26 Sep 2010

Valencia, A Warm Way to Say Goodbye to Summer

I felt in love and I didn't want to come back to London.

But as it always happen, after every holiday, ordinary life calls us back to reality.
So we left behind the 35 degrees sunny afternoons you find in Valencia even at the end of September.

Hubby enjoyed the time off because he combined it with work (he was there for a conference). On the other hand, I loved the time off because I experienced the city just like when I was young - happy to be there. Also, I experienced this journey as a true travel-writer. My eyes were not observing vague scenery but observing the real life of Valencia. The interesting aspect of the city. The new and old architecture. And life itself.

But, we left behind the picturesque city which is composed of old and new zones.
The futuritic designs of Palau De La Arts, Palau de La Musica, Hemisferic and Oceanografic.
The good paella which I ate three days in a row... ... and the carefree mind you experience when on holiday.

I walked alone through the alleys and photographed women buying bread for the lunch of the day (I love eating bread), girls chatting after a long school day, women and men cleaning the dirt of the city. Women and men riding the new ValenciaBisi. I observed people collecting metals, I was very intrigue by this activity but there was no time to learn more about the reason they do that.

One evening, Hubby and I went for a romantic dinner,
when we got off the bus a very nice man offered to walk us to the Barrio area - the guide book doesn't explain very well where it is. On our way there we saw people shouting and drumming in protest. The good man explained that these people are there joined together to protest against the Waste Storage Center (ATC) the government intend to site at Zarra (Valencia). That was how I found myself photographing the demonstrators whom are against this nuclear cemetery - I felt like a photo-journalist.

Plus, I enjoyed photographing windows, because a girl's best friend is window shopping right ;)!... and yes, the Valencia Formula 1 track ;), just to prove that I am cool!
But, moreover, I loved Valencia because I had the possibility to experience summer again. The summer that went away too soon and made me cry a lot. A summer that made me mature and made me feel more than a woman. But being in Valencia and feeling the sun on my face and skin again it was perfect to say goodbye to summer 2010 without grudges.

As an aspiring writer with the luck to travel, I want to turn my travels into good stories and share it with the rest of humanity. From now on I want to work hard toward turning a dream into reality: becoming a good published writer (more to
come on this pursuit).

I hope you had a great summer and are not too sad it is gone, because fall is very romantic.

Happy Sunday everyone.
Unknown Mami


  1. What a lovely journey you seemed to have at the end of summer. How nice that you feel like you were seeing the real life of the people and not just the scenery. That's the way to visit a place.

    Kristin - The Goat
    via SIMC

  2. Such a great way to end the summer--I'm almost jealous. Just kidding but you really should've put me in your luggage. LOL. The way you wrote this post I felt like I was there too. Keep writing--you are good at it. Happy Sunday :)

  3. Those are beautiful photos! what a wonderful experience you had!

  4. You have a really good eye for pictures-- Thanks for the beautiful tour.
    Happy SIMC, jj

  5. Looks like you had a wonderful time! I agree the summer was gone prematurely. Lucky for you, you got to end the summer in a beautiful location! Great post!

  6. Great Pics!! Is that a large Cricket on the Plate?

  7. I love paella! That would have gotten me off my plan too!

  8. I would happily eat that paella three days in a row. Thank you for sharing your wonderful experiences.

  9. What a wonderful trip!! Beautiful shots!

  10. Great way to see the city and enjoy a little r&r! Welcome back:-)

  11. lovely scenery! beautifully captured. =)

    I'm sure you'll have no problem turning your dream into a reality. It's just a matter of pursuing!

    I love all seasons. There's always something to do on each particular one. =]

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  13. Thanks everyone. I happy to be back and I wish one day you all can experience the beauty of European cities.

  14. Great blog! Came across your blog from one of the blog hops, and looking forward to reading more of your stuff. I am now following... feel free to follow back if you like!!!!
    All the best,


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  16. It sounds like a fantastic vacation.

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  17. The pictures are lovely. I would love to get there someday. I'm just popping in from the Monday hop & I'm now following. Stop by when you get a chance!

    living well, spending less


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