10 Jan 2011

Flat Refurbishment: DONE!

Today the estate agent photographer came to take some pictures of our flat ;(!
I took some myself...
I like the end result... I am quite picky :), so if I say it's nice that means IT.IS.NICE...!

You can see how our flat was before we thought about refurbishing it
here. And also you can see more pictures while the flat was under refurbishment here.

As you can see we don't have anything left in the flat :(!


...this means that soon we will put our flat on the market for rent.

I am feeling sad, because the time to start thinking about Canada is coming closer each day. A part from the visa - nothing is holding us here ;)! On one hand I am excited but on the other I am very sad because London has been my home for over five years and now I have to say goodbye which is heartbreaking. I felt so much at home because London allowed me to be who I want to be. I did my degree in London and met many good people whom I hope they will be in my life for a long time.

I am strong and I look at the positive side of everything therefore I am excited about discovering Canada and in some extend USA. Practically I want to make the most of the other continent. For instance if now going to Morocco is easy, in our new life going to Mexico will be easy too!

Although I don't like saying goodbye, this time I want to say goodbye to my dear friends because when I see them next time that I am in Europe, I will say HELLO with all my heart! I will have the excuse to say hello again and again to all my friends :)!

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  1. Wow it looks fabulous!! Sorry it's a hard time saying goodbye. Good thing you're staying so positive about it, I am sure you will love Canada. Can not wait to read further about your transition!!

  2. Whoa, your flat is absolutely lovely. I've never been to London but I could see how it would be hard to pull yourself away, especially since you're just waiting for your visa at this point. I hope you enjoy your last days there and build a great community of great people in Canada. Best of luck!

  3. your flat is gorgeous! they did a great job on it. whoever gets to rent it is incredibly lucky!

  4. Canada is going to be a fun adventure for you and the hubby.

  5. in the second picture... what is the thing on the wall nest to the clock? that big machine type thing??


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