2 Sep 2010

The Coat

Autumn is closing in.

We are about to go crazy and bring out the winter items once again.

As usual this year's trend is a little bit different from last years. And as much as I love fashion, I don't like to follow it. However, I like to look awesome at all times.

How do I save money and still be fashionable?

The secret is to buy unique pieces. Items that can stand the trial of time, because if you look carefully, fashion is about going back in time to pick what was cool at one moment.

Once again for this season cape coats are going strong. Cape-poncho is how I call it.

I bought my first one (pics. below) in 1998. I still rock in it ;).

It looks like brand new and I still find it comfortable to wear. The front pockets is superb for the windy days. This autumn I am going to wear it again. However, I am also considering buying a new Zara Cape Coat (pics. below). I will wait until the sale :P.

I am also tempted to just wear my favourite Miss Sixty coat (pic. below), this will let me go another autumn without buying a new coat.

But if I wanted to buy a new coat I would go for the one below. It is elegant and seem timeless, a kind of English vintage fashion statement.

How do you stay fashionable and still save money? Do you have an item that you've worn so much and still love wearing. Let's us share our fashion secrets.



  1. Love these pictures - they are reminding me that, in fact, there are redeeming qualities to winter... if only that I get to wear a cute coat!

    I love Ebates - they have free shipping and discount codes for online shopping and you get cash back... which, of course, can be used for more adorable fall fashion :-) Check them out here: http://tinyurl.com/22sw6u6

  2. Great pics & thoughts. I love checking out the fall fashions each year, but it's too hot here still for me to thing abt any new purchases. Sigh. But I am seriously dreading putting away the sandals. :) Following from hog along Friday. :)

  3. That coat is awesome.
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  5. ooh, I love those! Especially the plaid one. So cute!
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