21 Nov 2010

Sunday Random Thoughts

I feel like writing random thoughts...

It's been raining here for days. But I am happy about it...

They think they know me so well... I don't even know myself that well, how can they know me?

Initially it was hard to convince me to take the lead, but around 10pm, I decided to have a shower and let my friend drive us to the nearest club. I thought I might not go to club again from next year so why not...

I wore a pair of 70s style jeans and a t-shirt top. I was simply but nicely dressed.
I had a lovely time... We went to dance and it felt good to get nice comments about my looks. However, it was strange how young some thought I was... "You are cheating time" one told me... I am happy about that and I really hope I can cheat time even when I am a mummy. Strange as it might seem, I was thinking about babies even in the club :)! Well, it will be a time to remember...

It's been raining and I love the rain so much...

Happy Sunday everyone...


  1. OH fun! So are you pregnant!!! I must have missed that post.

  2. Crystal I am not pregnant yet :(, but my dreams are so real I am confusing myself, LOL!

  3. Sounds like you had a blast and I'm sure you'll continue to "cheat time".

  4. glad that you took sometime to enjoy the club...babies will come!

  5. it's fun to go out from time to time!

    stopping by from Sits!


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