26 Oct 2010

Thoughtful Wednesday: Family, Crime On Facebook?

Last week I asked if anyone of you is paranoid about personal information you are sharing on your blog or internet life.

This week's post can be read as a follow up but this time the question is: 'Is it a crime to show your family pictures on facebook?'

I have thought about it hard. A part of me wants to shout it out, share it with all my friends and family on facebook. However, the other part of me, the rational one, knows that not everyone will be over the moon to hear me talk about TTC all the time. About 20 people in real life know about my TTC but I don't dream telling my distance friends about the plan. However, six months into TTC and more than 300 people know my journey thanks to the Baby Plan blog.

I love my blog because it is where I can rant - though I have been silent about TTC and fitness lately, it is because I am cool about the lack of positive sign ;( - I am serene and chilled. Every minute of this journey I realise that this blog is excellent for my state of sanity.


Well, the other day, another conversation with a friend forced me to appreciate my undercover baby plan.

This is how the conversation went.

After checking the lastest gossip on facebook she says:

"Ah facebook is good..."

"Well, I prefer blogging (she doesn't know I have a blog), because you can always write your thoughts and not just poke people... :)"

Ah..., maybe... I guess you are right. Well, I have this friend on facebook, it is nice to know how she is doing but all she talks about is how her CHILDREN have done this and that. How they have been to the doctor for their jabs... I don't want to know about her children all the time." Bear in mind that she is going through a divorce :(.

In response I say: "Oh, yeah... maybe.... well it is true... maybe you don't want to know about her children all the time." However I was thinking: her children are her new life, so, is it a crime for her to talk about her family on facebook all the time?

"No really, especially after what I am going through..."

I understood where she was coming from, s
he also made me think about how facebook can sometimes make people envy one another. She didn't have that joy she was witnessing on facebook because her life was going through bad time. This made her feel sad. Maybe, even though we can do what we want on facebook, sometimes it is better to reconnect with old friends and families, but leave out bragging about success or failure in life.

Can this be true?

How can be live our lives and contain ourselve for other people's sake? Maybe they shouldn't read our facebook profile if it upset them knowing about our joy in life.
maybe, once you reconnect with your friends through facebook you can then go on to meet them in real life and boast about life generosity :).

Back to me.

When she confessed her thoughts, I praised the Lord:

Thank God I have been subtle about my TTC plan. Not everyone is going to be so overjoyed to hear me talk about my worries and excitement in this journey... Thank God for my blog, thank God I can ask people who have been in this journey and they are happy to share their thoughts with me. Thank God for those who are happy to be here online with me and keep me company in the lonely TTC journey. (Thank you readers, commenters, online friends...)

Probably, some of my friends will think me silly for planning my journey, but plannning has proven perfect for me. I have the mind I wanted to have, and the body... now I am ready to receive the GIFT.

I am sure that if I was talking to this friend about babies she would pretend to be happy for me, although deep down she might not be (she has done it before, not to me but to another friend). I am sure my family are happy to know about this journey and they are praying for us to have our dream soon :).

Again, I am happy I have my blog because those who read it are genuinely interested and not forced to read about my journey on their computer screen.

I hope you are still enjoying reading about my journey - which has become about life and not only TTC. Thank you for sticking by :)! The journey might be long but I will always be in good company.

Have you ever had a similar conversation with your friends about pictures on facebook? Do you brag about life generosity on facebook?
Do you ever feel like your friends don't understand why you blog? Do you prefer blogging or facebooking?


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  1. My blog is also my outlet for concerns. No one in my family reads my blog, even though they know that I have one. I think my 15 year old nephew reads it but he's okay. I don't discuss my baby desires to many and my blog does provide that outlet. Nice blog by the way....

  2. i def. enjoy blogging a lot more than FB! FB just seems so impersonal to me. ever since i started blogging my time spent on FB has def. diminished.

    i enjoy reading about your journey and i cannot wait until the day you give us the great news about your bundle of joy! :)

    p.s. thank you so much for giving me the idea to link up "Back in the Day" Tuesdays ... never thought about it. it might actually be fun to read about other people's childhoods too! thanks for the thought! i just have to figure it out, hehe.

  3. I love blogging. It's a great outlet for me, but I don't use facebook to broadcast every bit of my life.

    People should be careful of what they say depending who's on their friends list, on-the-other-hand we can say whatever we on on "our" profile. If someone feels bad about what they say they shouldn't read it. :-)

  4. Well said Tisha.

    @Faith I am looking forward to tell you all my joy, I might record my voice for my readers to hear the excitment :)!

  5. I also prefer blogging to facebook! I would not feel comfortable posting things on facebook that I post on my blog because some of the people I am "friends" with on facebook are just acquaintances. I don't even have a link to my blog from facebook because like you I'm weary of fairweather friends pretending to be happy for me but not really sharing in my joy!


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