15 Dec 2010

Thoughtful Wednesday: The Two Spectrum of San Francisco

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San Francisco brings mix feelings.

On one hand I am over the moon for the Christmas decorations you find around the city. Looking around I feel the holiday atmosphere: songs, the big Christmas tree in the Union Square is super and the many children ice skating on the ring in the square bring pure joy. In the evening, the lucky ones dress up and go to see the Nutcraker Ballet or Shrek musical. Last night, on our way home from our dinner, I saw two mothers probably taking their little girls to watch the show.

On the other hand I can't stop thinking about those people sitting on the sidewalk near the Union Square earn nothing. Their house hold income is lower than I can imagine. For instance, one guy was sitting in front of a posh shop with a sign reading MY MOTHER DIED, PLEASE HELP ME GO TO THE FUNERAL. That was sad, but if it was not true then it was a bad, bad way to get money from tourists.

Last year I was shocked about the poverty you find few blocks away from the rich Union Square. This year I came prepared. I am enjoying myself better but I still wish people could have a nice Christmas as the lucky ones will have.

Do you think some people can use fake pretence to get money? Do you think the two spectrum of society is more accentuated during Christmas period?


  1. i hope that people don't go out of their way to lie to get money during the holidays because it is when most people feel the worst for others who don't have the joy the holidays bring. it is sad that those who are truly suffering have to be questioned by those who have lied. why can't we see that sign that someone is holding and trust that it is true? it is sad but unfortunately society has been jaded.

  2. Thought provoking post... I have such mixed feelings on this topic. There are TONS of "bums" asking for handouts here in Austin, and I always smile at them, I always feel sorry for them, but the truth is that they aren't well. Have you read the book "Same Kind of Different As Me?" It's AWESOME, and really opens up your eyes to the realities of homelessness...

  3. i do believe in all and most big cities...you do see the disparities between the rich and the poor. I also believe that some people will do whatever they need to do to get a fix for their habits--drugs, alcohol and sometimes homeless people just need to eat to survive!

  4. Jenni thanks for telling me about the book. I really need to read it.


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