12 Nov 2010

Reality Check - Please Take A Couple Short Moment...

I know, I should take a short moment to thank God everyday. But, this is embarrasing, sometimes I wake up and just do my daily routine without thanking God for my healthy and the health of my family. I shouldn't forget to thank Him because He's the breath of my soul. My body is His temple and in this joureny of motherhood my health and the health of my future babies are in His name. His the God that gifts life over the world and everything is in His hands...

Last month I read a touching post on Jenni's blog Story of My Life. The post made me pose and thank the Almighty for my life and the life of my extended family. I felt shallow because I had my life and I was complaining about something I didn't have. God is the planner and not I.

Jenni wrote:

I found a blog dedicated to a woman named Leslie Joy Evans whose twins died
after she gave birth to them at only 21 weeks. Leslie was able to meet both
babies (though the first was stillborn), but shortly afterwards she went into
cardiac arrest (heart attack). She was revived, but passed away on October 7th.
Her husband's first wife died of breast cancer three years ago, and he has three
young children from that marriage... {read more

I wanted to post about Leslie's story on one of my Thoughtful Wednesday's posts but I couldn't. The story is too sad and painful. But I think the story has to be told, because as Jenni just it:

... why anyone should have to experience what her husband, family, and friends must be going through right now. But I know that if nothing like this ever happened, we would all continue to plunge deeper into the depths of our self-centeredness, self-pity, and preoccupation with me and my problems and my feelings.

Reading that post my stupid worries vanished. God has granted me a beautiful life, the unconditional love of my Hubby and my family. So as Jenni perfectly puts it "What RIGHT do we have to be anything but joyful?? What right do we have to give anything but thanks??"


Leslie Joy Evans was so beautiful and she is in the heart of many. We can't image the pain her family must be going through, but her death can be a testament and a lesson for many.

I thank God for His infinite BLESSING ON MY LIFE and THE LIFE OF MY FAMILY and of everyone in the world!



  1. Great post... It gives me chills every time I think of that story. I'm glad you shared this on your own blog!! It most definitely SHOULD be shared.

  2. Awesome post! My brother and sister in law have lost two babies due to still birth and just last night she delivered twins (who are alive). The babies are in the NICU and having breathing tubes. They are so scared and wonder why God would have them walk so close to the line but they are staying strong in their faith. They know that all things happen for the glory of God even though we may not know why. Anyway, thank you for your post!


  3. Thanks Jenni and Erin for your comments. The story gives me the chills too.

    Erin you are right "all things happen for the glory of God even though we may not know why."

    God bless you all.


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