13 Dec 2010

Good Day...

... from San Francisco ;).

I am sitting in the apartment we rented for this week. Last year we stayed in Warwick San Francisco Hotel, it is a awesome hotel but comparing it to this apartment I am glad Hubby found this apartment. I feel good being here because it's like being at home. The decoration is top end like in a hotel but with the difference that we have a kitchen, living room and the possibility to move from room to room.

We are sharing the place with other four people, in this way the work trip feels little bit less lonely and boring. Also this here we are among the same age group of people.

It is very tempting to stay indoors watching
America's Next Top Model until tonight but I've decided to go for a walk in the Golden Gate Park. See attractions that I didn't visit last year...

Mmmm, well maybe I should go after I watch who is the 2008 America's Next Top Model winner - I can't resist this kind of television shows :P!


  1. Pretty place you are staying in there. I hope you have tons of fun!

  2. what a gorgeous place you are staying! looks like you will be having an amazing time!

    i don't blame you for watching America's Next Top Model ... i've watched them all and still watch reruns, hehe. enjoy!!!

  3. Looks gorgeous!! SO great you get some time away!! I can't say that I am not envious of all your travelling hhehe. It's awesome that you're doing it now whilst planning for a baby :)

  4. I thank God for the blessing he is sending my way.

    I am glad I can enjoy these trips while planning for babies.

    I am enjoying it :)!

  5. That's so great you guys rented out an apartment. It's definitely the way to go. It makes you feel so much apart of the city.

    I also love watching ANTM. Glad you are relaxing. I love golden gate park. I saw baby foxes their a few years ago.


  6. That place looks really nice. Enjoy San Francisco it's a wonderful city.


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