20 Dec 2010

Stranded In Calgary...

...our flight back to London didn't make it way home due to snow. But we are not despairing about it. As I see it we are together and it is just an excuse to have an unplanned holiday in Calgary.

I am SOOOO thankful to the Lord because we are together in this wonderful place. If I was in London and he was here I would be worried sick, but God worked in a way that it is not that way...

Few pictures:

My love looking through the tower.
The girl must eat...

Don't laugh, I know I look ridiculous but it was too cold for my liking, brrrrrrrrrrrr!Season Greetings!


  1. Aww, Welcome to MY city! If you get a craving for some Fast food, you HAVE to try Peters Drive-in on 16th Ave North.

    Hope our city treats you well while you are here!

  2. The food looks really good!! So jealous that you got to frolick in the snow. Our snow just doesn't seem to stick or last more than a few hours.

  3. the food looks so delish! i want to eat it!

    the tree is decorated so pretty!

    glad that you were able to be with your hubby while stranded.

  4. I love the pic of your love looking through the tower and that food looks scrumptious - I'm now officially hungry.


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