30 Oct 2010

Halloween Sunday

I've written somewhere that here in Britain, we don't celebrate Halloween in style as in the United States of America or Canada. I didn't write we don't try our best.

My little nephew, who is changed into a very good mannered boy, wanted to feel Halloween so he bought two pumpkins and drew the faces. His mother then carved it with a knife. The result is what you see below. Not bad, eh?!

Ahahahaha {mean laugh!}



The result to the question "Would You Like to Read About My Hair Journey?" is as follows
Yes 4 (100%)
No 0 (0%)

Votes: 4

To view the original image click here.

As you can see the result is 100% YES, therefore I am going to publish the story of my hair... watch the space :)!

The story is very long so I will divide it into two parts.
The post will be uploaded on the 1st and 2nd November.

I would like to read your own hair story, so if you have a hair story to tell please come and link up on that day :).

P.S: Few days ago was my 28th birthday - I played it low, but I asked my readers to guess the birthday present... Well one nearly guessed it... The gift is a trip to PARIS! Yes, I am going to Paris from the 4th until 7th November :). I am over the moon. I started the month expressing my love for French things and Hubby surprised me with a trip to Paris :). I AM BLESSED!

I can feel it, this month is going to be hectic...

29 Oct 2010

Black Eye Peas - The Future

I discovered their music before they became BOOM, but from their 2004 album they became part of my favourite groups. These days they are more futuristic than any other group in the music-sphere - thanks to Will.I.Am :). I like the quirky tunes and their videos are very entertaining. I hope they keep up the great work.

Will.I.Am (even his name is special) is doing very well producing music for Usher and we've all heard the success of OMG.

We are in the future - because I believe that we are the creators of the future. For instance, I imaged the cars of the future like the one in the above video. I guess thinking about the future make me think about kids :)!

I don't know which kind of music will listen to, but I hope my taste will not be too decadent for them :).

Do you like the Black Eye Peas? Do you feel like we are in the future? How did you image the future?

28 Oct 2010

Born Into History

Today I am playing along with Mama Kat's Writer's Work Workshop.

I chose the second question: If you could witness (or take part in) any event in history, what would it be? Why?

I am glad this question popped up! Wow, if I could witness any event in history?

Well, it would be RIGHT HERE, RIGHT NOW! Meaning I would look around me and be part of this ongoing history.

Few years ago I used to, mentally, complain that all the great things have already happened. For instance, I wanted to be an heroine and fight against Slave Trade and Slavery, fight along side the great men and women during the Civil Right movement. Fight for the women’s vote and fight against Colonialism. Be a Caribbean woman helping in the WWI or the WWII war effort. I wanted to be there, during the Independence of Ghana, during the fight against Apartheid in South Africa and many more. I hated it because all these important historical events and I was not even a part of my mother’s plan or my mother was not even conceived...

But then something happened and I started to realised that the day I was born I became part of history. I was born in a year of great events. My life can be traced back to some important movements in human history. My life on earth right now is moving through historical events on daily basis. I was alive when Obama was elected President of America, I was alive when Make Poverty History campaign began in Europe, I was alive when some African workers in Italy campaigned against the mistreatment of their lives and working condition. I was alive when internet became second life to many people. I am part of this blogging movement. I was born into history and I am still in my contemporary history. I am part of history and during the Black History month in London I read some of my poems and I felt part of this ongoing human history.

Therefore, if I could witness any event in history it would be what I am experiencing every day in life. But if I should go back in the past I would choose the French Revolution, because it was the beginning of our modern day. It was the movement that brought alive human right in full force. I would also fight against Slavery and fight along some great women and men during the Civil Right Movement.

But now, my fight in history is for all people to be seen as people without discrimination – because discrimination is still in human history. I am part of history and as I see it, I don’t want time to pass me by without sucking the moment around me. I don’t want to get in older life feeling like I didn’t act for my OWN historical moment.

Now to you. Which part of historical event you wish you could witness?

P.S: My history is on the grow. I recently blowed another candle :)!

For my gift... mmm!

Why don't you guess what Hubby is giving me as a birthday present? There is a clue in the post ;)

26 Oct 2010

Thoughtful Wednesday: Family, Crime On Facebook?

Last week I asked if anyone of you is paranoid about personal information you are sharing on your blog or internet life.

This week's post can be read as a follow up but this time the question is: 'Is it a crime to show your family pictures on facebook?'

I have thought about it hard. A part of me wants to shout it out, share it with all my friends and family on facebook. However, the other part of me, the rational one, knows that not everyone will be over the moon to hear me talk about TTC all the time. About 20 people in real life know about my TTC but I don't dream telling my distance friends about the plan. However, six months into TTC and more than 300 people know my journey thanks to the Baby Plan blog.

I love my blog because it is where I can rant - though I have been silent about TTC and fitness lately, it is because I am cool about the lack of positive sign ;( - I am serene and chilled. Every minute of this journey I realise that this blog is excellent for my state of sanity.


Well, the other day, another conversation with a friend forced me to appreciate my undercover baby plan.

This is how the conversation went.

After checking the lastest gossip on facebook she says:

"Ah facebook is good..."

"Well, I prefer blogging (she doesn't know I have a blog), because you can always write your thoughts and not just poke people... :)"

Ah..., maybe... I guess you are right. Well, I have this friend on facebook, it is nice to know how she is doing but all she talks about is how her CHILDREN have done this and that. How they have been to the doctor for their jabs... I don't want to know about her children all the time." Bear in mind that she is going through a divorce :(.

In response I say: "Oh, yeah... maybe.... well it is true... maybe you don't want to know about her children all the time." However I was thinking: her children are her new life, so, is it a crime for her to talk about her family on facebook all the time?

"No really, especially after what I am going through..."

I understood where she was coming from, s
he also made me think about how facebook can sometimes make people envy one another. She didn't have that joy she was witnessing on facebook because her life was going through bad time. This made her feel sad. Maybe, even though we can do what we want on facebook, sometimes it is better to reconnect with old friends and families, but leave out bragging about success or failure in life.

Can this be true?

How can be live our lives and contain ourselve for other people's sake? Maybe they shouldn't read our facebook profile if it upset them knowing about our joy in life.
maybe, once you reconnect with your friends through facebook you can then go on to meet them in real life and boast about life generosity :).

Back to me.

When she confessed her thoughts, I praised the Lord:

Thank God I have been subtle about my TTC plan. Not everyone is going to be so overjoyed to hear me talk about my worries and excitement in this journey... Thank God for my blog, thank God I can ask people who have been in this journey and they are happy to share their thoughts with me. Thank God for those who are happy to be here online with me and keep me company in the lonely TTC journey. (Thank you readers, commenters, online friends...)

Probably, some of my friends will think me silly for planning my journey, but plannning has proven perfect for me. I have the mind I wanted to have, and the body... now I am ready to receive the GIFT.

I am sure that if I was talking to this friend about babies she would pretend to be happy for me, although deep down she might not be (she has done it before, not to me but to another friend). I am sure my family are happy to know about this journey and they are praying for us to have our dream soon :).

Again, I am happy I have my blog because those who read it are genuinely interested and not forced to read about my journey on their computer screen.

I hope you are still enjoying reading about my journey - which has become about life and not only TTC. Thank you for sticking by :)! The journey might be long but I will always be in good company.

Have you ever had a similar conversation with your friends about pictures on facebook? Do you brag about life generosity on facebook?
Do you ever feel like your friends don't understand why you blog? Do you prefer blogging or facebooking?


Thoughtful Wednesday is about meaningful thoughts :). If like me, you want insightful comments about the post you write then, please join me in this VENTURE!

Please, b considerate and link up ONLY thoughtful posts, no reviews or giveaways posts - unless their thoughtful :)!

Learn more here.

25 Oct 2010

# 12 - ICTIA = Hair, hair, hair

People of all colour have a story about hair... Black, White, Red or Yellow... :)!
Unknown Mami wrote a beautiful post about her hair journey. She also posted the above video to show the new and perfect approach for children to embrace their natural hair.

Like many women she had issues with her curly hair. She then learned to love it. However, this love lasted until she went to her mother's house for a party. They were getting ready when her mother asked her:
Como te vas a arreglar el pelo?” (How are you going to wear your hair?)
When she told her she was going to wear it curly, her mother gave her a disappointed sigh. Unknown Mami caved in, she pulled her straightening iron and straightened it. Her husband who had never seen her with straightened hair thought it looked odd and she was irritated that she had let her mother’s opinion sway her. On the way to the party her mother complimented how lovely her hair looked. On the other hand her mother's husband said, “Your hair is beautiful when it’s curly. Your hair looks nice now, not better, just different.”

What a great man... not all men are the same but some know when to love a woman's hair... For instance my brothers don't like women with fake hair playing in their hair. My Hubby prefers me natural and locs :).

Since that episode Unknown Mami is in love with her hair more than ever. She thinks it is glorious, gorgeous, and glamorous. Everytime she looks at her daughter she knows how beautiful her curly hair is. Many of her readers, like myself, have complimented her daughter's hair before.

Her husband recently told her to watch the video above. She wrote:
I cried because I never saw anything like this video when I was a child. I cried because I want my daughter to always love her hair. I cried because it’s not just about hair. I cried because I was grateful and happy.
In response to her post I wrote:

Thanks for sharing the video, as you wrote many have their own hair stories to tell. I was thinking about writing a post about my hair too. I will do it one of these days.

My mother initially looked at me strange when I decided to go natural. Now she loves my hair, many mothers 'unconsciously' force their children to wear their hair in a different way because they think is the best for them. It is only when we are old we realise that deep down we always knew what was best for us.

I am happy you are letting your hair free and curly. Your daughter has great hair and I hope people around her will never envy her so much to let her hate her hair. I am sure that will not happen because she has a great mother like you :).

I am also happy I went natural, I feel healtier in this way :)!

Thanks again for posting your post.

I also commented on The Princess Poets Life Adventures, she wrote about her own hair story:

1999... The year I chopped off my hair coz I was bored of long hair... I always chop my hair when something huge is happening/happened... I chopped it when I left for University and I'm chopping it before my baby is born. This time however, I have a focus. If I have a daughter, I want her to love her curls. How can she do that if mummy is always at the end of a hair straightener? I need her to have amazing self esteem. For me to help her get there, I need to begin with myself. So I have put my hair in twists and come January, I will be cutting off my relaxed tips and retwisting my hair. Don't get me wrong, I'm not against relaxers or straighteners, I just NEED to do this not just for my future daughters but for myself. I'm going back to my roots.
I commented:

I am so happy you decided to take this step. I went natural in 2008 and it was a long journey which I didn't know I was taking. Now I have loc my hair I feel healthier and free within myself. Loving yourself in front of your children is the best thing ever.

Well done again. Hubby loves my natural hair and I am sure yours does too :)!
These two posts made me think about my own hair journey. I re-read my first post about my own journey. I don't write about it very much but the beginning of this year I wrote:

...yesterday I undid my braids and I washed my hair and kept it afro. I love it, but today when I went out I was so self-conscious about my appearance because it was since 1992 that I haven't allowed my hair to be natural. It was my mother's fault because she thought that it was good for me to retouch it with the chemicals. But since June 2009 I have gone back to my natural hair. I'm loving it. I believe that this is good for my because of the absence of chemicals in my hair and through my nose.
That was the beginning of the journey to motherhood and to love myself (these were some of the points on my new year resolution list). I am happy with my hair and satisfied as never before.

I wish many people can sing songs to celebrate their hair. Feel proud to have hair that look like a forest, like ocean waves or flat like a surf board. I wish people could not point their fingers at other people and say she or he doesn't have a good hair. To judge a person based on the fact that they have kinky hair, locs, curly or simply natural without chemicals or hot straighteners.

It is never too late to say enough is enough... I want my natural beauty back! This is what I said in 2009! Going back to your roots is a very personal choice and I don't believe people should do it for other people's satisfaction. I went natural because my heart and soul felt the time was right :)!
Unknown Mami

As you can read I have my own hair story to tell. However I don't know if my readers are interested in knowing the whole story. I would like to share with you, but I want a poll to decide. Just answer yes or no in the poll on the right sidebar.

Do you love your hair? Has your mother or anyone made you feel bad about your hair or the way you look? How did you over come that?

{{{P.S: I would love, LOVE to read about any issues or journey that your hair have taken you through on Thoughtful Wednesday Blog Hop interaction.}}}
Please write a post or just link an old post about your hair journey on Wednesday.

Let's share the story of our hair and the journey to natural beauty.

22 Oct 2010

Ski, Snowboarding, Fashion and Lifestyle Show

Thursday, 21-10-2010, Hubby and I had a fantastic day!
We went to the Ski and Snowboard show - which is in London Olympia until Sunday.

We went there in honour of Canada (I know, I know I am obsessed about Canada, I can't wait to be there :)! We thought it was great idea to go to the show because we want to ski and snowboard when in Canada. We are both novice in these sports and going to the show was a great way to get our heads around Canada, snow and winter sports.

I am fascinated by snowboarding but Hubby prefers skiing.
I think we can try both sports, however costs is the down side.
Let's me break it down.
Clothing price range between £800 to £1000 per person. Then boots are half that. Then the ski and snowboard equipments are over £1000 per person. This sport is expensive but seems lots of fun. Plus, I hear most Canadians invest in ice skates, ski or snowboard equipments - Hubby and I are convincing ourselves with that notion :P

Then, the other problem is cold...

I am sensitive to cold, especially my hands and feet - due to bad circulation - this means I have to buy the right boots, underwear and socks for everyday life and for when we go on the slopes. Hubby teases me saying that I can't be fashionable once in Canada because it will be so, SOOOOO cold - like under 20 degrees? - this will force me to wear clothes like an Eskimo.

I don't want to do that! I mean, I want to be fashionable and be able to wear my quirky items. That is why I will buy hunter boots with fleece welly socks to wear outdoors - maybe over size so I can fill them with more thick socks.
But once indoors I will wear my normal-quirky shoes or trainers. I am still waiting for the sale to purchase the items I posted about here. In the meantime I purchased these red Perry trainers. Cool right?! Image how many tears if I can't wear them :(! I needed to replace these ones: I bought them in 2004 and love them dearly but they are not comfortable to wear any longer.

Well, back to my snow life in Canada. I am dreading because I am going to be expensive wife and the BABY is not even here.
I better win the lottery or find a job that pays really well, because Hubby did a test drive on the new engine of Land Rover Freelander and I want that car! It has a good grip on wet and snow surface, so this is the car I NEED. Hubby is worried about the environment? I am too but come on, we live once and many people are already using cars like these one even worse for the environment. Another one won't kill a soul.

But I can settle for a red version of either:

To complete the list we've decided to buy a Canon D550 We will capture great pictures and videos in Quebec, Nova Scotia, Vancouver and all the best places around Canada :), OMG, omg... I can't. contain. myself!

QUESTIONS: Do you do any winter sport? Do you live in a cold city? If yes, how much do you spend on clothing and where do you shop? When it is the right time to buy winter clothing? Can you still be fashionable in the snow? Do you think about the environment more than your comfort
and safety when buying your car?

Please share with me :)!

20 Oct 2010

Thoughtful Wednesday: Are You Safe?

From day one of my blogging journey I decided to be very private about my identity.

I didn't tell anyone apart from my Hubby about this blog. He didn't mind me sharing personal anecdotes of my life, such as the frustration of the journey called TTC. Also, I don't mind writing about the secrets of my beauty and fitness regime. One thing he worried about was sharing pictures of us. Hubby and I are private in real life therefore on my online blog-diary, although I am open with my thoughts, I prefer to stay away from sharing my real name and pictures of our faces. I keep my identity undercover.

However, I am still scared of technology, after reading a post by Mama Kat @ Mamalosinit. I questioned myself: Am I safe?. Then I read about a national newsreader's stalker who have been sentenced in court due to harassment towards the journalist. I am sure you've read about other celebrities having to go to witness against their stalkers.

In Mama Kat's post she wrote about somebody getting hold of her private pictures, putting them in collage and emailing them to her. This 'crazy' person took pictures of her children at school and during some festivals. Her stalker, luckily, turned out to be her sister who was trying to bring security and protection awareness to her super cool blogger sister.

After reading this post I first asked Hubby if it is dangerous sharing pictures on the internet. He thinks there is no harm in that but obviously one have to be careful how private these pictures and information are. I then cleared all the traces that can lead to my personal life - call me over paranoid :¬P

Oh, let me deviate to memory-lane - few months ago I was chatting with one of my favourite bloggers and other bloggers, when this strange guy with Hannibal mask appeared on the screen. I don't think he did mean to show his real face but we saw it before he then quickly turned the video off. He then wrote some racism comments. In that moment I was glad my personal information were out of reach to a weirdo like him.

Mama Kat's post made me think hard. I thought about how I don't mind sharing with you - my real readers - that I live in London. London is a city but so wide that I am not scared to share on my blog. However, when I move to Canada I am not sure if I will share the city I am going to live in.

I hope you are super careful about information you share on internet and on your blog. It is nice to meet nice people as the ones I am meeting at the moment but like celebrity experience in the process of their careers, sometimes we might expose ourselves too much to the outside world this can bring devastating consequences.

Blog well but keep safe.

How much do you share on your blog? Have ever experienced harassment on your blog? Are you paranoid about what people might do with your personal information?


The above post is today's Thoughtful Wednesday post. Thoughtful Wednesday is about meaningful thoughts :). If like me, you want insightful comments about the post you write then, please join me in this VENTURE!

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19 Oct 2010

I Am Alive... :)

Yes, I am still alive :D!

I missed ya'll - I am learning some American :)! I also missed my Sunday in London post and I Comment Therefore I Am both hosted by Unknown Mami.

What kept me from The Baby Plan blog?

Sunday I was stressing about a poem I am writing for this Friday's Black History event in London. This is the first time I am getting involve in the Black History Month, and if you could see me... I am overly excited about it. I want to be part of this history and I want my poem to be powerful yet easy to understand... This was the reason I spent the whole Sunday reading background information about the topic I want to convey in the poem. I started writing about 1000 words of which I then cut most out by drafting and over-drafting... I am still drafting... I am never happy with my poems, until I just decide to send them out into the world...

I am also absorbed by Half Of A Yellow Sun, a novel set in Nigeria around 60s onwards. It tells the story of the Biafra war. I will write more about it once I finish reading the book.

So, I neglected my blog and I must admit I missed writing here – bad or good, when my creative flow kick in, I am little bit lacking with my baby plan. Not for long though, because since Monday I am taking charge of my fertility by focusing on my body relaxation thanks to Circle and Bloom relaxation program - I am considering doing acupuncture as well. Plus, I went to do a blood test for TTC, I have another one in three weeks time. I am taking some Chinese anti-stress herbal pills and serenity tea :)!

As you can read I am working hard on the baby plan - I will write more about the outcome in due course.

I am also happy because yesterday Hubby told me that I should not worry too much about not getting pregnant by the end of this year. He pointed out that we are both under extreme stress due to our life changing plans.

Most of you know that we are moving to Canada come 2011. On Sunday we drew our calendar plan and we have ten weeks until January. Within these ten weeks we have to redecorate our flat and sort out documents for the trip to Canada. I have a trip booked for Italy. Hubby then have a work trip in America in December. We then have to go to Scotland for a family holiday. We then have to go to Italy for a last farewell if my mother is there in January if not by the end of January our flight will be booked for Canada :). Scary but super excited about all the plans :D.

Hubby also said that we will be more relax once in Canada, therefore if I don't get pregnant by the end of the year I SHOULDN'T worry at all. Plus getting pregnant in Canada will have more advantages because the baby will be healthier; there is less pollution, something London gives in abundance.

This is how my last three days have been so far. How were your days? Do you have an exciting event coming soon? Have you ever heard about Black History Month? Do you think I am taking charge of my fertility in the right way?

Please share with me :)

P.S: Don't Forget to stop and link up with Thoughtful Wednesday Blog Hop, let other people know about it :).

15 Oct 2010

My Modeller...

I promised that I will show you some of my creations... {:D}

Hubby is very encouraging for my crafting - well maybe is not crafting but I will get there by the time the babies are here - ahahaha... and he allowed me to turn his old ripped trousers into shorts. They might not be straight on the cut but he can use them for roller blading.

He is very kind to model for me... :)!


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14 Oct 2010

Walk-in Wardrobe

I have written in passing that come 2011 Hubby and I will move to Canada :).

Hubby is comparing type of cars. But what I really ought to worry about is looking for our first Canadian apartment or house. This will then require me looking for new furniture shops to decorate our place... so I was happy to come across CNS Stores website. I was browsing their website and I discovered that they have over 200 stores where you can find everything from cute baby changing cabinets to spacious wardrobes upto comfy living room sofas. The best part is that they deliver at home :).

My ideal home in Canada is a house with massive walk-in wardrobe; somewhere I can fit a sleek three door wardrobe like the pic below. {source}
I felt in love with our current flat thanks to the walk-in wardrobe. It is spacious and Hubby kindly built a slidding wardrobe for me us. I know in Canada I can llok for a house with even bigger and spacious walk-in wardrobe. Hubby can then build another wardrobe like he did for our present flat but I will still buy another one because as most women know, a girl must have a big-spacious wardrobe to store her many shoes, clothes and handbags.

Very soon I will be doing a review on some of the CNS products, watch the space... :)

Do you know about CNS stores? Where do you shop for your home furnitures?

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