29 Sep 2010

Thoughtful Wednesday: Chic Mamà

To keep up with my thoughtful Wednesday posts I want to feature one of my favourite bloggers. She is very thoughtful and has been here - on my blog - since the early days. She is still here giving me thoughtful insights. She is one of the girls I am glad I came across early in my blog-journey. I love reading her blog because it is girly and, yes, chic. Her name tells it, in fact she is known as Chic Mamà in the blogsphere and she blogs on InLovelyHeels.

I hope we will meet in person one day but for now she was sweet to answer my impertinent thoughtful questions, to make us (her readers) know her a little bit better. Here we go...

1. Who is the woman behind Chic Mama?

She is a young mother living everyday to the fullest. Pooh Bear is her 2 year old son. She is a dreamer, who attempts to live a happy life amidst all the downs of life. I believe just because you become a mother doesn't mean you stop being a woman. I like dressing chic and wandering through the city of Chicago with my little man.

2. Why did you start blogging?
I started blogging as a way to share the things I love: motherhood, fashion, interior design, baking. Just recently I started really focusing on giving my blog a focus and that revolves around telling the story of how I went from a city girl to a city mama (mom in Spanish) and raising my kiddo bilingual. My blog is heartfelt and it goes back between memoirs, sentiments or present stories.

3. Has blogging helped you in any way?
It has helped me develop my writing skills as well as feel connected to the blogosphere and find others like me.

4. What is your favourite health/beauty/fashion product?
I have a lot of faves. On the health department multivitamins are a must. My beauty faves are moisturizers and lipgloss. As for fashion, you might already know, I'm a shoeaholic (
her blog title tells it ;)!
Lovely heels

5. Are you doing your dream work? If no, how can you get there?

I have a job I love that's right in Downtown (I'm a sucker for the city) but it's not my dream position. I'm trying to balance life as a mom, student, woman. My biggest aspiration is to become a journalist/reporter, hence me continuing my education and pursuing my dreams.

6. Who inspires you?
Inspiration for everyday life, to live well and love life, I find in books and through blogs. (
She is a bookworm just like me :)! Inspiration to let my creative juices flow I find in blogs (sewing, baking, crafting). My inspiration to succeed is Pooh Bear and my role model is my dad.

7. Which blog posts do you love the most?
These are 2 posts I adore;
In The End He Does Have a Father
Size Doesn't Matter, Style Does

I am telling you people, blogging is like an ocean but if you find the right fish to swim with, you never regret the decision to start a blog. Just from the few questions I realise we have so much in common. To conclude I would like to use her own words "You are one of the bloggers I can mostly relate to because of your free and adventurous spirit, as well as your heart of a dreamer. =]"
Do you see, even with a screen between us, we can make good friends.

Thanks Chic Mamà for agreeing to be featured on my humble blog.
I feel the same and I hope we will cross in real life one day... :). Until then lets keep talking via the net :0.

I hope you will stop by her blog. Oh, and if you like to watch and learn some moves from her Pooh Bear click here. The little boy teaches merengue, awesome :D!

The above post is today's Thoughtful Wednesday post.

On Wednesdays I feel like chatting a lot. On Wednesdays my philosophical mood kick in and I can't contain myself. On Wednesdays I pose my inquisitive mind on my blog. I started to write my Thoughtful Wednesdays posts to question about motherhood, feminism and life.

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  1. I'm digging your blog, and now I'm going to go check out Chic Mama's. Seems awesome. I am on a "baby plan" myself. Subbed here and can' wait till ur next post.


  2. Stopping by from Chic Mama's blog. Her blog is one of my favorites! Great interview, and I'm looking forward to reading more of your blog!

    Enjoy the rest of your week!

  3. Just stopping by and following you from Midweek Mingle.


  4. I love reading Chic Mama too! I was directed to yours by her... I look forward to reading more of you. Blessings on your day! :)

  5. Here from Wandering Wednesday - am your newest follower! I really like your blog. I'd love to see you at Dropped Stitches!

    xo Erin

  6. Very cute interview!
    I am still waiting on getting pregnant...But i am sure it will happen :)
    Very cool blog and i like it!
    I am your newest follower! Come say hi and follow me back :)
    Hope you are enjoying the blog hop.

  7. Thanks for stopping by from Friendly Wednesday...I am following you back!

    Karen @ http://barefootinportland.blogspot.com

  8. I love Mayra! She is such a sweet lady!

  9. I'm your newest follower! Would love to have you check out my blog and follow back!!

  10. Hi this is Nicole from ColiesKitchen.com I am just dropping by to say hi for Follow Friday blog hop!! Have a super weekend!! I would love to have you stop by Colie’s Kitchen if you get a chance. www.colieskitchen.com

  11. Love Chic Mama! Thanks for helping me to get to know her better!

  12. You are welcome Jill, i hope you will join in the Thoughtful Wednesday blog hop next week.


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