6 Sep 2010

#9 - I Comment Therefore I Am - The Great Setback

I Comment Therefore I Am is hosted by Unknown Mami and consists putting together a list of comments you left on different blogs and then publish it as a post on your own blog.

Today I commented on Me and My Life's blog. She was reflecting on the following sentences:

When you haven't forgiven those who've hurt you, you turn your back against your future. When you do forgive, you start walking forward.
I commented:
I totally agree that grudge can make a person turn his or her back on a great future because bitterness, resentment, anger, hurt just result into a state of mental block. These feelings make one person see darkness and no point of return. Anger set people back. The energy that one should use to create something positive turns into a passivity/negativity due to resentment.

Yes, "Bitterness can only lead to more bitterness [and] Hurt just leads to more hurt."

Great post.
What do you think? Is anger the great setback in life? Please share your point of view with me :)

Unknown Mami

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  1. I agree that anger is a setback, but only if you allow it to consume you. I can say that from my own personal life and from observing others through their experiences. Anger is a normal human emotion I believe, just like joy and sadness. It is what you do with your anger that matters--how you deal/cope with it, how quickly you address it or get over it. Took me twenty something years to learn this :)

  2. I completely agree that anger is a big setback in why people lives turn out the way they do.Most people dont cope with there anger in a healthy way and it leads them into the wrong direction.

  3. I think you are absolutely right, but somethings are so hard to forgive.

  4. I think it's a waste of energy and gives that person way to much power. You are dedicating way too much time to them. I don't believe in just forgive/forget everything. You should be careful and aware. But spending time fuming and plotting is pointless. Move on with your life. The best revenge is being happy.

  5. Great comment you made.

    Resentment is one of the biggest setbacks. Then comes the anger, revenge, bitterness from all that you keep inside and can't let go of. Forgiving is key to having inner peace,therefore living happy and looking forward to a beautiful future.

  6. Visiting from Unknown Mami. I absolutely agree that unforgiveness and anger are setbacks. I have an aunt who, for most of her life, has operated out of anger and unforgiveness. It has caused rifts in the family, and she is becoming more and more isolated because, well, no one wants to be around her.

    I think forgiveness is not about how you feel - it's a choice. You choose how you respond to someone, and you ACT in forgiveness. It's a process - I've often had to the same person over and over...for the same thing!

  7. Oh, you are so right! It is nice that we, your readers, got a chence to see this instead of it just languishing in a comment box. Well done!

    I've done this post this week too!

  8. Finding you via Unknown Mami -- what a terrific comment and question!

    I do think that forgiveness is the key to the future. I admit, however, that this is one of those things that is easier to know than to live. I think that it helps to remember that forgiveness is not really about releasing the other person of their culpability but releasing yourself of carrying that burden.

    Good luck with your plans. I look forward to visiting again.

  9. Anger can be a destroyer for certain! I have totally seen it ruin lives. It makes me sad. It sounds like you are an awesome commenter! You really put your heart into what you leave behind. Very sweet : )

    It is always so fun to come and visit you.

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