31 May 2010

How Do You Cope With A Badly Behaved Little Boy?

I am eating my liver right now!

Bearing in mind that this little person is only 9 years old and can be very fun sometimes.

How do you react if the same person, who is your husband's sister's rude son therefore your nephew, calls your husband "Idiot" when they play together as mates?

In my situation I get very upset and annoyed because he is always rude with all the adults from his mother's family. I try to correct him but to no avail. They don't like his rudeness but due to the mother they accept silently. The children from my family are brought up to be polite with elders.

What do I do then? Eat my liver and let things be? Try to correct every time I see him or forget about it.

30 May 2010

Sunday In London

The above photos were taken near the place I work. But, the first time I saw these brightly painted elephants was in Washington, 2002. So I was quite surprise to see them again in London after 8 years.

There are over 250 brightly painted life-size elephants are located all over central London. This is an exhibition known as Elephant Parade and is a conservation campaign that shines a multi-coloured spotlight on the urgent crisis faced by the endangered Asian elephant. This is an initiative by www.elephantfamily.org, they are for sale by auction and every bid is a for an habitat. I hope they sale well.


26 May 2010

Thoughtful Wednesday: One and half days left

I know, I know... sometimes I can be boring when it comes to my university work, but please bear with me because I have one and half days left to enjoy this privilege!

From next week I won't have that lame honest excuse of being busy due to my course works... (tired tears) I have to become human again. :(!

But until then I will the queen in my own kingdom, :)!

23 May 2010

Sunday in London

It's been long since I participated in Sunday in My City hosted by UnknownMami, but I have not done so for a good reason. I've been busy completing essays and coursework each Sunday.

However I am nearly there and today will be the last Sunday I am working on my final year project. So, I want to share with you a picture of the literature I was getting myself involved with :)!
I hope to start showing you more of London from next week. Until then, have a great Sunday :)!


16 May 2010

Sexy Pregnancy/Maternity Lingerie

If you follow my blog, you know that I am into lingerie such as Victoria Secret and Goldenpoint (skimpy things eh!). Also one of my hopes is not to make any exception during pregnancy and motherhood regarding buying adorable-sexy lingerie. I wish I will have the energy and time to take care of myself, baby and the Hubby.

I will like to combine comfort, class and sexiness together, so I was glad when thanks to BabyMakin(g)Machine I found one of the website dedicated to women and mothers who want to be gorgeous during that important period of their lives: Passion Spice. Their slogan "being a mom doesn't mean you have to stop being a woman" sold it to me. This is why I have started to save up for those nice lingerie.

"PassionSpice Maternity and Nursing Wear is committed to providing pregnant and nursing moms with an alternative to the boring undergarments most women are forced to put up with. PassionSpice is committed to helping women feel confident and sexy throughout their pregnancy and beyond. PassionSpice carries a line of maternity lingerie to keep the spark alive during pregnancy, as well as nursing bras for post pregnancy. All of their maternity products were designed to be worn throughout the pregnancy, and even beyond pregnancy. The nursing bras were also designed with the new mom in mind. They feature soft fabrics, fun colors, and gentle detailing to remind new moms that they truly are sexy women, too!"

So, if you are looking for wonderful-affordable lingerie for your journey as woman with babies - or if you are looking for nice lingerie as just a woman - why don't you stop by PassionSpice (just click the link). I hope this will help you feel gorgeous. For the summer they are having 30% on most products PLUS free shipping on orders over $40.00!

Webmasters Earn Money Here!


12 May 2010

Thoughtful wednesday: Which Body Excercise To Do?

To prevent harm to what I hope is happening in the womb :), I've stopped, momentarily, doing step-aerobics and box-exercise (which can be intense at times). However I am considering stopping pilates as well. Since I started doing exercises the body feels like keeping fit all the time. If I stop pilates my body might not like that. So, what shall I do? Quit or Keep it? Am I taking this too far?

If there is a baby there I want her or him to stay comfortable. I want him or her to know that their future mummy is not going to be lazy, so all the activities she is doing is for the healthy journey she's been planning for.

Please if you've been there: Can I still do pilates? How about light aerobics? What other body exercises can I do which are not harmful for women CTC (close to conceiption)? When you were attending the delay how did you keep cool?

Please leave a comment :)

10 May 2010

Decision Time...

I really appreciate my decision to keep an online journal for the journey ahead of US (parenthood)! Life is turn and twist, therefore when you have great companions along the way it is an advantage. These companions come in the form of OUR families, friends and MY online friends!

As I expressed in the
The Dilemma post, last week WE found ourselves in the crossroad we never thought would come to pass OUR way. But thanks to you (my readers) I managed to calm down and think rationally.

Thank you, thank you everyone for your insightful, thorough comments. I read them all, and weighed each one against the other. And this is what WE have concluded (oh, Hubby read the comments too. He's happy that I have people with whom I can share some of the difficult thoughts).

Before the decision I acted on what Supermanslady reminded me to do: "First and foremost - Look STRAIGHT to GOD for direction." So, I prayed and thanks to that some memories started to appear on the surface.

1. When I was young my mother was supposed to go live in Canada with us, her children, but opted to live in Italy. When I told her of the opportunity in Road 2, she said "If you and Hubby decide to go I will say God is incredible, because you were supposed to be in that place". I was happy to hear that and she is happy about the prospect.

2. Previously Hubby said "Now you are my family, so everything we decide we have to think about us first." This memory confirmed what the majority of you wrote: "be near your family". OUR family is US and the future children, we are praying, God will bless us with. So we are going to be near each other, and OUR family will always be together!

3. I was glad to read parentingBYdummies' comment because she wrote that as a child she traveled a lot with her parents and she enjoyed the experience. And Broot, who has relocated from Canada to New Zealand, is keen in the adventure, though she pointed out some, not cool, facts about the place in question:)!

But I am a young woman who has been living in different places. I love that I was brought up in a different place from where I was born; and at the moment I am not living where I was brought up. This is the same experience for my Hubby and his parent's and siblings. And I hope this is the experience my children will enjoy to share with their friends one day. Diverse cultural experiences.

4. Babes About Town suggested that I consider the difficulty in getting a work visa. We did that. We also went to the library to get a book on LIVING and Working in Canada. The pros in the book are more than the cons.

5. So, CANADA is the choice! I am super happy about it (we have until after the summer to go :).

I was very happy to read all your feedback and I hope you will stick around to give me more :)!

P.S: My Hubby's boss wants to work with him so much that he has proposed a long term position. Plus our families are excited for the adventure and some are planning to come and join us. Hurray!

8 May 2010

Away 4 the Weekend To Decide...

We are going away for the weekend. When we come back the decision will be made.

Please keep commenting on The Dilemma, I really appreciate your insight.

This is a glimpse of the post:

There is a time in life when you find yourself at the crossroad.
You must choose one direction to live your life.
Hubby and I are in that crossroad at the

Let's me tell you the story. {... click here to
read more.}

HAVE A GREAT WEEKEND! {Please keep writing your opinions.}

7 May 2010

The Dilemma...

There are times in life when you find yourself at the crossroad. You must choose one direction to live your life.

Hubby and I are in that crossroad at the moment!

Let's me tell you the story.

Road 1. Last month Hubby found a great opportunity for his career and he applied for it. Added to this opportunity was the possibility to live near the sea and closer to his family in BRITAIN. This sounded too good to be true and he resulted that he will never get that opportunity. But yesterday the company offered him the position. THIS IS GOOD news!

Road 2. Last month his boss, who is about to relocate to CANADA for a new career opportunity, offered him a life changing experience in the country. The boss knew about Road 1, so he gave him time to go through all the process.
And NOW here are the pros and cons of the dilemma!

Advantages of Road 1: living near the sea, if we have children they will know paternal GranPa and GranMa very well, long sedentary life (obviously we can do sea activities but please understand me) and the opportunity for Hubby is long term position.
Disadvantages will be: we know the place and I cannot see any challenging opportunity for me. It is the comfort zone, no fear, just order and structure. Conventions and life lived in the slow lane. Deep down I have fear of that conformity.

Advantages of Road 2: living in fast lane (because we don’t know the place), deep bounding between Hubby and I, we can learn how to ski and if we have children they can tell their friends the diverse experience in a different land. I will always look at everything with loving eyes, and I know that it will be a great opportunity for me to break barriers. We are still young and this will give us the flavour of adventure. The family will always have an excuse to come and visit us in CANADA. Since I’ve known my Hubby, I have come to love the unknown.
Disadvantages will be: long distance from our families, the cold (I hear you cannot leave the house some weeks in the winter season). Expensive flights back to Europe. The opportunity for Hubby is short term position.

This is MY dilemma, because if Hubby was a single man he might vote for something else. His career have taken him to various places (we met whilst he was working in Italy 9 years & 1month ago), so maybe he would have chosen the right opportunity for his life and career.
We had a little conversation:

ME: “Listen to your heart, Hubby.”
Hubby: “I have to listen to you...” WOW, now I realise how much he cares for me... tears are falling down.

So, my lovely online friends, I. NEED. your HELP. I cannot make this decision ALONE. Plus asking my family will be biased. So, I am asking for your advice (to listen to the heart is not an option in this quest... obviously we will end up doing what is good for US as a couple.)

What should I do? What would you do if you were in the crossroad? Take Road 1 or Road 2. Please please, I need your opinion.

6 May 2010

Happiness Vs Sadness

OMG! I have managed to hand in another essay that might get me 2:1 with lots of prayers! I am so HAPPY but with mix feelings.

On one hand I am OVERJOYED for today's accomplishment - I attended my last lesson of Philosophy and Tragedy :(! I then went to talk to my tutor again (he appraised me because I have come up with an insightful Project! SI, proprio me)! This is one of the two reasons I am happy, he said: "Good intuition." He meant that I am kinda pointing different issue that one of the feminist critics of Lawrence never observed :)}

OMG, like some great thinkers I want to break conventions! Thus spoke T's will! OMG, did I just write this! Always aim for the high! This is my motto!

But, on another note I am kinda SAD because today was the last day of my lectures - I mean lectures for my BA educations. I still have two essays and my Project but I am not going to be in a class room as a student for awhile. I feel like throwing myself on the floor and cry my eyes out! Gaaaa! Of all the experience, I will miss lectures and the tutors the most. Because...

1. I won't listen to African history from P. any long :(((!

2. I won't listen to American history from K. any more :(((!

3. I won't listen to A. talking about Philosophy and Tragedy with his funny contemporary comments :)((((!

4. But most, I won't listen to T. discussing great ideas in Modernist and Contemporary writings. And once I've submitted my Project, I won't have anyone with whom I can discuss complex ideology (I am going to set up a blook club, yep).

I WILL MISS the chaotic-stressful-delightful-passionate experience of university. Now I know what people mean when they say "University was the great period of educational life." Maybe they always mean the alcohol-socialising bit which I never experienced. I am not a great drinker, so for my body alcohol is just poison in the veins.

My good experience consists in the likeminded people I interacted with but mostly the extra Thoughts I have accumulated. NOW I know that I am not the only one thinking what I've always, intuitively, believed. Also, from my second year onwards, I made some friends whom I hope I keep in touch.

Now there is a dilemma which I need to face. I will come to this tomorrow. (P.S: I am not talking about babies)...

5 May 2010

Thoughtful Wednesday: At the end of the Long Delightful Tunnel I can see A glimpse of Light

...I was SuperFocus Until some minutes ago!
Then the song of R. Kelly came to mind and I felt the urge to write a post. At the end of the Long delightful tunnel I can see a glimpse of light! Did I just paraphrased one of R. Kelly's gospel songs... Do you know the title?...

Well, well, i am feeling the rush to the head... I am slowly getting there. I feel overwhelmed. Today I did the in-class test and I just wrote the obvious, but the tutor said it was okay to state the obvious, so I did!

I can see a glimpse of life also because after taking some much notes on paper (I like the old school style of taking notes), my tutor found some interesting points in my Project. It seems like I've raised some interesting points that maybe he never concluded before. You see, he studied all the authors that I am analysis so it is great to chat with him about those ideas. He can be very resourceful in the subject - this is why I chose him as my supervisor.
Well, off I go to my delightful torture :). I know, I will miss this living under pressure. I really LOVE and Enjoy filling my head with these philosophical thoughts! I will never abandon it and I will study with my kids!

On another note: I can't wait to finish it all so I can talk about babies, fitness and fashion.


3 May 2010

And The Award Goes To...

Last Night I could not go to the Blog Awards! However, this morning I received a message from Lucy at lucilleinthesky, that I have won the Honest Scrap Award.

You couldn't imagine my joy :D! This have made my day! Thank you Lucy.

The award requires me to share 10 random things about ME...

1. I am a very complex person, boo-ya! (I like that :)

2. I am in the process of writing my complex final year project; I am enjoying stressing about it :)!

3. One of my many wishes is to become a yummy-mummy (loving baby and keeping trim) with help of Hubby ;)!

4. Although I have always enjoy looking after my butt, I was not an excise freak until recently and I would love to be like that for good. (Sometimes my laziness kicks in ;P)

5. Since February I am a Pilates worshiper! (I am going to do a 20mins workout, nice!)

6. Blogging keeps me sane, because just like a bucket full of water I have so much thoughts in mind and sometimes I want to pour some out! (Thanks for reading or rhetorically listening)! Also it is a great learning tool for the plan!

7. Until Saturday Hubby is away for work, during this time I will do loads of meditation :P!

8. Wednesday (05-05-2010) is going to hectic: I have an in-class test and I have to present the layout of my Project to my tutor (I need prayers!)

9. Thursday (06-05-2010) is going to be another hectic day: I have to hand in an essay on South Africa uprisings and MUST go vote for the 2010 Elections!

10. I am praying for The Baby Plan to work ?)! (Ahmen)


Now, enough about me (I always though I am a kinda shy gal, but obviously NOT)!

I would love to pass this award to another 10 fellow bloggers and learn a bit about them!

1. Yakini @ The Prissy Mommy Chronicles

2. Mammatalk

3. Birdie @ Soldier's Lady

4. Dana @ Feeling Fit With Dana

5. Mayra @ Inlovelyheels

6. UnknownMami

7. RainSplats

8. Shell @ Things I Can't Tell

9. Holly LL @ 504main

10. Crystal @ Wanna Be Balance Mom

I feel happy for presenting the awards to the nominees, but I also known that there are many other wonderful blogs I couldn't award. I really hope next time your name will there too :)

1 May 2010

To My First 100

YUPPY I HAVE 100 followers, thanks everyone who have been so kind to my blog since I started my adventure in mummyland! I appreciate your comments and encouragements! I hope you stay tuned, because I still need all of you in my journey! I will always stop by your blogs and to make it it I am going to put a link to your name!.... work in progress
Followers (100)
betty manousos
Danielle from Momotics
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Amber Willis
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Laura Dunaway
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Losing in the City

Ode To Spring...

Just like most of you, I love SPRING!

When Spring comes suddenderly there is light around me.
Happyness is extensive when from the window pure clean warm air wakes you.
Birds like lovers sing praises to the morning Sun.
On the calendar Spring is official on 21st March, but in my heart Spring begins in May!
The bright colours spring out and dance in the air, pink-yellow flowers, blue sky and green grass. And LOVE comes backs back to reign in Spring!

I am in love with everyone, the Almighty, my Hubby, my tummy, my family, my friends, and the life that soon I really hope will grow in me!

Just like birds I feel like flying sorrounded by the heavenly blue and white sky. Far above the green fields. And for this Spring I have only two wishes: pass my Degree with at least 2:1 and get the positive blue line!

p.s: I am feeling a little bit under the weather though :)!

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