14 Sep 2010

Thoughtful Wednesday: Can Quarrelling Help Your Sex Life?

There is an Italian saying which goes "Non è amore, se non è litigarello", literally translated “It is not love, if it not bickering.”

Some extent, psychologists believe that if a relationship comes to a stage in which there is no healthy backbiting the relationship suffers, because for two people to function there is a need of good conversation which also entails disagreement. If there is an issue and one concludes that there is nothing to worry about, maybe this person might not be ready to work toward the relationship, therefore all the problems are brushed aside stating “Everything is fine.” Also, if a person always agrees with you it doesn’t mean that he or she is happy in the story, maybe that person is just agreeing due to lack of interest.

Healthy disagreement does not mean insulting one another. Talking things over and politely expressing your opinions is the way a couple should work together.

It also argued that a good confrontation light up your sex life. That means bicker nicely bicker – without throwing glass or plates at each other – and then make up nicely thru a steaming night in bed; this is how a good couple should argue and make up, not sleeping in separate rooms.

Can bickering make your sex life with your partner more interesting? Have you ever argued and then made up with a steaming love making?

Share with me.

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  2. mr-mrspancakes.blogspot.com14 September 2010 at 22:52

    YES! YES! YES! but you should definitely deal with whatever led to the fighting afterward!

  3. Hi! What a cute blog! I love your blog name, such a cute idea! Thanks for visiting my blog! :)

  4. I couldn't agree more.

    A fight/quarrel doesn't necessarily have to be abusive, and it can actually benefit the couple involved. I think it's healthy so they can both learn from each other, what they don't agree on, what they can't stand, but realize that they love each other no matter the differences they find along the way.

    I have had experiences when in the end we actually end up laughing about a stupid argument. Other times a steamy night makes the bad go away. =)

    Great post!

  5. My dad told me that once your spouse stops arguing with you then the love is gone. A good, heated-intelligent argument keeps the love alive.

    Whenever my spouse and I argue we either learn something new, we end up laughing or we end up like those couples in that sensual intense lube commercial. I think I called that product the wrong name. :-)

  6. stopping by to say hi!

    i think arguing [ in a healthy manner] keeps the relationship alive.. if there is no arguin/quarreling then i think in a way the relationship is over

  7. Hi there ... I am a new follower. I found you on the green blog hop. Very nice blog!


  8. Oh that is so funny, but I believe it! Every time my husband and I have a fight, always makes for some good make up sex :)

  9. Thanks for joining the Green Blog Hop.

    Jacqie @ talesofthewife.com

  10. I agree that bickering keeps things interesting but not knock down drag out fights. Also, I don't know about it spicing up one's sex life. I don't get over things easily and by the time I do I'm too worn out for anything. LOL. It would be boring without any disagreements to say the least. By the way, thanks for dropping by and commenting on my most recent post.

  11. Darn, I missed my chance to link up - but i did post... www.thisgirl-amanda.blogspot.com



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