30 Sep 2010

Chapter Two: Little Bit of French...

... style... :)!

... is simple but chic. Although I have never being there, it is on my offline list to go to France before leaving Europe.

I prefer the French style, and I try my best to keep it that way. So when I saw the shoes (below), in a charity shop, I instantly felt in love. They were like new.
The detail of bow are romantic like the French 19thC fashion. And they have the hulala flair... I just have to slip them on and voilà, I am ready to kill!

They have been there for me throughout the summer. They are comfortable and I can wear them with anything. I wear them to work and to party in them. I am still wearing them although is autumn; but the cold days will be here soon and I am looking for a new pair of shoes that will be versatile as them.

At the moment, I am digging the Mango A/W 2010/11 new look, which is inspired by French 70s style. Check the fashion week video.

Apart from the wonderful clothes I would like to buy, the following are the few shoes I am definitely going to buy from Mango.
The vintage look is so in... but, I used to wear that kind of shoes in the nineties and I still have some pair somewhere. However, I am ready to buy a new pair just to keep up with the fashion... ... I know, the above are not for the winter but I just love the way them look. I can have them for a romantic dinner or a special party. They seem comfortable fit as well. They are killer heels and sure I am going to have them during the sale ;)!

However, my priority is buying a new pair of boots. The following boots will do because they look practical and comfortable and I can wear when in the snow!
Enough of rambling about shoes because I also love French...

crepe and baguette and Tour l'Eiffel ...

l'oreal and Chanel...

... they say spend lots of money on the good essential items, and don't be cheap on useless things. ... that is my motto! (I will post more on this in later date).


The Art Of Kissing: How To French Kiss Step By Step
Uploaded by howtokissvideoscom.

language ...

Visite de Nicolas Sarkozy à Bertrand Delanoë
Uploaded by mairiedeparis.
is like speaking while sensually drinking red wine!... it makes even ugly politicians look sexy... It is so sexy, oui!

1980s film La Boum...

Air's music...
the last one is one of the soundtracks of one of my favourite films The Virgin Suicides.

And to finish, a little bit of sweetness...
1992 Dur Dur d'etre Bebe song (it is super fun)...
... how sweet. He made us girls dance in the early 90s - for saying "It is hard to be a baby!" Just listen to him...

So, there you have it, a little bit of my French taste :)! I am praying Hubby and I will experience one of French cities soon :).

Are you a French lover? Have you ever being to France? Which is your favourite fashion/style? Have you ever being to a fashion show? Do you know how to French kiss ;)? Isn't Jordy and his
girlfriend cute?

This post is for the french inspired blog party hosted by Le Chateau des fleurs by Frenchy.

a French friend who passed away two years.
R.I.P Gui!
Tu me manque!

Today A Year Ago... and then I Panicked

A year ago today in the entry of my paper journal I wrote:

Autumn is at the door again. I’ve always like this season, when the trees shed leafs on the ground and the rain starts again. It is a melancholic season, a little bit like me.

I have started university and this year I have decided to go the university gym. Surely this will help me keep fit and through yoga I will learn how to concentrate and relax for my essays, plus I want be fit when I am pregnant...

Then few months later I started to panic, because I thought I was doing too much for my little shoes. I was writing two essays per week and reading 5 books for my final year project. I went as far as to note that I wanted to close some friendship because they were sucking up my thoughts. I wrote:

Until June 2010 I am going to steer away from them, because I am not going to lose precious time and I need to concentrate on my project and my essays.
Now that I am not studying and I am free to do what I want, I am panicking because I have not made a concrete plan for my career life. I need more focus on that side and pursuit it with a purpose. However, I also know that I should not worry for having many ideas, I can write them down and organise them by priority. Yes, that is my next target write down everything that is rummaging in my head.

Today’s post was brought to you through Mama Kat’s Writer's Workshop
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and Heather's Today A Year Ago Thursday Blog Hop.
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So what happened to you a year ago today? Have you ever panicked because you thought you didn’t have enough time to explore your creativity?

29 Sep 2010

Thoughtful Wednesday: Chic Mamà

To keep up with my thoughtful Wednesday posts I want to feature one of my favourite bloggers. She is very thoughtful and has been here - on my blog - since the early days. She is still here giving me thoughtful insights. She is one of the girls I am glad I came across early in my blog-journey. I love reading her blog because it is girly and, yes, chic. Her name tells it, in fact she is known as Chic Mamà in the blogsphere and she blogs on InLovelyHeels.

I hope we will meet in person one day but for now she was sweet to answer my impertinent thoughtful questions, to make us (her readers) know her a little bit better. Here we go...

1. Who is the woman behind Chic Mama?

She is a young mother living everyday to the fullest. Pooh Bear is her 2 year old son. She is a dreamer, who attempts to live a happy life amidst all the downs of life. I believe just because you become a mother doesn't mean you stop being a woman. I like dressing chic and wandering through the city of Chicago with my little man.

2. Why did you start blogging?
I started blogging as a way to share the things I love: motherhood, fashion, interior design, baking. Just recently I started really focusing on giving my blog a focus and that revolves around telling the story of how I went from a city girl to a city mama (mom in Spanish) and raising my kiddo bilingual. My blog is heartfelt and it goes back between memoirs, sentiments or present stories.

3. Has blogging helped you in any way?
It has helped me develop my writing skills as well as feel connected to the blogosphere and find others like me.

4. What is your favourite health/beauty/fashion product?
I have a lot of faves. On the health department multivitamins are a must. My beauty faves are moisturizers and lipgloss. As for fashion, you might already know, I'm a shoeaholic (
her blog title tells it ;)!
Lovely heels

5. Are you doing your dream work? If no, how can you get there?

I have a job I love that's right in Downtown (I'm a sucker for the city) but it's not my dream position. I'm trying to balance life as a mom, student, woman. My biggest aspiration is to become a journalist/reporter, hence me continuing my education and pursuing my dreams.

6. Who inspires you?
Inspiration for everyday life, to live well and love life, I find in books and through blogs. (
She is a bookworm just like me :)! Inspiration to let my creative juices flow I find in blogs (sewing, baking, crafting). My inspiration to succeed is Pooh Bear and my role model is my dad.

7. Which blog posts do you love the most?
These are 2 posts I adore;
In The End He Does Have a Father
Size Doesn't Matter, Style Does

I am telling you people, blogging is like an ocean but if you find the right fish to swim with, you never regret the decision to start a blog. Just from the few questions I realise we have so much in common. To conclude I would like to use her own words "You are one of the bloggers I can mostly relate to because of your free and adventurous spirit, as well as your heart of a dreamer. =]"
Do you see, even with a screen between us, we can make good friends.

Thanks Chic Mamà for agreeing to be featured on my humble blog.
I feel the same and I hope we will cross in real life one day... :). Until then lets keep talking via the net :0.

I hope you will stop by her blog. Oh, and if you like to watch and learn some moves from her Pooh Bear click here. The little boy teaches merengue, awesome :D!

The above post is today's Thoughtful Wednesday post.

On Wednesdays I feel like chatting a lot. On Wednesdays my philosophical mood kick in and I can't contain myself. On Wednesdays I pose my inquisitive mind on my blog. I started to write my Thoughtful Wednesdays posts to question about motherhood, feminism and life.

Now you can join me in this journey. Please follow these five steps

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You don't have to write a new post because you can re-post one of your old posts, the one you believe is insightful. You can all share a photo that makes people stop and think before commenting.

Thoughtful Wednesday is about meaningful thoughts :).
If like me, you want insightful comments about the post you write please join in!

I really hope people will join me in this
VENTURE! I am looking forward to meet new people :)!

Please be considerate and link up ONLY thoughtful posts, no reviews or giveaways posts.

28 Sep 2010

8 Questions Game with a Twist

Amanda @This Girl Will Never Be The Same tagged me the other week. To tag is a bloggy game which consists in answering 8 questions given to you by the blogger who tags you. You have to answer these questions and then form 8 question with which you have to tag another 8 blog-friends. I am going to twist this game so please read on.

First let me answer my questions...

1. What is your all time favorite book?

Wow, I always find it difficult to choose just one. I will be cheeky and select three: The God of Small Things, Their Eyes Were Watching God and The Famished Road...

2. If you had one "do over" what would it be, and would you really take the chance?

Sincerely I don't I don't know what I would like to 'do over' in my life. But maybe if I would have liked to be a little bit older when my father died.

3. Complete this phrase, "When life hands you lemons...."

... take them, add a little bit of sugar and enjoy life like a lemonade on hot summer day.

4. What is the best piece of advice anyone has ever given you?

I still have two great advices to my heart: "Travel the world and experience life before settling down", that was from one of my brothers. I am glad I did just that. And once my mother said "Learn to be patient in life." I am glad she told me that because I am learning to be patient at this stage of my life.

5. What is your favorite holiday & why?

My honeymoon in Malaysia and Singapore. Hubby and I were young and adventurous. The world was naive and it did not seem so scary. It was our first trip to Asia and I happy to be there and sharing everything with my Hubby.

6. What was your childhood nickname?

1 (one), I was very skinny and my face reminded people of the number, :)! Mean, ahey!

7. Do you thrift? If so, what is your favorite thrifty shoppe?

I hope I am interpreting the question right. Books, magazines and every little silly thing.

8. What five words best describe you?

Lively, free spirit, fearless, open and romantic.

As promised, I am twisting this game. Instead of tagging 8 people, I would like my readers to answer at least on of the following 8 questions. You can make a post out of it and comment on my blog I can read your answer. Fun, isn't it?

1. Who is your celebrity crush?

2. Who inspires you?

3. How did you meet your husband/wife/partner?

4. What is the most embarrassing episode in your life, so far?

5. Are you doing your dream job?

6. If yes to question 5, how did you achieve that dream?

7. If no to question 5, what are you doing to achieve that dream?

8. How do you relax in this hectic world?

Please play and share with me.

27 Sep 2010

#10 - I Comment Therefore I Am

Today is the day of revelations and decisions. The day that everywhere I turn I see a sign of what I need to do to get where I want to be. I just posted one my longest comments on Crystal's blog @Wanna Be Balanced Mom. In the post she wrote the reasons she does what she does in life. Then she concluded asking "What are you doing today, that will get you where you want to be?"

I wrote:

Thank you, thank you for this post.

It all started when I read an article, this morning, in which the writer wrote that to achieve something you want in life one must "work [his or her] ass off". Once at home I saw your post title Why I Do What I Do and I read the words "You've just got to get your priorities straight, figure out what's most important to you, and plan out your day. If you find that you're overwhelmed and don't have enough time in the day to do it all, then it's time to re-evaluate. Figure out what you can do without. ...cutting out your favourite shows on the DVR, or spending less time on the computer." and you conclude with the question "What are you doing today, that will get you where you want to be?"

This question took me back to my lunch hour, during which I wrote down what I need to do to turn my dream into a goal. Then I handed in my resignation letter - because our move to Canada will be happening soon! So yes, I have started to do the things that will make me achieve my dreams, because after all, money should not be the option in the first place.

Then to put the cherry on the cake I watched Revolutionary Road and one of Leonardo Di Caprio's lines nailed it "... people are better off doing some kind of work they actually like."

One day I will write I do it because I love it: my work!


I am glad today came, because I have realised that the most important thing to do before I can achieve my dream is sorting out my priorities. And I have to work hard to get where I want to be. Today has been a great day because the message has entered my head like a nail. To get my dream into a goal I need perseverance and sorting out my priorities.

I need to plan properly and if the baby is not here yet, then I have other priorities. I know what I WANT and I know what to do to get there. I don't have to be scared to tell other people what I want to become: a published writer. There, I have said it. I want to be a published writer!

Because, once the babies are here and they are old and they've moved out of the family house, yes, Hubby and I will have each other but we also have to be happy of the career choices we made. Because being happy will always affect our mood in life.

This has been on my mind for a while and I am starting to work towards the only thing I have power over: my career.

Unknown Mami

26 Sep 2010

Valencia, A Warm Way to Say Goodbye to Summer

I felt in love and I didn't want to come back to London.

But as it always happen, after every holiday, ordinary life calls us back to reality.
So we left behind the 35 degrees sunny afternoons you find in Valencia even at the end of September.

Hubby enjoyed the time off because he combined it with work (he was there for a conference). On the other hand, I loved the time off because I experienced the city just like when I was young - happy to be there. Also, I experienced this journey as a true travel-writer. My eyes were not observing vague scenery but observing the real life of Valencia. The interesting aspect of the city. The new and old architecture. And life itself.

But, we left behind the picturesque city which is composed of old and new zones.
The futuritic designs of Palau De La Arts, Palau de La Musica, Hemisferic and Oceanografic.
The good paella which I ate three days in a row... ... and the carefree mind you experience when on holiday.

I walked alone through the alleys and photographed women buying bread for the lunch of the day (I love eating bread), girls chatting after a long school day, women and men cleaning the dirt of the city. Women and men riding the new ValenciaBisi. I observed people collecting metals, I was very intrigue by this activity but there was no time to learn more about the reason they do that.

One evening, Hubby and I went for a romantic dinner,
when we got off the bus a very nice man offered to walk us to the Barrio area - the guide book doesn't explain very well where it is. On our way there we saw people shouting and drumming in protest. The good man explained that these people are there joined together to protest against the Waste Storage Center (ATC) the government intend to site at Zarra (Valencia). That was how I found myself photographing the demonstrators whom are against this nuclear cemetery - I felt like a photo-journalist.

Plus, I enjoyed photographing windows, because a girl's best friend is window shopping right ;)!... and yes, the Valencia Formula 1 track ;), just to prove that I am cool!
But, moreover, I loved Valencia because I had the possibility to experience summer again. The summer that went away too soon and made me cry a lot. A summer that made me mature and made me feel more than a woman. But being in Valencia and feeling the sun on my face and skin again it was perfect to say goodbye to summer 2010 without grudges.

As an aspiring writer with the luck to travel, I want to turn my travels into good stories and share it with the rest of humanity. From now on I want to work hard toward turning a dream into reality: becoming a good published writer (more to
come on this pursuit).

I hope you had a great summer and are not too sad it is gone, because fall is very romantic.

Happy Sunday everyone.
Unknown Mami

21 Sep 2010

Going Back to Rehab...

... to detox ... so that next time I don't confuse a simple bloated belly like Amy Winehouse's for a knocked up one like Christina Milian's. (I am lil bit over the top, LOL.) I have decided to detox myself. The program I am following, which you can find here, was done by a friend of mine before going on a romantic holiday. She loved it - both detoxing and holidaying.

Now is her turn to encourage me, because we encourage each other to be healthy. She is very supportive of this.

I started the program yesterday and I already feel good. My mind is cleared, I am more focused on how to manage going through a day eating nothing else but fruit. Well I must say, well done to me!

Today I am allowed vegetables.

Thank you everyone for your kinds words yesterday. I am taking them on board.

My flight to Spain is tomorrow but before I go I will post my Thoughtful Wednesday post. Last week I enjoyed reading Chic Mama's post about her loving father. Also, Tisha's post about how to attract and keep your soul-mate was very insightful. I learned something about female circle by reading Amanda's post.

I am looking forward to read more ;), so please stop by and join in ;)! Please invite all your friends. Let us share the great-thoughtful posts we write.

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19 Sep 2010

Sunday In London: One Summer Day

I love taking pictures; this ability has always being one of my hobbies. I take photos every time I have a camera with and I see an interesting subject.

The photo below shows how it works. At the time I took it, I was not trying to do anything special but everything happened by chance. The sun was high, the heat at a pitch and fountain was raised from the ground. The boy, together with some friends came running, the water raised again, he jumped, my finger clicked and violà – I had an artistic picture!

But then I go home and I don’t know how to edit the photos. I like the picture above so much that I entered it in a competition – it didn’t win, but I was still happy I sent it out there. I wanted people to see that I can take nice pictures. But, I think I need to learn how to edit my photos.

So, today I would like to ask: how do you edit a picture? Which free editing program do you use? Which version of the picture above do you like most?

Unknown Mami

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