30 Apr 2010

They are Twin-Boys

No, they are not OUR own lovely babies :(!

They are the new borns of our friends, R. and D. :)!. Yesterday R., the wifey, gave birth to handsome-healthy twin-baby boys, J. and C.! Both mother and children are doing well!

I am not going to show their pictures on my blog for privacy reasons. Though you can believe me: They. Are. Adorable. They look like two copies of their two years old elder brother, E.

How NICE, I want some too!

Now, my OUR plan is to have two gorgeous-healthy-twin girls. This will allow us to have twin-baby chat with the parents! Wow! And hopefully one of my sisters-in-law will have twins too :)! Fantastic. Please, pray for US! (To those who know me in real life, don't tell Hubby this is my plan!)

Smack ;)!


28 Apr 2010

Lack of Sleep... and counting stars!

These are days I wish my nights could be longer.

Although I am not a light sleeper, (meaning I can easily fall asleep and a bomb cannot wake me up even if I wanted it to ;), these day I am finding it difficult to sleep the recommended seven hours sleep!

It's been nearly a month since I began waking UP about before 7am. I've stopped setting my alarm for this reason. Both Hubby and I are experiencing the annoying sleepless nights. We go to bed late (23:30 pm, sometimes), but still we do not sleep through till 7am. I wake up energise but I know that sleeping less than six hours per night is not healthy for the body. But you see, for me the glass is always half full!

So I see the BRIGHT side of this misfortune! My lack of sleep is beneficial because I CAN WRITE my essays and Project! When I wake up my mind is fresh and active (right now I have a slight headache, but not too much to prevent me from putting down some ideas for my in-class-test for next week). I guess, this not sleeping well :( is an advantage for my uni-work :)!
Has anyone of you ever experienced sleepless nights? What do you do in those nights?

27 Apr 2010

Project and Exams... the final act...

From today onwards I am going to be SUPER-busy! This is the last month for me to finish my final year Project, do other three essays and sit one exam. I am going to focus like the gods!

I am studying English Literature and general History so if you know the secret to do a great essay without struggling please let me know :)

For my Project I have chosen a complicated topic but very intriguing (and hopefully rewarding, once I get the argument going) - power relations in society as represented in D.H. Lawrence's Lady Chatterley's Lover and The Plumed Serpent. For the theory I am looking at what Nietzsche and Foucault said about power. I am trying to look at the power struggle between individual (self-realisation) and society (rules to force the individual into conformity). {Image}

So, I might not be able to post regularly, but I will always try to write something when I feel like pouring my heart out.

One thing though, I would LOVE your encouragement! So please, don't hesitate, leave TONs of comment. I will read them all and visit your blogs, because sometimes I need to take a break from my lovely books :)!

Stay tuned and leave comments (just write HELLO or HI, that will make me happy :D!

23 Apr 2010

The Loveliest Scene

I love to observe the world around me when I am travelling on the buses of London. And today I want to share a scene I recently witnessed during one my trips.
According to me, it was one of the loveliest scenes I have ever witnessed on London buses.
If you are eating please don't read on... read it after your meal ;)

That day while I was trying to concentrate on the book I was reading, I saw a couple sitting at the front of the red double Decker,
she was vomiting in a plastic shopping bag,
meanwhile he was rubbing her back.

Initially I did not understand what all the fuss was about. I observed them carefully but still I did not get it. When it was time to get off the bus she demanded the bag from him, but he wanted to hold on to the plastic bag full of vomit.

In some sense, although he looked concerned, he also looked proud. I still wondered why. I observed properly. Then I understood all his pride in holding that bag full of vomit. She had a lovely little bump. SHE was carrying the most beautiful and romantic gift HE could ever give her - and she would ever give back to him :) - a CHILD.

Isn't it romantic?

These are the small gestures between couples that count so much and brings complicity between them.

It is true that relationships are stronger thanks to parenthood?

21 Apr 2010

Thoughtful Wednesday: FEATURED BLOG... WannaBBalancedMom

My blog is FREE WILLED just like me; I write what I feel like writing. Planning babies doesn't mean I have to be obsessed. This is why I have decided to try to feature one blogger who has similar aims as me: to be a yummy-mummy! I want to feature fun-ambitious-fashionable-healthy-fit-mothers (weight doesn't count). I might feature one blog every month; I hope this will entertain you.

So give me: Drums, Lights, Fireworks...

Today is my first feature! And I couldn't be happier to feature Crystal @

I started reading her blog exactly two months ago and I instantly became hooked on it. Who doesn't want to learn how to balance her life by combining family and healthy living?

Just like me she has been married for 5 years, but unlike me she already has two gorgeous children. Apart from being a dedicated mother/wife she dedicates time to her wellbeing. When you look at her she looks like a young woman in her early twenties. But then she revealed her secret.

She was kind to answer few questions. {Image: permission of Crystal}
Question: Age?
Answer: 29 going thirty! :D

Q: When and why did you start your blog?
A: I'm just a wannabe :) trying to find balance among the daily chaos of motherhood.I started up this blog about 5 months ago... I have really enjoyed getting to know so many other moms and reading others tips and advice about motherhood. [On my blog]... I include many different subjects among which, are beauty tips, weight loss, parenting, inspiration, organization tips, saving and budgeting, making dinners, and the list goes on.

Q: Which blog post do you cherish the most?
A: I love many of them. But if I must choose then here are few:

  • How I Cleared Up My Skin, this one is about how I cleared up my skin, includes before and after pics.
  • My Work Out Routine, this is a post about the ways I stay fit as a mom, which includes regular work outs combined with periodic nutritional cleansing.
  • My Cleanse, finally this one explains what the nutritional cleansing is about as well as before and after pics and a video.

Q: How do you combine your dedication to your family with keeping fit?
A: You'll find a lot of lists and schedules on my blog because I have a bit of an obsession with it :) The only way I can fit everything in each week is to stay organized and have schedules that I can stick to. I recently came up with a good schedule that fits my lifestyle while allowing time to work out, spend time with my kids, keep house work under control, and even make dinners. (Just click on the link to read more)

Q: As a mummy-blogger who like to keep fit, which advice would you give to a future-mummy-blogger who would like to keep fit during and after pregnancy?
A: Finding balance is the key, but of course, finding balance isn't easy. We just have to stay in tuned with what's most important, and keep TRYING to achieve the balance we desperately need as mothers :)

There you have it. My first FEATURED BLOG. I really enjoyed putting this post together, and exchanging emails with Crystal was fun. Her answers were heart warming and I hope you have fun reading them. Please visit her blog (she does giveaways too ;)


7 Apr 2010

Thoughtful Wednesday: Will I Change?

Like many people I am complex, I can't describe myself in two phrases. I have many souls in one person.

I am bubbly, childish, funny, thoughtful, irrational, intellectual, silly, clever, ready to laugh and the list goes on...
Why am I writing this?
One day whilst playing like a little girl with one of my friends' daughter, she told me "You will not want to play like that once you are a mum." She looked tired and bored.
Inside I promised not to become like that.
But really, will I change once I am a mother? Will I become boring, moody, tired, always complaining about motherhood? Will I become a bad mother...? Isn't true children bring out the child in each one of us?

I know I will love, laugh, play like a child and learn how to enjoy life from my children. I really hope the Peter Pan in me will never die and my personality will only improve.

Do you feel like you've changed since you had your children? Are you complex like all humans?

Please share with me, I love to read your comments.

5 Apr 2010

# 3 - I Comment Therefore I Am

Some weeks ago Unknown Mami wrote a post about the constant fear she lives under.

I think, to conquer your fear you have to pretend you don't fear anything; those people who might have the intention to mug your phone will think twice when they see a confident woman. Put on a mean face when you are in a place you think that might happen (my brother taught me that technique). Or when you take the phone out from your bag have the attitude of somebody who is ready to attack whoever comes close to them.

One day while on my way home from work I told off some teens making noise on the bus (I was not the only one on the bus, but I was the only one who took the courage to stand up for the right to be on the bus without noise). I was in panic, terrified (because in London apparently teens are dangerous) but my confident attitude made me look fearless, although deep down I was shhh@ myself.

Now that I think about it, one day I saw a person stealing from the shop I worked for, I was serving another person so I told my PREGNANT manager about it; she boldly went up to the guy and demanded the the object back. After this action she thought how crazy that was. What if that guy did something harmful to her and the baby? Well, I guess sometimes is better to not act too confident, just for the sake of another little person.

Unknown Mami

4 Apr 2010

Sunday In My City: Banksy

Above are two of his iconic works. He can count Angelina Jolie as one of his celebrities fans. This artist is in his late thirties and apart from his work name, Banksy, nobody knows who he is. But his work is everywhere in the world. They are controversial, political and fun to look at and reflect upon. He is one of our contemporary great artists, he is compared to Warhol, because he has changed the way we look and interpret art today.

Few months ago I went to one of his few exhibitions (he doesn't like publicity) in Britain. And today I want to share some of the photos with you.

Enjoy them and please let me know what you think about this kind of art work.

2 Apr 2010

Happy Anniversary to Us

Hello everyone, CHAMPAGNE for all of you! I am SO HAPPY to announce that today is one of our (Hubby and I) wedding anniversaries.

5 years ago me and Hubby got married in a small ceremony for the first time.
We wanted to get married twice in the same year (because we are special ;). The first one (2nd April) was just an occasion to have our parents and close family together before the big summer wedding. It was cool but the summer one was the BIG thing!

Please help me celebrate it! Did anyone of you do something unusual? (Like getting married 10 times in the same month, ah, ah, ah)

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