25 Nov 2010

I Miss...

...being in London. I miss being in our bed... I miss being with Hubby. I miss going to the gym... the weather in my little town in Italy is so cold, I haven't been able to accomplish my aim: once in Italy wake up early and go for one hour walk.I miss being in front of my personal PC and read and write blog posts. I don't like sitting in front of the work PC in Italy. I have to stop whatever I am doing with every turn of the door.

I wish I could be in London and supervise the house refurbishment. Yesterday, Hubby told me the kitchen looks wonderful. I chose the colours of the cupboards. I selected grey and the surface of the worktops are off cream with patterns in it. I am happy about it. I also selected the bathroom. When I get back, which will be 30th, I will post some pics of the flat and work in progress.

My pregnant sis-in-law is visiting Hubby in London and I wish I was there talking to her about pregnancy and baby names :-(.

Like Hubby, I am counting the days until Tuesday. Until then I have to laugh and enjoy my last child free days in Italy :)! I am PRAYING next time I come here I will be pregnant :~)!

21 Nov 2010

Sunday Random Thoughts

I feel like writing random thoughts...

It's been raining here for days. But I am happy about it...

They think they know me so well... I don't even know myself that well, how can they know me?

Initially it was hard to convince me to take the lead, but around 10pm, I decided to have a shower and let my friend drive us to the nearest club. I thought I might not go to club again from next year so why not...

I wore a pair of 70s style jeans and a t-shirt top. I was simply but nicely dressed.
I had a lovely time... We went to dance and it felt good to get nice comments about my looks. However, it was strange how young some thought I was... "You are cheating time" one told me... I am happy about that and I really hope I can cheat time even when I am a mummy. Strange as it might seem, I was thinking about babies even in the club :)! Well, it will be a time to remember...

It's been raining and I love the rain so much...

Happy Sunday everyone...

15 Nov 2010

The Little Town in Italy

I haven't forgotten about my blog. No, I haven't.

I have been very, very-very busy since Friday, that is the reason I haven't been visiting and talking to you bloggers.

I am in Italy. WOW, you may think. However, this time I am here for work. I am organising my business, which I have neglected for over six years. Over the six years I have become experienced in planning, focusing and working very hard. And this business need all of that. I initially came here, because I wanted to close it down due to our future move to Canada. I thought it was going to be hard to come to Italy at the blink of an eye. However, my brother encouraged me to leave it open. His wife is a collaborator and he is welcome to help her in case she needs help while I am away. I am going to keep it open and manage it, PROPERLY, from Canada. I will be working from home and managing my business through skype, emails and telephone calls. My need belief is that some great business women I have managed a great business from different parts of the world.

This is why I have to focus during the two weeks I am here.

I will write about life in Italy and how being here makes me insane, yet in love with the place. Since I have been here the comments go like these:

1] From the Ghanaian community

"You have put on weight..." to this comment I think - well you still look at me as if I am the teenager who used to live year. I am grown up now, not fat but healthy curves, but you still look at me as a little girl... I am a woman, believe it or not. On the surface I pretend I didn't hear him...

"Now, when the baby..." to this I shout inside - God, the baby will come when the baby will come! But on the surface I smile and say "God will provide."
To this comment the person in question tells me "It is not God, maybe it is you, maybe you are avoiding it... Look every girl that have a boyfriend finish with a baby..." At this point all I have to do is deep breath and smile wider, but thinking - Maybe your daughters were only sixteen and seventeen when they were playing around and it happened by mistake. I want one but God will provide. To him I say "Well, not every girl can have a baby easily..." I couldn't tell him that some women can try for babies very long before it happen. And also, I couldn't tell him that it can take up to a full year and more to conceive even when one is healthy like I am.

2] From the Italian community

"Wow, how good you speak Italian. But, how long you been living here?"
"All my life?"
"Ah,... but where do you come from orginally?"
"How is the situation there? Do you have to leave the country because there is no job there, isn't it?" to this I think - In the first place I came here when I was very little due my mother's decisions. Second, even in Italy is hard to find work these days. To her I say "It very similar to here... If you have money you succeed, if you don't you will live but you won't die."

I think that she allows herself to question the situation in Africa is due the stereotypical image the media keep promoting in the 'developed' countries. Yes, some part of Africa is very poor, but even in Italy or Britain. Some people are rich in Africa too and as the politician are corrupted si are the Western politicians. The difference is one coutry is a victim of bad propaganda.

"You are right, where in this world is not hard to find work?" I left to her to answer.

Being in my little town, in Italy, gives me both pleasure, laughter and hard headaches.


  • Is it possible to manage a business from two different parts of the world?
  • Have you ever felt like going to your hometown is both a blessing and a curse?
  • Do you ever feel like you are not 100% accepted as one of the people from the place you've lived all you life?

Please share your thoughts,

12 Nov 2010

Reality Check - Please Take A Couple Short Moment...

I know, I should take a short moment to thank God everyday. But, this is embarrasing, sometimes I wake up and just do my daily routine without thanking God for my healthy and the health of my family. I shouldn't forget to thank Him because He's the breath of my soul. My body is His temple and in this joureny of motherhood my health and the health of my future babies are in His name. His the God that gifts life over the world and everything is in His hands...

Last month I read a touching post on Jenni's blog Story of My Life. The post made me pose and thank the Almighty for my life and the life of my extended family. I felt shallow because I had my life and I was complaining about something I didn't have. God is the planner and not I.

Jenni wrote:

I found a blog dedicated to a woman named Leslie Joy Evans whose twins died
after she gave birth to them at only 21 weeks. Leslie was able to meet both
babies (though the first was stillborn), but shortly afterwards she went into
cardiac arrest (heart attack). She was revived, but passed away on October 7th.
Her husband's first wife died of breast cancer three years ago, and he has three
young children from that marriage... {read more

I wanted to post about Leslie's story on one of my Thoughtful Wednesday's posts but I couldn't. The story is too sad and painful. But I think the story has to be told, because as Jenni just it:

... why anyone should have to experience what her husband, family, and friends must be going through right now. But I know that if nothing like this ever happened, we would all continue to plunge deeper into the depths of our self-centeredness, self-pity, and preoccupation with me and my problems and my feelings.

Reading that post my stupid worries vanished. God has granted me a beautiful life, the unconditional love of my Hubby and my family. So as Jenni perfectly puts it "What RIGHT do we have to be anything but joyful?? What right do we have to give anything but thanks??"


Leslie Joy Evans was so beautiful and she is in the heart of many. We can't image the pain her family must be going through, but her death can be a testament and a lesson for many.

I thank God for His infinite BLESSING ON MY LIFE and THE LIFE OF MY FAMILY and of everyone in the world!


8 Nov 2010

Impressions Of Paris...

Yesterday I posted pictures of my trip in Paris.

I wrote that I had fun and I was speechless both for the romanticism and the filth of Paris.

Let me tell you more...

Gare du Nord train station, where Eurostar International stops, is dark and overcrowded. This crowd is a lovely feel of multiculturalism which you can’t even find in London. I really liked this multicultural expect of Paris. Most of Paris metropolitans are run down more than London undergrounds. However, its service is efficient and quick.

The hotel we stayed in is located in Montmartre area. It is here that you find Abbesses metro station, Moulin Rouge and the two remaining original Moulins of Paris. Also Sacre Coeur is bang in the middle of it all. It was here that artists such as Renoir and Picasso found inspiration for their arts. We went for a walk as soon as we got there. I saw a man entertaining the crowd with his guitar and his voice. It felt like being at a concert on the stairs of Sacre Coeur, :D.

After this little tour we went for lunch – midi formule. We paid only 28.00euro for two people. Not bad for main course and a dessert or started and a dessert. The meal was yum.my!

After the meal we took a turn and walked down the hill, and just around the corner we were in front of Moulin Rouge. This is the place of Paris' nightlife – we didn’t experience the cabaret. However, I have pictures of Moulin Rouge by day and night.

We then went to the Seine Islands to visit Notre Dame and experience the many free shows in the square. I was very impressed by the raw talent of some guys.

The following day we went to Louvre. By the time we reached the museum, I needed the ladies. As soon as we went into the building I looked for the toilet. The first one I saw was in the shopping area. To use this toilet you have to pay 1euro, in my opinion that is appalling. They are making money from people’s needs... I didn’t pay because I was worried about the possible dirt inside, and to pay 1 euro and use a dirty toilet was out of the question. I managed to resist until I found one in the museum.

After this 'adveture' we went to view some art and Mona Lisa.

We also went to view the exhibitions of the Ancient Egypt, Roman and Greek empires.

Before leaving the museum I had to use the ladies again, so I went to the nearest toilet. Once inside I looked up and saw the unfinished roof. I finished quickly as I could, I washed my hands and I was out, LOL!

But thankfully, Tour L’Eiffel blow my breath away :D!

You can’t image how imposing this monument is until you are underneath it. I was speechless and for the rest of the day I was happy as a little girl in a candy factory.

We walked and walked until we decided to stop just before St. Germain. We went to a cafe for a croissant and coffee. After we finished, we noticed a picture of Victoria and David Beckham with the chef of the cafe. It shows that even without a map the chance to end up in interesting places in Paris is great.

The last day we went to Gallery Lafayette, this is one of the historical places in Paris. This mall was opened in 1893. I must say, on the street of Paris Christmas is far off, but once inside this mall you become one with Christmas. In this single store I felt Christmas so much as I haven't felt yet. Gallery Lafayette reminded me of Macy in San Francisco or Harrods in London. Mmmm, this lasted until I went into the toilet – yes, I am obsessed, LOL – the worse toilet in a posh mall ever!

But the big sky-hanging Christmas tree was mind blowing :D.

And... I ate loads of crepe, this is the reason I bought a crepe pan this morning :)...All in all, I really enjoyed our three days in Paris. I was happy to be there also because, on my 2010 year wishes I wrote that I wanted to visit a romantic place like Paris with Hubby. It was WONDERFUL to be there together; it felt like we were new lovers in Paris. We laughed, experienced the metro and enjoyed our company.

Now, all I want is to talk and write about our baby Plan :)!

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