16 Dec 2010

The June 2010 Picture of The July 2005 Wedding Dress

Okay, okay... I couldn't resist.

I love Faith's @ Life.Love&Marriage, she is real and bubbly. Her post make we want to know her better. And we seem to have so much in common. OMG, blogging can be exciting.

Yesterday she wrote a letter to her wedding dress. It is hilarious!

To that post I commented:
How sweet to write a letter to your wedding dress ;).

You looked fab, 100% Queen in that dress. You are so beautiful!

I really love my wedding dress too. I drew the designed and it was the only thing that I took 100% charge of whilst planning my wedding.

As soon as the wedding day was over I sent it to the dry cleaner. It came out refreshed but the grass stain was still at the end of the hem.

Now the dress in a clear dress bag under a pile of other clothes. I hope one day my daughter will wear it for her own wedding – or if I can’t wait that long, I might turn it into a short dress for my children christening – crazy eheh!

In June, whilst packing our stuff for our future move, I tried on my dress. It still fit but not as loose as it was on my wedding day. On 30th July 2005 I had to wear two bras to have my bust look fuller, LOL (I really hope I will write all about my wedding in the near future). Now my bust is so full that I had to wear one tight bra to fit into the dress, LOL! Hilarious.

Ohhh, I want to post pictures of my wedding dress on my blog. I have to put together posts about my wedding (I promise I will write about my wedding one of these days)...

Okay, I can’t resist I am posting a pic of when I tried it on in June... :).

So this is... a picture of my wedding dress - I will post about the wedding one of these days :D - I get the goosebumps when I think about it!

What do you think about the dress?


  1. I too love reading Live.Love&Marriage. Such a fun couple and I loved reading about her wedding.

    I really like your wedding dress. It looks very unique. I don't think I see many dresses with that type of strap/neckline. Is it an ivory or white color? I LOVE simple dresses. I think they are classic and will definitely stand the test of time. And I like how yours shimmered a bit (at least it looked that way from the pictures). :)

    Anyway, lovely dress - definitely!

  2. hi!!! haha, thanks for that awesomely long post! :)

    i really love your dress! i want to see more of it! it fit you perfectly, like it was made for you!

    more pictures please! :)

  3. @Rania, the colour is off white - towards the ivory- I wanted it classic and you said just the right word that "stand the test if time."

    Yes, it shimmers. I was so happy about the dress because I help design it.

    So yes Faith, it was purposedly made for me :)!

    I will post more pictures as soon as possible, promise!

  4. Ok, I know I'm late. I also enjoy reading Faith's blog. She's hilarious. I like your dress too and it seemed to fit you very well.


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