8 Oct 2010

This Is How I Do It...

...to be fit!
As most of you are aware the most important thing in every fitness regime is to be fit, losing weight is secondary. Being skinny does not mean being fit!
For my fitness challenge I did not lose weight, I know the reason... my muscles increased. Muscle weigh more than fat - am I mistaking? So, although I didn't lose any weight, I feel toned and slimmer. The scale can lie, but my energy and lean body can't. How am I keeping my body toned and lean?
Throughout last week and this week I have been running and swimming for a total of eight hours. Since then I feel better and eating outside meal times does not come easily.
Clause rant: I am not a great swimmer - in fact I started learning how to swim properly in 2003 - this is to say that everyone can learn the art of swimming no matter the age. What helped me was the fact that I like the water and swimming fascinates me. I can move my legs and arms to go forward; also breathing underwater doesn't scare me. These are the simple things you need to learn and enjoy if you want to swim. Plus, swimming has helped me overcome some fears, because I have to focus on my moves so that I don't feel like drowning if I swim to the deep end. Just like staying afloat in the real world when there is a problem, you have to stay afloat to be able to swim forward. Swimming for me is therapeutic! And I really hope everyone can try to swim because the benefits are immense. For me it clears all the worries from the mind and your body feels like when you were in your mother's womb, no worries in the world, kidding :)! But really, staying in the water takes most of my worries away.

Enough of the therapeutic benefit of swimming rant!...
If, just like me, what you want is to be fit and not just lose weight then try what I am doing. My new fitness plan is run and swim at least three times a week. If you have never run before you must purchase a pair of good running shoes. There are many trainers that will reduce impact on your legs while running out there. Start your fitness regime by walking for 10minutes, increasing for 3-4mins every training for a maximum of three times a week. You should try to reach 30-40minute of running nonstop.

Added to running, you can tone up your body by working your muscles. This increases the chance to lose weight, because as experts argue muscle burn fat even while relaxing. My choice for achieving this is swimming. After running for about one hour I dive into the pool. Swimming is great because it helps you achieve nice, lean and evenly defined muscles - it is known that swimming does not bulk up your muscle. It is also known that swimming is all round body toner.

I laugh at my self in the pool sometimes. That increases the fun of not being a great swimmer - I look at it as a fun time. And, if you want to look like an amateur like me then invest in a body shape swim wear, goggles, waterproof swim cap, nose clicks and ear plugs ;) - I just use the first three accessories.
However, I have the ear plugs and nose clicks just in case I become a synchronised swimmer, LOL! And if you want the swim experts to leave you alone then put everything thing together; for sure they will leave you alone to practice your every-minute-stop-lengths, just like me ;D!
Apart from the funny side of swimming, the comfined benefit of swimming and running is: your body will crave for healthy food because your stomach will not allow crap food into its system after a wonderful swim and a run. Thus, you might lose weight at a blink of an eye ;).
Also your mind and body will feel rejuvenated. This is my experience just after two weeks of this fitness regime. I really hope this will be part of the plan even when I am preggo :)!
What is your fitness regime? Do you like to swim? When did you learn how to swim?
Please share with me.


  1. i love working out ... i work out 5 days a week ... running, walking, lots of cardio. i also do free weights, etc.

    the way i work out i should be the fittest chick around but i eat everything. hehe. so as soon as i get in touch with the things i put in my mouth i have to continue to work out!

    swimming is such a fun way to work out!

  2. Awesome that you're getting to fit and toned! And learning how to swim and swimming well also help build endurance and nice tone.

    I, too, am trying to get into shape. My children keep me active, and I am quite thin, but I want to be in shape and stronger. Exercise is great for the mind and skin!

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  4. Good for you for getting fit b/c this is soooo important for the baby plan. I am so grateful that I really worked out and got fit before I had my baby. Everything was a lot easier.

    As for working out, I mostly do cardio and strength. I rely on my Comcast on Demand. Currently I am working on the Chris Freytag 10 lb Slimdown. I would like to try for baby 2 in the spring and I want to get thinner/stronger a little healthier. Last time I did a lot of frozen meals and basic meals. Now I am cooking and doing stuff I love every day so I can keep the weight off eating what I want.

  5. I am on a getting healthy routine too! I am not much of a runner but maybe I should give it a shot again and try adding time in increments like you suggested. Thanks!

  6. I have been attempting to stay consistent with cardio and weight training...i do enjoy running but sometimes i stay in my head too long and end up talking myself out of it..i am starting to believe that staying fit and strong starts in the mind! I am still working on that. Glad to hear that your fitness goals are working out well!

  7. Thanks ladies for sharing with me.

    Faith, the beauty of exercing is that you can eat what you like and then burn some cals off! I used to think about the cakes I eat when I was doing my cardio classes, LOL :)!

    Sommer, your are right exercise is great for the mind and skin!

    Stephanie I really hope this new regime will help me get back in share soon after baby number one. I running and swimming might help the swimmers into the right place quicker, LOL :)!

    Kendra, increasing slowing the minutes you run will build up your love for running. 15 minutes is where I started it from. I hope you enjoy it :)!

    And Miss Pancakes yes "staying fit and strong starts in the mind!" Meditation can help get there ;)!

  8. So great that you are getting fit. Remember it's a lifetime thing and not just for short term. That's what I tell myself so I could keep going and not be discouraged when I take a break. I've always been thin/athletic build but over the last few years I've realized that I have to work for it if I want to keep it that way. I have a love/hate relationship with exercise--but most days I love it. I prefer outdoor running but I try to mix it up--biking, yoga, elliptical. Definitely weight training and I'll also throw in a P90X video once in a while. I like variety just like anything else in my life :)

  9. I wish I worked out more than I do. I have good intentions and for some reason they always fall through.

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  10. I am a new follower.
    I'm so glad I found you at the hop.
    Living Out Loud

    my exercise is walking to the couch to lay down!lol

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  12. Mrs. K, your right to say that exercising is a "a lifetime thing and not just for short term." This is the concept to keep in mind if you want to succeed.

    Livingoutloud, walking to the couch is still something :).

  13. Get it girl!!! It sounds like you are doing it!

    I love working out to Shaun T's Hip Hop Abs... so much fun it doesn't even feel like I'm exercising. :-)

  14. I'm more of a walker, but I was on a swim team as a kid and love any chance to get back into the pool.

    I appreciated your reminder that being healthier doesn't necessarily mean thinner. I wrestle with the scale, but try to remember that when my clothes fit better, that is a better diagnostic for my fit-ness.

    Enjoy your SITS day!

  15. For Christmas last year, I asked for a Total Gym from my parents (they had started buying one big gift as opposed to many "smaller" ones). I had just had a baby in August. Have not gotten on it yet, as we just moved and had been in a transitional phase for so long, but both myself and my hubby are looking forward to getting it set up so we can get back into an exercise routine!

    Before I got the the gym, I had a treadmill, which was wonderful. I was able to jog on it through the first couple of weeks of the 3rd trimester. Then I had to stop because of pre-term labor contractions... not fun. I hope your pregnancy goes very smoothly all the way through!

    Visiting from SITS... hope you have a fun feature day!

  16. Good luck on your, one day some day, synchronized swimmer endeavors.
    Maybe after baby is born, you can start a group for moms who always wanted to be a synchronized swimmer.?

  17. I completely agree when you say swimming is therapeutic..it's one of my favorite things to do. And working out too, especially running - it's so satisfying!


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