12 Sep 2010

Sunday In London

I went to visit London for the first time in November 2000. It was before I knew that 6 months from there - in April 2001 I was going to meet the man that would have become my Hubby after 4 years together. It was before I knew that London would have become our home for more than five years.

2000, I was full in my youth, free spirited, curious and easy to marvel to the beauty of London.

My auntie, the one I was visiting, was working and I didn't want to wait the whole week at home - I took my camera, Rollei (below), with me and together we explored the city of freedom.
I walked from Trafalgar Square to Buckingham Palace.

When I wanted to be in the picture I asked strangers to take the photo. When I told my aunt about my adventure, she was impressed by my boldness because, back then she said, people could steal your stuff without thinking twice.

I have a picture of me me sitting on one of the big lions. Another of me standing in the arms of the same lion with my thumps up. I was happy to be in London.

However, the place that I could not leave without taking at least ten pictures was Piccadilly Circus. I took a snap of each possible angle of the Coca-Cola billboard. That was one of the most important spot to stop if you are in town. The billboard is one of the world-famous billboards, but for me it also a symbol of the ever-changing mode of London.

The photo below shows the early signs of technology. I was standing there for at least fifteen minutes and the light of the sky can be my testimony. Also if you observe the logo of adverts are are fixed and it is only the background light that changes. The SANYO sign is proudly fixed.

The other night Hubby and I went to a party. The bar we went to was just below that billboard and without thinking about the past I took his phone and took some snaps. I love the billboard so much.

Hubby said "You live in London, and you have seen this billboard so many times but you still want a picture of it?" When I used to work in the westend my bus used to drive past it.

"Oh, yes! Just look at the signs, they are marvellous."

I took snaps from each angle again. There is a change. The technology has moved 10 years ahead and you can notice that in the logos. Now they are not fixed. They move like adverts on TV. You can stop by and watch as many moving short adverts as you like. The SANYO sign is still proudly fixed, polished and gloriously there.

I was happy to be there. I am happy to be in London. I know that even when I move away from London, the place will be always fixed on my heart as if I was the same free spirited girl taking a picture in 2000. And I also know that London will always welcome me back to express my freedom for identity.

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  1. I love now and then shots. It shows how much has changed.

  2. Love it: the shots and London. I never get tired of visiting London on any day and still ask strangers if I can take their pictures.

    Thanks for sharing. xxx

  3. I'm from germany and been to London many times bef I moved to the US.. I soo miss it.. great post...Great Blog you got there.. I came from Relax and Surf Sunday and following you via GFC now. Would love a follow back at www.twoboysonegirlandacrazymom.com. Happy Sunday Melanie

  4. Wonderful city shots! I really like the night photos.

  5. I love that square. Gonna be there again in January and February. So looking forward to it!

  6. I really like the progression of the shots. Never been to London. McDonalds is everywhere isn't it?

  7. You "before and after" shots are great. I haven't been to London in years. It's such a great place. Thanks for the reminder.
    Happy SIMC, jj

  8. What a touching post. Your affection for the city is so obvious. I love seeing the changes through time.

  9. Thanks for sharing. London is definitely one of my MUST SEE places... one day.

  10. The subtle changes in the comparison shots are interesting. I went to London 16 years ago as an exchange student. I haven't had the chance to go back. I miss it a lot.

  11. I also love London. One of my favourite cities in the whole world.


  12. Wow those are fantastic shots! the billboard is so cool looking!!

  13. Thanks for join my Monday blog hop, don't forget to join also Friday follow new friend , make more friends. I'm following you now. :-)

  14. I take pictures of the same things, too. It's great to have photos from then and now! Cool!

    Kristin - The Goat
    via SIMC

  15. I never been to London which is a shame because I have family out there. I'm going to have to put that on my to do "travel" list lol.. I've always wanted to go there. I'm your newest follower from Meet Me Monday.



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