17 Jan 2011

If Films Could Explain Your State of Mind...

... then I must say we are ready for parenthood - with a little bit of thriller thrown in by MrBabyPlan :)!

Yesterday we went to the video shop and selected five films, the first one was selected by me:

The Ex

I genuinely thought it was about a couple who break up and one have to win the other back.

Instead the film is about a couple who become parents and they have to learn to compromise with their career choices and their intimate relationship. Added to this the husband has to deal with an obsessive ex, who pretend to be paralysed to win his ex back.

It turn out that the paralyse is fake and liar.

MrBabyPlan selected

Knocked Up... for me he said, LOL!

I knew about the story line of Knocked Up, but what I didn't know is that the guy who was into drugs and silly jobs turned out to be a great dad ;)! A man who was ready to take care of his young family. I guess becoming a parent make some people change into the best.

We still have to watch the following:

Eastern Promises

This one is on the dark side. But, hey, trying to become parents doesn't have to make people turn away from mafia movies ;)! Plus, MrBabyPlan had to choice at least one :)!

Away We Go


I think Away We Go and Motherhood are going to be hilarious. I can't wait to watch them all.

Now, some questions to interact with my lovelies ;)

1. Have you ever watched any of the above listed movies?

2. Has any film ever explained how you feel in a particular moment?

Please show some love :)!
P.S: Please stop by TC30s and read my Be Inspired Monday post, I hope you like it :)!


  1. i've only seen Knocked Up and to be honest, I wasn't that big of a fan. i don't know why I didn't find it as funny as others did.

    i probably should watch it again because i actually own it. hubby bought it.

  2. I liked Away We Go and Knocked Up. Particularly the parental advice portions of the movie. My fave was Maggie Gyllenhall in Away We Go. I have a friend who is a super hippie parent, so it totally rang true.

  3. Love Knocked Up. I have seen Motherhood. I want to see Away We Go.

  4. I've seen Knocked Up and it was funny (imagine some of those scenes on a huge Movie Theater Screen... ew!) but I absolutely love Away We Go. I actually own both of them. But Away We Go is funny, but it also makes you really reflect on your life, which makes me love it even more. I hope you enjoyed your movies (because I'm posting this wayyyy after you made this post! Hehe).

    Anestazia <3


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