23 Dec 2010

I Dream About Christmas...

Disclaimer: If like me you were brought up not knowing about Father Christmas then please read on. But if you do believe in Father Christmas then read with caution, I don't want to ruin your fairy tale.

Two days to go until we celebrate Christmas 2010 and I wish I celebrate it in the same way I used to when I was a kid. Don’t get me wrong, I still like celebrating Christmas, but I get nostalgic during this period. A part of me goes back to my last Christmas... Ghana hot Christmas 1991. The memories are fuzzy but I remember something...

Up to 1991, Christmas was more about getting together as a family. The children were allowed to go at their neighbours' door for sweets – not only at Halloween. Christmas was about laughing together will my loved ones – my mother was in Italy, but I had my granny, my aunties and my elder brothers with me during the festivities.

Those were happy days.

In those days I never saw one of my uncles dressed up like a weird man called Father Christmas and to be honest I preferred that. I believe I was happier in that way than most children, because most of their childhood they have to live the good and bad if not mamma-papa-Christmas might not give him or her the favourite present advertised on television...

What I think mattered most to me were the little actions and they are still the most memorable of gifts...

I remember preparing paper chains which were used to decorate the living room and the hall. The excitement I felt when, standing some feet away, I watched one of my elder brothers slaughter the chicken which became the meat for the stew my auntie cooked.

Since 1991 I haven’t smelled the same chicken stew my auntie prepared for that Christmas day. The chicken stew, the jasmine perfumed rice and the Ghanaian fanta filled my stomach with butterflies’ sensation. After meal we listened to music and danced to Christmas songs.

And those are the type of Christmas I long for.

Why am I writing this?

I believe celebrating Christmas has become commercial and some adults are reducing the real meaning of Christmas to money and gifts. For instance few years ago on the day of Christmas one of my nephews, when he received one of his gifts from his second auntie, said "Is this all you got me?"
That was heartbreaking for the auntie who took the time and love to buy what she could afford.

Also children are deceived in believing that there is Father Christmas, though we all know that at one stage the tale of Father Christmas will fade away leaving them in some ways betrayed.

My ideal Christmas would be...
... wake up early morning on 25th December, after placing few, essential, gifts under the golden, green, yellow and red decorated tree start cooking and then go give something to those in need for warm food and maybe a warm blanket.

Once back home I would wake up the children and bath them and cloth them in a nice elegant outfit. At midday together with all our family members sit down for Christmas lunch – which will be turkey and chicken stew with potatoes and rice.

After the meal we will open up our Christmas gifts, then we would narrate the story of Christ’s birth to the children. To finish we would sing Christmas songs and dance. I wish the time together would be more precious than the gifts everyone receives.

I would like my future children to learn the true meaning of Christmas. For me Christmas is giving back without expecting anything in return. But most importantly to be together with family and God, as opposed to the materialistic.

Why do you celebrate Christmas? Do you think children should believe in Father Christmas? What is your ideal Christmas? Do you think that modern children are losing the spiritual meaning of Christmas?


  1. I love Christmas, but it makes me a little sad that it's become so commercialized. It's all about gifts, gifts and more gifts, and less about family, close friends and being grateful for what we do have. There's nothing wrong with giving or receiving gifts, but there shouldn't be pressure to get something expensive that you can't afford just because it's expected.

  2. I loved your post and your thoughts about what Christmas will someday be at your house with your family are the perfect Christmas. You have it right! Just make sure you stick to it when you have a family. Those are the traditions that mean the most.

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  9. My parents never really focused on Christmas. We did Thanksgiving for the very reasons you stated. I wish we did more service oriented activities for Chritmas...but now that I have my own kiddos...I am in charge of helping create their memories. Rather scary at times to think about it that way...

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  10. Last night, I saw a clip about the boy who was ungrateful for his Christmas present of books -- and I really didn't think it was funny, unlike his mother. You have the right perspective.

    Merry Christmas!

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  12. Hi there. So lovely to "meet you" via blog land =0) I am loving reading peoples different experiences of Christmas and found what you shared so refreshing. May you have a wonderful Christmas!

  13. Just wanted to thank you for stopping by my blog and to wish you a Merry Christmas!

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