4 Jan 2011

Guess Where I Found His Keys?

I couldn't stop laughing after I found them. And thinking about RainSplats wishes, I decided to share the silly place where I found my husband's keys – from now on my Hubby he will be known as MrBabyPlan (MrBP).

Part 1

Background To The Loss Keys

After our Christmas holidays at my in-laws, MrBP. lost his keys for the flat. It was only after we were in the car that he asked “Where are my keys.
Look in your pocket properly; I saw them on the bed.” I said with my pride of knowing it all, LOL!
Okay, I pride myself to have a photogenic memory, LOL, so I scanned my mind for more information but I couldn’t picture where else I saw the keys.
Are you sure you don’t have them in your handbag... every time I lose something I find it in your handbag ;).” He smiled but I didn’t like it. It’s true that I move things around and sometimes I forget where I’ve put them but a set of keys in my bag was not going to be difficult to find.
I am sure, because I saw your keys on the bed. Maybe they fell under the bed.
Okay, I will phone my mum later and ask her to look.
When we got home he phoned his parents, they looked under the bed and around the bedroom but they couldn’t find the keys.

Part 2

We gave up on trying to find them. We were convinced that those keys were lying somewhere very silly. But we didn’t know where.

Can you guess the silly place the keys have been hiding since 27th December? Few minutes ago something made me shake my rucksack and I heard the clink clink noise of the keys. I closed my eyes, dug my hand into the small pocket of my rucksack and viola' the keys were in my hand.
OMG! MrBabyPlan was right, he can find his lost things in my bag! – not always in the handbag, this occasion in the rucksackbag.

I know he’s going to tease me SO. SO. much tonight. I deserve this one :), because my photogenic memory can be defective sometimes, LOL!

Have you ever found something that your husband lost in your handbag? Or a place only you could have put there?


  1. hahaha, that is hilarious! he was right! he is def. going to tease you!

    hubby always thinks that his lost stuff are in my bag. i don't blame him since my bag is so huge ... anything can be in there!

  2. Sometimes hubby is like that...Hi I am your new follower from Follow Me Back Tuesday. See you.

  3. I just gave him the keys, LOL! He didn't tease me that much but only said "I am happy I was right, LOL!" We laughed and hugged. So sweet!

    We've told his parents and they laughed :). His father said "That saved loads of money."

    Due to the fact that we are going to rent the flat we need more spare keys.

    Today has been a great stress-free day :)! ;)!

  4. So happy you found them!!

    I am usually the one losing things and they are always in obvious places....like under the dresser, in my pocket, "hidden" (to me) on a high shelf..hehe.

    Glad he didn't tease you! I would have teased my husband...we're silly like that.

  5. GFC following from Follow Me Back Tuesday - *heavensent1* ifn you have a moment, please stop by my place and have a look around - Mad Moose Mama - http://www.madmoosemama.blogspot.com Have a groovy day...peaces...xoxo

  6. Too funny! Warning: when you do get pregnant, this will get SO much worse. I was near tears when in a week I lost my address book, my phone, my to-do list, and about 100 pens I keep in a drawer. It was brutal. Keep your sense of humor!


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