7 Nov 2010

Dimanche Heureux!

This station is symbolic because it jas the original feel of art nouveau metal and glass awning designed by Hector Guimard

Ahh, Tour L'Eiffel

Notre Dame and fire tricks

Arc De Triomphe

cute child piano :)

Victor Hugo's apartment

Moulin Rouge

Sacre Coeur and football tricks in Montmartre

Mona Lisa

The best Christmas tree in the of Lafayette Mall

apple cake in a Montmartre restaurant

span >Hubby and I been silly on the river Seine, ahhaha! :D

I was speechless for the whole time in Paris. Both for its romanticism and its filth (I didn't photograph that bit :P)!

Really, Paris is full of life and romanticism. I was sad to be back to London, but I was also happy to be back because after Paris I know London is quite clean. Plus, I still have some nice pictures to look at :).

Happy Sunday = Dimanche Heureux!


  1. I am your newest follower from the Sunday Blog Hop . The Mommy Chronicles

  2. Wow, fantastic shots. I like Victor Hugo's apartment. These are all so colorful and special to see.

  3. Love your pics this week!! I need to head over to Paris. Im not to far from there and it's on my lsit of places to see.

  4. Thank you for the wonderful tour. I love all the pictures especially the one of you and hubby.

  5. Thanks for the tour, it brought back good memories. I am glad you were able to get close to the Mona Lisa since everyone loves to crowd around it. :D Did you go up to Notre Dame and the Arc de Triomphe?

  6. Filth in Paris? You should visit Casablanca! :)
    Great photos,
    have a good week ahead!

  7. Great pics. I'm glad you had a great time :). BTW, I like you hair--at least the bit that I can see. LOL

  8. Thanks everyone for stopping by :)

    @ AVCr8teur, yes we went to Notre Dame and Arc De Triomphe, both amazing places.

  9. Beautiful photos! What fun it must have been to visit Paris. I remember my visit to France (I never got to see Paris, though) & yes, everything was filthy, even grand old historic buildings. Still, I would like to go there again, for places like these.
    Stopping by from Sundays in My City to say hi & check out your post :)

  10. You totally got me - I looked at your Eiffel Tower photo and wondered why I had never noticed the script on it before! Too Funny.

    I heard Pris was cleaner than it was even a dozen years ago, yet you said it was filthy. I'm curious. I haven't been to Paris ever, so I can't compare. Thanks for the quick walk, it was lovely.

    Kristin _ The Goat

  11. @Samsstuff, it was super fun to visit Paris for sure. Yes the old buildings are grand and filthy, especially a place like Lafayette - which is similar to Selfridges in London - the toilets I was disgusting to wee in because of its filth.

    At Louvre I was scandalised because I wanted to run away from the toilet – in the one I happened to be the top was unfinished. I can be obsessed with toilets and frivolous details :%). But the experience was superb.

    @Kirby3131, I glad I didn't go to Paris dozen years ago, because I would've complained to the President, LOL. The place was fun to be in but comparing Paris to London, I found Paris more filthy :).


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