1 Dec 2010

Thoughtful Wednesday: Flat Refurbishment

Learn more here. Really, Thoughtful Wednesday is about sharing posts that make us think :).

My flat is a chaos and when my surrounding is messy I can't focus.

When I left for Italy on the 11th, I left my flat like this...
At the moment the flat is up side down now.

Hubby and I are like prisoner in our bedroom ;)! We also have to share my laptop and Hubby is feeling like a cat in a cage, because his laptop is caput!
The bathroom is the major work. Few months ago we found out that the toilet pipe was leaking. That was the reason we decided to call in the decorator. We then decided to update our kitchen too, which I am super happy about the colour I chose: grey and white. The flooring in the living room and the hall way will be changed into wood. We are only painting the bedroom and the living room.

I am happy we are making these changes, however I am also sad because we are not going to enjoy the finished product. We have to rent it out. All in all we only have two weeks left to stay our flat :(!

To conclude I have to let my readers know that, this month is going to be HECTIC!

Friday 3th I have my Graduation Ceremony. I am excited about the dress I am going to wear, although is going to be dead cold... I will wear it and take some pics to post on my blog :)!

Then, next Saturday we are going to San Francisco until the 19th.

Once back we have to go to my in-laws for Christmas from 22-29th.

After the holidays we will be back to enjoy few days in London.

Then early January we have to go to Scotland for some weeks.

After writing down the above, I am glad I am not preggo; just image the stress I would be putting through the child inside me. God's ways are BEST!

What do you have planned for December? Have you ever lived in a flat while it was been refurbished? Can you focus even when your surrounding is messy?


  1. i haven't lived in a place going through renovations. i don't think i could handle it!

    you are a busy, busy bee for the next few months! i wish i was traveling to half the places you get to visit!

    hope you enjoy all the traveling and congrats on graduation! can't wait to see this gorgeous dress!

  2. My husband was laid off for a year while I was telecommuting. He redid the roof, installed a new water heater, and built an office. Did I mention I was also pregnant? I love what he did so much, but I had to draw the line at redoing my kitchen.

    I have a terrible time working when the house is messy. This makes working at home super crappy sometimes.

  3. Stephanie how did you manage the dust?

    I am sneezing my head off :).

  4. Yes renovations can certainly be a pain in the you know what. I gotta say who cares when you are getting set to do all of that fab traveling. Have fun!

  5. busy busy schedule...glad you and Mr. are back on track!

  6. hi. i left an award for you on my blog. go get it!!

  7. oh no! Remodeling is never fun when it's happening, but the outcome always makes the inconvenience so worth it.

  8. The place is coming up alright ;), but I miss my own bath :(.


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