29 Dec 2010

My Personal 2010 Review...

1st January 2010... like a five years old girl blowing off her birthday candles I made my year wishes with my heart full of hope and naivety.

29th December 2010, if you ask me how my year went I would irrationally answer “Awful, I hated it...!” but then I would backtrack because analysing each wish the little girl, naively, made on 1st January 2010, I realise that 2010 was FABULOUSLY and is still going strong. There was a fraction of sadness in some months, but thanks to the Lord I have good health, a wonderful

Husband and a great family.

On 1st January 2010 I wrote:

It might be the way the numbers remind of smoothness but I feel so good being in 2010. My plan is going to be in the full action. I need to write my 2010 resolution to remember my plan every time I open my blog. Keeping a blog, I believe, is a very good way to be organise in our modern lives.

I had 18 points in my 2010 new resolution - the pink section is my 1st January wish, the blue section is my current review of that wish.

1. Cook and eat healthy food - more fruits and veggies...
I managed to do that until June 2010. I wanted to be health before my summer holidays in Italy. I wanted to show off my flat stomach and I managed to do that :D (I sound sooo shallow, but I am not that really, I'm only proud to be able to show what I managed to do with my determination and enthusiasm)

Be active, be fit, love my body – always...
I religiously worked o
ut until after my holidays in Italy. Since September I've joined the gym and I improved my rollerblading and swimming :D. However, my travels haven't allowed me to be so deligent since the summer :P!

3. Do more yoga
I managed to keep up from October 2009 until May 2010, because I left university - I used to combine studies and going to the yoga classes :(!

4. Visit Paris with my hubby
At the time when I was writing this wish I didn’t think it was going to happen. But my husband surprised me with a birthday trip to Paris in November ;D. I was over the moon the whole time.
I felt soooo lucky and blessed :D!

5. Finish uinversity with good grades.
I wanted to get
1st class or minimum 2:1, so I guess getting 2:1 was fairly great result! Initially I was hard on myself because I got 2:1, but in the end I realised that Higher Second Class is a very good grade which will secure me any position in a work place :D!

6. Do a girlie’s beach holiday

I didn’t go to the beach but I had a nice summer at swimming pool with my sister-in-law R and my friend N.

7. Keep loving blogging and update my blog - often
I really enjoyed reading many blog posts and writing my own blog posts. But the best part was interacting with many of you through comments session :D! I enjoy reading each one of them and at times they were great soul lifting. Thank you!

Read more books about healthy living
I didn’t succeed here :(, but I read some nice books :)!

Learn one of the Akan languages
I tried
to perfect my Twi (one of the Ghanaian languages), but there is still loads of room for improvement :)

10. Make a list of what to do before my 30
I haven’t done it and I don’t thing I want to do it because I want to take each day of
like life as it comes with all the hopes the future can hold...
I don’t want to look forward to the future and let the present pass me by without being a bee :D

11. Thank and praise the Lord more often
This one is still in my heart as I write. Lord is sooooo, soooo, sooo good to me and I
want to devote my soul and breath to praise his name on daily basis.

12. Love the mature me - love myself more than ever
Ohhh, I did very well in wishing for this wish! I suddenly grew after the summer holidays and although it was very painful, I was glad it happened before having children. I've always been wise - if I may say so myself ;)- but now I love who I am and I don’t want to change for nothing in this world. I want to be a jolly woman even when I am pregnant and with babies. I want to be able to talk sense, yet laugh at my silliness. I want to view the glass as always half full. Whatever happens in your life if it doesn’t kill you it does just make you stronger :D!

13. Love my husband more than ever...

They said be careful what you wish for... I LOVE my husband sooo much is hurts sometimes. I really feel like Bella, from Twilight, bewitched by the person of Edward. I am bewitched by my Husband and I can't help it even though it can be too much. But then I think at the saying Never be afraid to love TOO MUCH!

14. Love my family more than ever...

I love my family but this year I got even closer to my extended family. I opened up my heart to them..., thus my love! :) I feel very vulnerable in this position.

15. Contact my friends more often
I started to talk regularly to my childhood friends, and I recently found one of my friends that I haven't spoke to since 2000 because she moved away from my neighbourhood. I am still in contact with them. I will keep up the good work :)

16. Be a good wife ... and begin the journey to motherhood.

I am a good wife and I am still proving that I am a good wife.... we started our journey towards parenthood since April 2010 and we are enjoying it. This journey has brought us even closer and all we hope for is for the bean to happily stay in the ‘oven’ thus our dream to become happy, loving and understanding parents turn into reality! :D

Make 2010 a wonderful, enjoyable year in everything...
Although the evil tried to ruin 2010 for me, God stood by my
side in the hard times and
helped my husband and I come out happier and stronger. The Almighty truly put the evil into shame! We worked together to make our 2010 a wonderful and enjoyable year. :). So, yes I made 2010 a wonderful, enjoyable in everything...

HAPPY 2010 to everyone... love to the world!!!
I hope my happy 2010 wishes to everyone truly reached you all. I don’t
know if love went to the world but my dream-self hope it did :)

After putting everything into perspective 2010 wasn't bad, but I am happy 2010 is about to close. I can feel great things happening in my next chapter of life – only great things have happened into my life up to day, if I may say so ;)! But right now, as I write this post, I have a smile on my face because I can read the symbols of new joyful beginnings. January will bring a new born into our family – one of my husband’s sisters is giving birth. Then more happy news follow every month. Next year will be great and WHATEVER HAPPEN IT WILL BE AMAZING and JOYFUL, God and I will make it happen!

How was your 2010?

Please link up your thoughts about 2010.

Note: this is the last Thoughtful Wednesday post for 2010 and the last Thoughtful Wednesday Blog Hop for good.


  1. What a great idea! If I can muster up the energy, i think i will do a much more thorough end of year review like this one!

  2. Thanks Yakini, and linking up makes me so happy!

  3. 2010 sounded like a good year to me. I know it will be even greater in 2011!

    Happy New Year! Looking forward to following your journey in 2011!!!


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