25 Nov 2010

I Miss...

...being in London. I miss being in our bed... I miss being with Hubby. I miss going to the gym... the weather in my little town in Italy is so cold, I haven't been able to accomplish my aim: once in Italy wake up early and go for one hour walk.I miss being in front of my personal PC and read and write blog posts. I don't like sitting in front of the work PC in Italy. I have to stop whatever I am doing with every turn of the door.

I wish I could be in London and supervise the house refurbishment. Yesterday, Hubby told me the kitchen looks wonderful. I chose the colours of the cupboards. I selected grey and the surface of the worktops are off cream with patterns in it. I am happy about it. I also selected the bathroom. When I get back, which will be 30th, I will post some pics of the flat and work in progress.

My pregnant sis-in-law is visiting Hubby in London and I wish I was there talking to her about pregnancy and baby names :-(.

Like Hubby, I am counting the days until Tuesday. Until then I have to laugh and enjoy my last child free days in Italy :)! I am PRAYING next time I come here I will be pregnant :~)!


  1. awww, it is hard being somewhere when you want to be somewhere else. i hope that you are feeling better today.


  2. I am feeling better. Thanks :)!

  3. Sorry love. Youir blog isn't showing up on my dashboard either. Google hates me lately!!! Hope you're back home safely through this darn snow! Can not wait to see photos!!


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