8 Nov 2010

Impressions Of Paris...

Yesterday I posted pictures of my trip in Paris.

I wrote that I had fun and I was speechless both for the romanticism and the filth of Paris.

Let me tell you more...

Gare du Nord train station, where Eurostar International stops, is dark and overcrowded. This crowd is a lovely feel of multiculturalism which you can’t even find in London. I really liked this multicultural expect of Paris. Most of Paris metropolitans are run down more than London undergrounds. However, its service is efficient and quick.

The hotel we stayed in is located in Montmartre area. It is here that you find Abbesses metro station, Moulin Rouge and the two remaining original Moulins of Paris. Also Sacre Coeur is bang in the middle of it all. It was here that artists such as Renoir and Picasso found inspiration for their arts. We went for a walk as soon as we got there. I saw a man entertaining the crowd with his guitar and his voice. It felt like being at a concert on the stairs of Sacre Coeur, :D.

After this little tour we went for lunch – midi formule. We paid only 28.00euro for two people. Not bad for main course and a dessert or started and a dessert. The meal was yum.my!

After the meal we took a turn and walked down the hill, and just around the corner we were in front of Moulin Rouge. This is the place of Paris' nightlife – we didn’t experience the cabaret. However, I have pictures of Moulin Rouge by day and night.

We then went to the Seine Islands to visit Notre Dame and experience the many free shows in the square. I was very impressed by the raw talent of some guys.

The following day we went to Louvre. By the time we reached the museum, I needed the ladies. As soon as we went into the building I looked for the toilet. The first one I saw was in the shopping area. To use this toilet you have to pay 1euro, in my opinion that is appalling. They are making money from people’s needs... I didn’t pay because I was worried about the possible dirt inside, and to pay 1 euro and use a dirty toilet was out of the question. I managed to resist until I found one in the museum.

After this 'adveture' we went to view some art and Mona Lisa.

We also went to view the exhibitions of the Ancient Egypt, Roman and Greek empires.

Before leaving the museum I had to use the ladies again, so I went to the nearest toilet. Once inside I looked up and saw the unfinished roof. I finished quickly as I could, I washed my hands and I was out, LOL!

But thankfully, Tour L’Eiffel blow my breath away :D!

You can’t image how imposing this monument is until you are underneath it. I was speechless and for the rest of the day I was happy as a little girl in a candy factory.

We walked and walked until we decided to stop just before St. Germain. We went to a cafe for a croissant and coffee. After we finished, we noticed a picture of Victoria and David Beckham with the chef of the cafe. It shows that even without a map the chance to end up in interesting places in Paris is great.

The last day we went to Gallery Lafayette, this is one of the historical places in Paris. This mall was opened in 1893. I must say, on the street of Paris Christmas is far off, but once inside this mall you become one with Christmas. In this single store I felt Christmas so much as I haven't felt yet. Gallery Lafayette reminded me of Macy in San Francisco or Harrods in London. Mmmm, this lasted until I went into the toilet – yes, I am obsessed, LOL – the worse toilet in a posh mall ever!

But the big sky-hanging Christmas tree was mind blowing :D.

And... I ate loads of crepe, this is the reason I bought a crepe pan this morning :)...All in all, I really enjoyed our three days in Paris. I was happy to be there also because, on my 2010 year wishes I wrote that I wanted to visit a romantic place like Paris with Hubby. It was WONDERFUL to be there together; it felt like we were new lovers in Paris. We laughed, experienced the metro and enjoyed our company.

Now, all I want is to talk and write about our baby Plan :)!


  1. The toilets in France ARE awful! Especially the holes in the ground! And the chance of finding SOAP or something to DRY with is almost impossible! I guess they just don't care or they hold it. I remember asking for the bathroom, being pointed it the right direction only to find the hold in the ground, turn around and walk out. the same guy asked me if everything was fine. I just gave him a look with a shake of my head and he laughed. Err!

  2. I am happy happy I am not the only one who thinks the the toilets are awful, :)

  3. welcome back! lovely pictures and experiences...glad that you and Hubby had a good time. Enjoy the baby planning..


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