20 Oct 2010

Thoughtful Wednesday: Are You Safe?

From day one of my blogging journey I decided to be very private about my identity.

I didn't tell anyone apart from my Hubby about this blog. He didn't mind me sharing personal anecdotes of my life, such as the frustration of the journey called TTC. Also, I don't mind writing about the secrets of my beauty and fitness regime. One thing he worried about was sharing pictures of us. Hubby and I are private in real life therefore on my online blog-diary, although I am open with my thoughts, I prefer to stay away from sharing my real name and pictures of our faces. I keep my identity undercover.

However, I am still scared of technology, after reading a post by Mama Kat @ Mamalosinit. I questioned myself: Am I safe?. Then I read about a national newsreader's stalker who have been sentenced in court due to harassment towards the journalist. I am sure you've read about other celebrities having to go to witness against their stalkers.

In Mama Kat's post she wrote about somebody getting hold of her private pictures, putting them in collage and emailing them to her. This 'crazy' person took pictures of her children at school and during some festivals. Her stalker, luckily, turned out to be her sister who was trying to bring security and protection awareness to her super cool blogger sister.

After reading this post I first asked Hubby if it is dangerous sharing pictures on the internet. He thinks there is no harm in that but obviously one have to be careful how private these pictures and information are. I then cleared all the traces that can lead to my personal life - call me over paranoid :¬P

Oh, let me deviate to memory-lane - few months ago I was chatting with one of my favourite bloggers and other bloggers, when this strange guy with Hannibal mask appeared on the screen. I don't think he did mean to show his real face but we saw it before he then quickly turned the video off. He then wrote some racism comments. In that moment I was glad my personal information were out of reach to a weirdo like him.

Mama Kat's post made me think hard. I thought about how I don't mind sharing with you - my real readers - that I live in London. London is a city but so wide that I am not scared to share on my blog. However, when I move to Canada I am not sure if I will share the city I am going to live in.

I hope you are super careful about information you share on internet and on your blog. It is nice to meet nice people as the ones I am meeting at the moment but like celebrity experience in the process of their careers, sometimes we might expose ourselves too much to the outside world this can bring devastating consequences.

Blog well but keep safe.

How much do you share on your blog? Have ever experienced harassment on your blog? Are you paranoid about what people might do with your personal information?


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  1. That's a great point! you know, one i've been thinking about a lot lately, I love sharing pictures on my blog etc but lately people I know have found my blog and there are things I don't want people outside the blogosphere to know but I also want to write honestly. I'm still figuring out the balance!

  2. I am paranoid in real life and in the blog world. LOL. This was so informative but also scared the ba-Jesus out of me. I just revealed the state that I live in on my blog and I always post pictures. I dunno what's best. If I come up with the best way to maintain balance I will be sure to share it :)

  3. Hi,

    I am a new follower and this is my first time joining you for Thoughtful Wed! I love your blog and would love for you to join me over at Create With Joy!

    I appreciate your post today and also try to be as careful as possible with the information I share. I find it more difficult as time goes by. I also worry when I read articles online about how easy it can be to track you even when you are cautious. I try to use common sense.

    I have avoided signing up for Facebook because of all of the safety concerns associated withi it.

    Have a wonderful week!


  4. I don't share stuff either, but to be hoenst it probably wouldn't be hard to figure out who I am. :o(

  5. i am the type of person that shares a lot on my blog. not enough that you will be able to find me, knock on my door and say hello or something worse. i know that in this day and age no matter where you go, you are never 100% safe if a crazy finds you. i just live my life and pray for safety everyday. living in fear just isn't for me.

  6. I read that post and thought about it a lot. I agreed never to write my daughter's real name, never to use our last name or identifying factors about our house or much beyond the area of the country where we live. I think sometimes we want so badly to share WHO WE ARE and our lives, we don't think a lot about the bad people out there who could use that for negative purposes. I'm sorry you had a bad experience.

  7. New follower from BLoggy Moms, I'll follow you. This is something we should all be careful of. Someimes I worry I divulge too much. Glad it was just her sister.

    Hope you can come on over and follow me!


  8. I definitely have thought about if I share too much. I openly share a LOT of myself. I try to keep things like where exactly I live and other more private information out of the equation, but thats not to say someone could figure it out if they REALLY wanted to. It is a scary thought.

  9. My blog is very private as well. Only my husband knows it exists, and he doesn't mind what I write. I don't disclose where I live. I don't use our names. I used to use my personal email address, but have created one specifically for my blog. I very rarely post pictures. And if I do, they end up getting deleted pretty quick, because I worry about losing my anonymity. I actually wrote about it in my blog last week for Writing Workshop over at Mama Kats.

  10. I believe anonymity gives a person so much freedom - you can opt to be totally honest yet you know you are save from judgement ;).

    Because my friends don’t know about this blog (only three people know about the blog but they are not allowed to ask me anything I espress on the blog in real life) I write what is really bothering me.

    I think I would be very vulnerable if my identity was in total display. This is why I take my hat off to those who are brave to show their identity after being open about their life ;)!

  11. This is a really excellant post and good for me to read. I'm going to make sure I don't overshare from here on out. Having lots of cool friends in bloggy land is fun but, sadly, there are plenty of weirdos to go around out there too.

  12. I just had this conversation with my mom the other night. I"ve posted pictures of me and my kids in past posts and am thinking I need to remove them...or at least water mark each. and. every. one.

    I'm really enjoying your blog :)


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