22 Oct 2010

Ski, Snowboarding, Fashion and Lifestyle Show

Thursday, 21-10-2010, Hubby and I had a fantastic day!
We went to the Ski and Snowboard show - which is in London Olympia until Sunday.

We went there in honour of Canada (I know, I know I am obsessed about Canada, I can't wait to be there :)! We thought it was great idea to go to the show because we want to ski and snowboard when in Canada. We are both novice in these sports and going to the show was a great way to get our heads around Canada, snow and winter sports.

I am fascinated by snowboarding but Hubby prefers skiing.
I think we can try both sports, however costs is the down side.
Let's me break it down.
Clothing price range between £800 to £1000 per person. Then boots are half that. Then the ski and snowboard equipments are over £1000 per person. This sport is expensive but seems lots of fun. Plus, I hear most Canadians invest in ice skates, ski or snowboard equipments - Hubby and I are convincing ourselves with that notion :P

Then, the other problem is cold...

I am sensitive to cold, especially my hands and feet - due to bad circulation - this means I have to buy the right boots, underwear and socks for everyday life and for when we go on the slopes. Hubby teases me saying that I can't be fashionable once in Canada because it will be so, SOOOOO cold - like under 20 degrees? - this will force me to wear clothes like an Eskimo.

I don't want to do that! I mean, I want to be fashionable and be able to wear my quirky items. That is why I will buy hunter boots with fleece welly socks to wear outdoors - maybe over size so I can fill them with more thick socks.
But once indoors I will wear my normal-quirky shoes or trainers. I am still waiting for the sale to purchase the items I posted about here. In the meantime I purchased these red Perry trainers. Cool right?! Image how many tears if I can't wear them :(! I needed to replace these ones: I bought them in 2004 and love them dearly but they are not comfortable to wear any longer.

Well, back to my snow life in Canada. I am dreading because I am going to be expensive wife and the BABY is not even here.
I better win the lottery or find a job that pays really well, because Hubby did a test drive on the new engine of Land Rover Freelander and I want that car! It has a good grip on wet and snow surface, so this is the car I NEED. Hubby is worried about the environment? I am too but come on, we live once and many people are already using cars like these one even worse for the environment. Another one won't kill a soul.

But I can settle for a red version of either:

To complete the list we've decided to buy a Canon D550 We will capture great pictures and videos in Quebec, Nova Scotia, Vancouver and all the best places around Canada :), OMG, omg... I can't. contain. myself!

QUESTIONS: Do you do any winter sport? Do you live in a cold city? If yes, how much do you spend on clothing and where do you shop? When it is the right time to buy winter clothing? Can you still be fashionable in the snow? Do you think about the environment more than your comfort
and safety when buying your car?

Please share with me :)!


  1. OMGosh that Canon and Land Rover Freelander are to die for! You can't go wrong with a Canon camera - the BEST in the biz. We were "supposed" to be moving to Colorado, but now we are on our way to TX (I'm still keeping hope alive that we do move to CO...) so I had started looking into outdoorsy winter activities. But honestly, I'd be lying if I say I know the price range. Then again you are going to Canada so the currency exchange might make the pricing a bit different.

    Looking forward to your winter sport pix and best of luck TTC :)

  2. Wow, sounds like so much fun. I can feel your excitement. I love those red boots and the Cannon. I like the Land Rover too but I prefer the Range Rover (my all time favorite vehicle that I probably wont get because I 'm too cheap). Well I guess it's not cheap, I just can't spend that much money on a vehicle. But I'll still love it from a far. LOL

    My honey is more into winter sports than I am. Earlier this year we went skiing in Utah for a few days. It was fun but I prefer to be out of the cold :)

    Good luck with your new adventure!

  3. Thanks ladies, Range Rover is nice too, but too too much expensive.

    We are going to buy our first expensive car, because in London Hubby is cheap as well, LOL :)

  4. I live in the South part of the US so cold and I do not get along. I've never been snow skiing. I would love to give it a shot one day, but I don't ever foresee it becoming a regular hobby. It sure looks like fun though. And I never realized it was that expensive. Wow!

  5. Mrs K. was it hard to learn how to skii?

  6. I'm your newest follower from the Weekend Blog Hop!
    I'd love it if you came and followed me back! :-)

  7. Hi Ms. Baby Plan
    Thanks for visiting my blog. I definitely suggest committing to one sport. Try out both and then commit to one. It takes a lot of practice to do it really well. My fiance and I snowboard. We've gone snowboarding in Vail, Colorado and Park City,Utah. We plan on going back to Vail and possible Burlington,VT. Definitely rent equipment for the first season until you are sure that you are committed to the sport. There's a lot of falling involved.

    As far as the cold weather goes. I have one word. Polypropylene. This will protect you from the bitterest of colds. Those red boots and socks look perfect. Stylish and practical.

    I love those red and white Perry's I have a similar pair in blue and white that are Keds.

    As far as the environment goes. Although smart cars are good for the environment. I wouldn't feel safe in one especially next to a tractor trailer on the highway. I own a car in NYC because of the nature of my work, its a 4 door Sedan. My brand new car will be a Toyota Prius. The mister and I agreed its better for the environment and easier on our pocket in terms of gas. My friend does the same kind of work I do and gets gas every 3 weeks. I get gas once a week.

    Yes, you can certainly look stylish and still be warm. I endure the brick city cold in NYC and still manage to look cute (I hope). I will post my photos from my Vermont trip on Monday. Stop by and check it out.

    Have a wonderful weekend!!!


  8. I don't do any winter sports, unfortunately.

    Right now it is getting really cold where I love, good ole NY.

    It depends on what I need. Most winters I buy a few staple items but I re-use things too so it never ends costing a huge fortune. Maybe around $300.00 for both hubby and I each winter.

    I shop everywhere. Burlington Coat Factory, Macys, Forever 21. Anywhere there is a sale.

    I think that around Feb-March is a good time to buy winter items on sale. Because now the stores are going to start getting their spring items so everything is on sale. You can buy tons of stuff at great deals and use it for next winter!

    Of course you can still be fashionable in the snow! Layering, cute scarves and boots tucked into your jeans, peacoats and cut french hats are great too!

    I am trying to think about the environment more. Lately I am tending to think about things like that before making purchases. And safety factors are always HUGE on my list before I buy anything!

    Everything sounds so fun ... i wish i was into winter sports! that canon is incredible. you are going to take some amazing pictures and i can't wait to see!

    (sorry for such a long comment, yikes!)

  9. @ Monique, thanks thanks for the informative comment. I will try the sport and then commit to on. I don't mind falling, I just have to be careful for my lower back :).

    I am going to invest in a polypropylene for sure.

  10. @ Faith I love long comments, with great tips as you gave.

    I am going to be in Canada in February therefore I will shop till I drop :). Layering is the trick! I am going to get the right thermal items and over them will thermal pieces :)!

  11. What a cool blog! I am a new follower. Hope you can follow back.


  12. exciting planning process...hope everything goes well. Canada should definitely offer many many winter sports for your fancy! Enjoy the planning!

  13. I love your new red shoes. They are adorable.

  14. I love the Land Rover. I can't blame you for wanting it. It's pretty sweet. I live in the Northeast US. Almost as far north as you can get and still be in the US and it is extremely cold, already. Winter hits here around the end of October and it snows until about the middle of May!

    I start my winter clothing shopping in September so all of the good stuff is not picked over! I don't buy a new wardrobe every winter. I might add a few fashionable items to my wardrobe to supplement my staples so I probably spend about $500 between myself and my daughter.


  15. FUN POST!!! CUTE SHOES!!! And omg, I want a cannon so very badly!!!

  16. @rain7420, only $500? That is super convenient.

    @Jenni, you can't imagine how much I can't wait to get to Canada so I can get my hands on my Canon 550. Hubby said that we should wait until then due to plugs :(.

    But I am happy with all the planning :)!

    Have a great weekend all my ladies!


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