3 Feb 2011

The Pregnancy Boom

Have you bought a magazine recently? Or read a celebrity gossip website recently?

Well, I am sure you have, because everywhere I turn I see magazines full of expectant celebrities. I feel like they all planned it like those teenagers who got pregnant at the same time.

The pregnancy boom announcement began last month!

First it was Natalie Portman, Marion Cotillard, Selma Blair and Alicia Silverstone with their first babies...

... then Kate Hudson with her second baby...

...but all of them the one that I was happy to hear she is pregnant is Victoria Beckham with her fourth!

My eyes are going to be on Victoria Beckham, because her previous pregnancies she was secretive. Apart from her first pregnancy, I hope this time she will show her belly in some of her own clothe lines - I guess the new trend is to show off a nice bump so she will do the same.

Plus, she might start her oven yummy-mummy maternity line. I can't wait to see more Victoria Beckham's pregnancy fashion show. Until then I will leave you with two pictures of her previous pregnancies...

...and a fashionable yellow vintage dress I like :)!

I wish them all the best...

Now the saga of the baby names will start in Tinseltown "_"!


  1. I knew some of these celebs were pregnant but not the others. I'd love to know how much of the work these moms do in the first year of the baby's life - it's hard work. Thanks for your visit!

  2. I feel like there's always a pregnant boom only we are aware of these women because they are in Tinseltown! Here's to you joining the boom soon!

  3. Oh my... celebrity baby names! I don't even want to think about it!

  4. I am so out of the loop I had no idea so many clebs were pregnant! I knew Natalie Portman was, but thats only because I watched the Golden Globes and it was pretty obvious.

  5. Hey thats a good news and i hope they all are excited too.
    congrats and best of luck for your future...



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