    I wish I can re-live my wedding minus the stress :), but I have to admit I fondly remember the party bit because I really enjoyed the music, company and my dance moves! In the end I was sweating very much but I did not care because all I wanted to do was to party on my wedding day.

  9. Love wedding pictures, but these are especially beautiful! Thanks for sharing!!

  10. I just love to hear of traditions that are symbols of marriage in other cultures. Thanks for sharing.

  11. Ohh how I love the details and explanation your provided.

    I love hearing about different cultures and learning about them as well. I'm a fanatic of the Middle Eastern culture.

    Lucky you. =)

  12. What an amazing wedding. Thanks for sharing.

  13. What beautiful sentiments involved with that ceremony. I love it!!! I'd love to see a wedding like that.

    Lots of yummy love,
    Alex aka Ma What's For Dinner

  14. wow, that must've been interesting wedding!
    Thanks for your visit on my blog even if I was traveling...now back in Casablanca again.
    You asked about my camera: Canon G9. They have a new version of that but I love my G9 - it's good and not as heavy and big as my D50. G9 is easy to carry in my bag wherever I go.
    Canon has great uploading software.

    If you want to know more you can email me...
    Have a great week,
    greetings from Bilbao, Spain! :) (pictures coming soon)

  15. I had a Hindu wedding as well as a Christian and a legal wedding. I like the way you explained it all. I wore a red sari, gold jewellery and my husband and I did the saptapadi and holy pheras. I'd love to share a photo on my blog but I sent them to my mother, and I don't know where she put 'em. But when I find them, I'll post them and call you over to have a look too! Missed you, glad you're back!

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