10 Sep 2010

When To Be Good To Your Skin Helps

Summer brought sunshine. Some of us laid under the scorching sun reading or sunbathing. Some others walked through cities of gorgeous countries for sightseeing. Some others - the lucky ones - went on a cruise in the Caribbean islands or somewhere around Africa. In one way or the other we all enjoyed the sun.

Some of us were careless and we did not take care of our skin. Sometimes after shower, we will run to the beach or to park without moisturising creams. During those enjoyable moments our skin was patient and endured all the harsh signs of the summer.

Now autumn is here – soon it will be followed by winter. Some of us will assume that wearing jackets, heave clothes, scarfs and gloves will automatically protect our skin.


I must say, this is the period in which we should try to take good care of our skin. The cold season is when your skin is most delicate and it will not forgive any recklessness. There are simple steps that I make sure to follow daily.

Just like wearing a shirt, coat or jacket before going out, I remember to use moisturising creams. Creams with filters such as UV, Vitamin A and C, and principal emollient are excellent for dry skin.

I love using essential oils and body creams. But my latest favourite cream is E45, because there is a good reason.

My body used to suffer from eczema – those fastidious-persistent skin conditions. Mine consisted of small patch of dryness in undesirable areas such as my chest and stomach. I started using E45 last winter; after some months I saw the result, all the dark spots disappeared leaving my skin soft and smooth. By summer 2010 I was ready to show my skin under the British sun.

I believe that treating your skin well during the cold season is the greatest favour you could do to your skin.

Now to you.

How do you keep your skin healthy during the cold season? Do you have a secret beauty tip to share with me?

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  1. I'm already following you too. :) Thanks for stopping by my blog! ;)

  2. I will have to see if they sell that here in the US. My little Moo has eczema coupled with cronic dry skin really bad and we have been through all kinds of creams and lotions.

  3. Hi Ms. Baby Plan, Thank you for following. I'm following right back! You are absolutely right about taking care of our skin...I use a moisturizer everyday that's called Avalon's CO Q10. So far, I really think it helps reduce my wrikles. I also use make-up with UVA protection. I also like products with coco butter, shea butter, or olive oil. It's nice to meet you. Have a wonderful weekend!

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  9. I've been thinking about this lately. I haven't moisturized nearly enough. A shower takes too long, moisturizing just adds to the time. I guess I better get on it!

  10. your blog is too cute!

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  11. I am in love with your blog! Good luck on everything:-) Here's to olanning for babies...

  12. I'm a big fan of just plain coconut oil. (it's the only thing that consistently worked on my boy's eczema).
    did ya miss me? *hugs*

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  14. RainSplat, I did miss ya. How have you been?

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