29 Oct 2010

Black Eye Peas - The Future

I discovered their music before they became BOOM, but from their 2004 album they became part of my favourite groups. These days they are more futuristic than any other group in the music-sphere - thanks to Will.I.Am :). I like the quirky tunes and their videos are very entertaining. I hope they keep up the great work.

Will.I.Am (even his name is special) is doing very well producing music for Usher and we've all heard the success of OMG.

We are in the future - because I believe that we are the creators of the future. For instance, I imaged the cars of the future like the one in the above video. I guess thinking about the future make me think about kids :)!

I don't know which kind of music will listen to, but I hope my taste will not be too decadent for them :).

Do you like the Black Eye Peas? Do you feel like we are in the future? How did you image the future?


  1. The BEPs have a great beat- they always make me want to get up and dance!
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  3. A new follower complements of Busy Blogger Weekend Blog hop! OMG, is it sad that I'm over 40 and LOVE the Black Eyed Peas & Fergilicious???!!!

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  5. i LOVE black eye peas too! Great music! i always wonder about that too ... our kids will think we are so uncool because when they are old enough to choose the music they want to listen to ... it will be on a whole other level! :)

  6. I am a new follower from FFF!!!

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  7. Love BEPs!!! Let's get this party started!! Following you form the Hop!


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