19 Oct 2010

I Am Alive... :)

Yes, I am still alive :D!

I missed ya'll - I am learning some American :)! I also missed my Sunday in London post and I Comment Therefore I Am both hosted by Unknown Mami.

What kept me from The Baby Plan blog?

Sunday I was stressing about a poem I am writing for this Friday's Black History event in London. This is the first time I am getting involve in the Black History Month, and if you could see me... I am overly excited about it. I want to be part of this history and I want my poem to be powerful yet easy to understand... This was the reason I spent the whole Sunday reading background information about the topic I want to convey in the poem. I started writing about 1000 words of which I then cut most out by drafting and over-drafting... I am still drafting... I am never happy with my poems, until I just decide to send them out into the world...

I am also absorbed by Half Of A Yellow Sun, a novel set in Nigeria around 60s onwards. It tells the story of the Biafra war. I will write more about it once I finish reading the book.

So, I neglected my blog and I must admit I missed writing here – bad or good, when my creative flow kick in, I am little bit lacking with my baby plan. Not for long though, because since Monday I am taking charge of my fertility by focusing on my body relaxation thanks to Circle and Bloom relaxation program - I am considering doing acupuncture as well. Plus, I went to do a blood test for TTC, I have another one in three weeks time. I am taking some Chinese anti-stress herbal pills and serenity tea :)!

As you can read I am working hard on the baby plan - I will write more about the outcome in due course.

I am also happy because yesterday Hubby told me that I should not worry too much about not getting pregnant by the end of this year. He pointed out that we are both under extreme stress due to our life changing plans.

Most of you know that we are moving to Canada come 2011. On Sunday we drew our calendar plan and we have ten weeks until January. Within these ten weeks we have to redecorate our flat and sort out documents for the trip to Canada. I have a trip booked for Italy. Hubby then have a work trip in America in December. We then have to go to Scotland for a family holiday. We then have to go to Italy for a last farewell if my mother is there in January if not by the end of January our flight will be booked for Canada :). Scary but super excited about all the plans :D.

Hubby also said that we will be more relax once in Canada, therefore if I don't get pregnant by the end of the year I SHOULDN'T worry at all. Plus getting pregnant in Canada will have more advantages because the baby will be healthier; there is less pollution, something London gives in abundance.

This is how my last three days have been so far. How were your days? Do you have an exciting event coming soon? Have you ever heard about Black History Month? Do you think I am taking charge of my fertility in the right way?

Please share with me :)

P.S: Don't Forget to stop and link up with Thoughtful Wednesday Blog Hop, let other people know about it :).


  1. Wow... it sounds like you have a pretty busy schedule ahead of you! Good luck with the baby planning and I'm sure your poem will turn out fantastic!

  2. you know what the say ... you will get pregnant when it is no longer in the back of your mind. it is strange but it has happened to so many of friends! it will happen for you soon and i will be so excited to read about your baby plans! :)

  3. Oooh where are you going in Italy??!! I spent the best 3 days of my entire life in Rome over New Years one year. AMAZING! No matter WHERE you go, you will love it! Or maybe you've been and you already know that :) I just get excited about Italy and I am experiencing major wanderlust.

  4. Very busy schedule..definitely seems like baby would be good and ideal after the new year:-) glad to hear that your plans to canada are going well. love love your travel plans--oh to be free,young and married with no major responsibilities--keep us posted on your journey!

  5. So glad that you are alive. I was about to send out the search squad. Kidding! Glad to see that you have been busy for a good cause. Best of luck with baby planning. So exciting. That will be me in a few months (I think). LOL

  6. Wow! I'm stressed out just by reading what you have to do!

  7. Thanks ladies :).

    Mrs K, thanks for contacting the search squad, LOL :).

    I am happy for your baby planning coming soon. I can't wait to read about the adventure :).

    A big hug to everyone.

  8. Losing Brownies, LOL, I know now you sense how I am feeling and what my inside is feeling too :).

    But soon, when I am out of London, I think, everything will be fantastic.

    I also looking forward to 2011 :)!

  9. Stephanie, Italy is my second and I love it there. I am going to a place near Verona and I hope to go to Venice this time. It is a wonderful place.


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