4 Sep 2010

Sunday In London

The books are out again, however this time I had to sort them out for our future move. If you are one of my loyal readers, you might know that if everything goes well by beginning of next year Hubby and I will move to Canada. For this move we have to do lots of packing and selection. Not all our books can come with us, that is why we spent our Sunday selecting the lucky ones.

I hope your Sunday was more exciting than mine.

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  1. First of all my name is BLOGitse :)
    It has a meaning. BLOG is a blog but 'itse' (not site) is Finnish, which means 'me or myself' BUT when you put those two together it means VIA. Via blog = BLOGitse :)

    Moving to Canada - wow. And you love books like we...most of our books are stored in Finland and too many I had to recycle because they take so much space.

    Our Sunday was more exiting - driving in Casablanca! :) It's always pain and exciting!

    Have a good week ahead!

  2. Looks like fun though. I pray that things will work out for you and your hubby so that you guys will move to Canada. I like Canada--I visited several times but never lived there. BLOGitse does seem to be having a good Sunday afternoon. I'm just catching up on work. Talk to you later.

  3. Happy Sunday BLOGitse and Mrs. K.

    Thanks for explaining your name it is so cute :). Next time I am in Morocco we will stop in Casablanca.

    Thanks Mrs. K, enjoy the day.

    Have a great week everyone.

  4. wow, you have a lot of books. it's always hard to slim down a book collection when it's time to move.

  5. Hi MsBaby Plan!

    Thanks for dropping by my blog :) Good luck and hopefully things will go well. Your books look amazing - I love reading books. Have a good week ahead.

  6. I really need to sort my books out! I love keeping the ones I loved to read but now have way too many. Might do that this afternoon I think!!!

  7. It is so hard to pare down a book collection. Starting early is good! I recently got a Barnes and Noble Nook for a gift and now download many of the books that I read. I still love browsing the physical book at the bookstores, but am trying to stay green and download the ones that I know that I will only read once. Hope that your move goes through for you. Happy Weekend! Stopping in from the Lady Blogger's Party:)

  8. big move to make. And frankly if it meant parting with books I am not sure I could do it LOL Good luck with it all

  9. love all the new additions to Sundays! that is some book collection!!

  10. I always find it so hard to get rid of books.

  11. Oh my... I wouldn't be able to pick. That's an awesome collection. I probably would have spent the day reading instead of sorting! Thanks for sharing... ganna go read now!

  12. Sorting through books. Ouch! For me they are part of my family and have so many memories attached. I'm glad I started a library here in Africa so even when we moved here we didn't have to get rid of any--just mailed them all over for the library.

  13. How horrible to have to give up some of your books. I hope you donate them or sell the ones left behind!!

  14. Oooh I had to go back and read everything. I think this is a WONDERFUL thing! Im an american living in The Netherlands so I know all about giving things up,packing what you can, and starting over so to speak. Even if your move isnt a forever thing you are going to see and experience things alot of people will never beable to..It's the same for me. I miss home like crazy and although I will never be moving back home I know I am lucky for the life I have.

    Im very excited for you. It will be a big change and you may want to read up on Culture Shock. It's real and it happens,although yours might be less since you atleast have the comfort of knowing everyone speaks english and not some other language like dutch:)

    I'm really excited for you!

  15. I love books - I have tons of them. I can't live without them in fact. It's good that you are making an effort to bring them with you. You will be so glad that you did!

    Coming via Sundays in my City....nice to see you again...

  16. Looks like you guys have built up quite the collection of books. I'm a fellow book reader and am in the process of building quite a massive collection myself. My fiance is simply going crazy with books starting to spill over from our bookshelf to the coffee table and bedroom. But hey I love to read.

  17. YUMMama, I do love books so much that I read Literature at University ;), while I was studying my books were everywhere and Hubby was "going crazy with [my] books starting to spill over from our bookshelf to the coffee table and bedroom." This situation was the same when I was living with my mother :)


  18. Ooooh I hate having to get rid of books but a move to Canada sounds very exciting. I spent Sunday with a massive hangover recovering from my Mum's lovely wedding!! x

  19. I am your newest follower from WW. I laughed out loud when I saw your pictures. I also have tons of books. WHen we moved 5 years ago, my poor hubby told me that if we move again I could NOT bring all my books with me. He must have carried 20 book boxes up stairs.


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