14 Jan 2011

I Got Awarded... and I awarded 7 bloggers back

The adorable sweet Faith @Life.Love&Marriage just surprised me with my first 2011 award. Please join me thank her so much! I really appreciate this stylish award :)! Thank you Faith :)!

To accept this award I have to share 7 random things about me:

1. I am in Italy since last night until Saturday - business trip :)

2. I am writing a 30minutes play which I need to complete by tomorrow, and I don't know how long it has to be, LOL!
3. I am trying to overcome by magazinolism (my invented word :)- more to follow on this issue

4. I am feeling my old bubbly self again :)!
5. Every time I see my husband, aka MrBabyPlan, I go all dovy. I am in love every day that God bless us with a new light :D!
6. My passion for staying healthy and fit is back :)!
7. I am hard worker but sometimes my laziness let me down, LOL!
Now the 7 stylish bloggers :)
I hope the award brings a smile to you, like it did to me :)


  1. Congrats!

    Glad youre feeling your old bubbly self again. And even more happy uoure still madly in love with your husband.

  2. You deserve the award darling! Thanks for giving me one too! It was a pleasant surprise. :)

  3. Congratulations on the award AND I love, love, love #4 & 5 :)


  4. Very, very cool that you're in Italy. Super jealous. :P

  5. Congratulations! Love your blog and can't wait to read about your journey! It seems like just yesterday I started mine and now I have two little ones! New follower from the Sunday blog hop! http://sweetbabytutus.blogspot.com

  6. congrats! now following! How is Italy? Good luck with the play!

    would love it if you stopped by & visited my blog!



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