9 Dec 2010

*Baby-Plan-Moon* In San Francisco

Slowly I am coming back to my blogging mood ;)! And I am happy about that!

The flat is nearly finish and I am happy about that.

Hubby is less stressed over work and I am SUPER happy about that!

We are getting ready for San Francisco
(the flight is for this weekend coming back next weekend) and I am EXCITEDLY happy about that.

This morning Hubby woke up and said "I am happy about San Francisco and Canada!"

And I am happy, happy about that :)!

I am looking forward to San Francisco with the right mind set – there are some places that are not inviting... At the same time I want to do something exciting. I want to enjoy my lone time while Hubby is working. For instance, I can go for long walks and maybe sit in the library and read my favourite books while I wait for the evening... winks! This morning Hubby woke me up with an exciting words - I can't tell you...

... but I can say that in the evenings we will be on a "baby-plan-moon", winks, winks, big smile :-D!

Baby-plan-moon is my version of babymoon, which I first read about on Jennifer's BabyMakin(g)Machine blog.

At the time Jennifer was contemplating TTC. She wrote:

... about a babymoon? Nowadays, people do it while they're pregnant, before the baby is born as a "last hurrah" before parenthood. The couple will go out when the mom-to-be is in her second trimester or so, and get couple massages, eat good food, and just have a romantic getaway (according to my Google results). OR (as my well educated already mother blog friends have informed me) The time after the baby is born and there's bonding. Family is there everyone's all lovey dovey and giving the new parents time to sleep, etc. I'll eventually probably do those things too--But I'm gonna invent my own type of "babymoon" for now-- A "baby-makin'moon" (and it's self explanatory).

We didn't plan this "baby-plan-moon". Fate has it that I am most fertile bang in the middle of Hubby’s work trip. Initially I did want to go San Francisco, but Hubby decided to book a flight for me too. Now I am overly-excitedly-happy to go there. That's why we will take it as a “baby-plan-moon”! I believe fate and God are working here... God works in mysterious ways ;), and His time is the best!

We will share a rented house with Hubby's colleagues but that will not stop what God has planned for us. ;*) ;*)!

Apart from that I am happy because I know where to go visit while in San Francisco thanks to Unknown Mami's Sunday In My City. She post photos of San Francisco every Sunday therefore I know I will see some nice places this time. Also she is go kind to put together a list of where to go eat and visit :)!

I feel Lucky!

Did you ever go on a babymoon? Have you ever been yo San Fran?

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  1. Enjoy your trip and 'Baby-Play-Moon.'

  2. Hi there~ I am your newest follower from the Thursday blog hop! I would love it if you stopped by and returned the love :)


  3. Thanks YumMama. Our flight is on Saturday, I hope can still blog from there :).

  4. We went on a babymoon when I was 34 weeks pregnant I think. We stayed in Arizona, but went to a nice resort.

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  6. i hope to go on a babymoon in the future! glad you are getting back into blogging! i've missed you!

    have a great time on your babymoon!!!! i've always wanted to go to San Fran! :)

  7. stopping by from keeping company thursday, gfc follower

  8. You are so hilarious. I can sense the joy in your writing. Too cute. I wish you all the best. :)


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