28 Dec 2010

iLove Tuesday Tunes: The Noughties Top Songs

This week I am doing a countdown of my favourite noughties music (2000-2009). There are some songs that take me back in time without forcing myself too much.
Hope you enjoy it.

It was the year Destiny's Child entered into my vision.

This the first CD my Hubby bought for me whilst dating! I just felt in love even more. I was digging Outkast and I didn't know my love was paying such attention :)!

My girl Aaliyah died tragically prematurely, but she is still, for me and many other women of my age, More Than a Woman. I really wanted to know her in real life and normally I am not a celebrity stalker.

I shaked, shaked and shaked like a polaroid picture to this tune ;)! I am shaking to it even after seven years! Outkast rocks!

She proved that to allow your sexiness to show at 20something is not that bad!


I listened to the song the previous months before getting married. It like Hubby asked Mario to sing the song to me. At the same time I wanted to sing this song back to him and tell him that I wanted to love him even more than the way I already loved him because he deserves the best. We both deserve each other! I was happy to be getting married to him and I am HAPPY to be his wife!

Another classic now.
Mariah returned with this SUPER ballad and everyone reconsidered the fact that she's lost the diva style. The lyrics and video was a show stopper. Plus my eyes was caught by that yummy Scorfield :)! Who didn't watch
Prison Break in the end? :P!

This was the year I heard the voice of Amy Winehouse. I loved the whole album but Back To Black together with Rehab was the number ones! Her vintage voice and her music genre which is major in the soul-jazz thing :) were great combination! I really love the album.

They came back to rule the world with their beautiful music after the group broke up in early 2000. They are even better than before and now the complete 5 people whom formed Take That are back together.

King of Leon made rock and roll sexy!

Lady Gaga came to shock, like Madonna did in the 80s, but with with more effect! Her video clips are short-films for us to watch and gasp! She reinforced pop-culture and she opened the door for musicians to go wild with their creativity.

Angelic, romantic, classic...! I dedicate it to my Husband and my future child/children!

Well this is the last iLove Tuesday Tunes before 2011.
Which music did you enjoy listening in the noughties?


  1. i LOVE this post! especially because every single song you listed i dig! ahhh, they def. bring me back good times! :)

  2. Great choices! Love them all :)

    though my 3 year-old says she wants to be just like lady gaga....sigh

  3. Sommer J, LOL! Your 3 year-old must be very strong character that's great :)!

  4. Halo is a beautiful song! Good compilation! The year does fly!

  5. Hi there!! I'm a new follower. Your blog looks great so far, I'll be back for sure :)

    Follow me back if you get a chance, I'd appreciate it. Thanx.



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