6 Oct 2010

Thoughtful Wednesday: Lies and Sarcasm

Some people feel happy all the time. Or better, some people, in my opinion, want to be happy all the time. Well, I don't think I am one of those people. Right now, writing from my sofa, I feel a knot in my throat and I don't know the cause for this knot. A part of me wants to be happy but the other part wants to be nasty...

I don't feel like dancing or singing... Mmm, now that I am writing about it I realise that maybe I know the reason...

Yesterday, one of my colleagues (D), who doesn’t work in the same building as me, went saying that I told him one of my colleagues (SG) is leaving. That was a lie. He was accusing me of something I didn’t do and that made me livid.

Bear in mind that on Saturday 02-10-2010 another colleagues (SP) who is leaving told him that 3/4 people are leaving the work place. When SP told him that, I happily said "Yes, I am leaving because I am moving to Canada!"
Therefore he knew who was leaving. But still wanted to hear more, I guess...

The conversation
on 05-10-2010

"Who is leaving then?"

"You know I am leaving, don't you?" I didn't want to talk about other people's business, so I kept to that tone.
"But they don't have to rush."
"Nobody is rushing."
"Maybe the new manager will be better."
"Maybe is not about the manager, maybe it is the company... plus, it is time for people to move on."
"But why everyone is leaving..." he asked again. At this point I was not interested in his silly questions. Also I was busy doing my daily work so I just let him stand there for some minutes before he decided to go.

Next thing I know another friend of SG
texts her writing "D is spreading a rumour that you are leaving."
"Yes, he was talking to Mr.P and said that even you have handed in your notice."
"But that is a lie. MsB.Plan (they don't know me by this name but for clarity I will use it) told me he was asking her lots of questions but she didn’t say anything about me. She wouldn’t say anything about me."
"Yeah, but he said that you are leaving. You know how he is, always spreading rumours."
"Do you think I should speak to him?"
"Yeah, before it gets out of hands."
SG phoned D and confronted him. He went on saying that he misunderstood what I said and concluded that everyone is leaving.

“What did he misunderstand? Did I say that much?” I asked myself, perplexed.

I wanted to talk to him, therefore I phoned him and said “When you were here, who did I tell you is leaving?”

“You said you are leaving to go to Canada.”

“Isn’t you who said why everyone is leaving and that the new manager might be better? I didn’t say everyone is leaving, including SG.”

“No, you didn’t.”

“So why did you go saying that I said that?”

“I misunderstood... Anything else darling?” he wanted to be sarcastic, another thing I cannot stand.

“Ah yes, maybe next time you shouldn’t leave this building and go and tell people in the other building things that are not true and not your business.”

I was so cross, and people could see it, because I can’t hide my emotions very well. I was glad I told him my mind but then I realised that maybe he didn’t understand it.

“Anything else darling?”

“That is it!”

“Good, and have a great time in your next work place.”

“Bye...” I closed the phone call while he was still saying “Bye, bye...”

You see, I don’t like lies and people who can’t do nothing else if not gossip, falsely. I never opened my mouth to say that SG is leaving, he is the one, the big male gossip, who went saying lies and to look good he said that I told him. I tend to mind my own business and if people tell me something I keep it for myself and never go around telling the world. My colleagues know this and they were going to believe him because apparently I told him.

Lies make me cross and lying about me telling other people’s business make me livid.

I went to bed feeling bad. Hubby told me not to worry but I couldn’t not let go of his action.

I slept over it but when I woke up I was still feeling low until I started writing my post for Thoughtful Wednesday. I didn’t know what to write but the first sentence forced me to carry on. My blog is therapeutic, it helps me realised the hidden feelings that bring me down.

Now, the knot in my throat has disappeared and I am one level higher in good mood ;)...

Has anybody accused you, falsely, of something you never did? Do lies make you cross? How about sarcasm?

Thanks for reading and please share your thoughts with me.

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  1. I am so sorry you had to go through that! It sounds like he knew good and well he was spreading a lie. Ppl like that need help. I get frustrated, but at the same time I know that they have an internal issue that has nothing to do with me. When you go around trying to spread lies and create havoc, it is because that is what is currently going on in your life.

    His attitude afterwards was even worse. Ugh. I do not think I would have confronted him (you are brave), I just would have avoided him at all costs. When speaking to him, it would be a simple hi and bye. Don't even talk about the weather with me. LOL.

  2. Thanks Mrs R, I was thinking about doing just that.

    Thanks for stopping by.

  3. That is awful what "D" did. I can't stand people like that, I try to stay far away from them. They just cause to much unnecessary drama.

    Ms. Bplan I would have done the same thing. I believe you handled it well.

  4. Sorry about the work situation. That's crazy. Be professional and take the high road!

    I'm sorry I got to your post late and the linky closed. I agree, everyone should be aware of the importance of financial literacy!

  5. Hello! I'm sorry that you had such an unfortunate event at your workplace. That is never fun!

    Following you now, from Bloggy Moms! Looking forward to reading your future blogs!

  6. I'm sorry that you went through this unpleasantness. Remind yourself that the only person you are in control of is you. That gossip will gossip no matter what. His behavior is a reflection of him, not of you.

  7. Thanks everyone for your kinds words.This really makes me feel good and understood.

    Unknown Mami thanks for stopping by, a big hug!


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