31 Dec 2010

My 2011 Wishes... A Happy Me in God’s Resolution...

This year I’ve decided to leave everything in the hands of God. The past year taught me one important lesson: God’s plans are the best. The past year I managed to do most of the things I set as my year resolution thanks to the Almighty!

However, I believe that God listens to our prayers therefore one have to be prepared and pray for the best-good things from Him. He knows most of what is on my heart. I will work hard for that and God will resolve to let me achieve it.

I pray for:
1. Innermost Peace - meditation, yoga and pilates!

2. A fulfilled, revival, happy life with my Husband!

3. Myself and to love who I am - always!

4. A healthy baby for my Husband and Myself!

5. Healthy-happy life with my family!

6. My writing career - to write at least 500wds a day for each one my of stories!

7. My Blogging skills without compromising my offline life!

8. Letting go of negative thoughts, so that I can enjoy each day in 2011!

9. Letting go of bad friendships!

10. Surrounding myself with positive people!

11. A happy smile on my loved ones face - ALWAYS!

12 Love AND live with all that come with!

God has always known my heart desires and I can say HE has never failed me. I LOVE HIM so much and I feel precious thanks to my LORD. He has given me many things on my heart and even more... He will always do whatever you ask him to do but only in the right time for your life.

My life is in his hands. I pray for health, happiness and love for both my Husband, myself and our extended family. Health, happiness and love for EVERYONE that come my way and beyond!

I am going to live 2011 second by second, minute by minute, hour by hour and day by day. I will not think too much about the future. Instead I will treat the present as a bee on honey. And my honey is 2011!
I want to cherish what God is giving to my Husband and I. The gift He has promised will come to fruition in the right time!

TO A GREAT and HAPPY 2011!


  1. i hope all of your prayers come to light!! i am a bad resolutioner hehe. but i hope to make changes in 2011 as well!! continue rocking on!

  2. Thanks Sommer, may your wishes come to light too!

  3. Happy New Year! Great 2011 wishes! Wishing you all the best in 2011!

  4. Living your new year's resolution. When prayers go up blessings do come down! Plus God's time is always the best. Hope the new year brings all that your heart desires!

  5. Happy New Year, Ms BP :)
    My prayers have become more focused in the last few years - I pray for health and happiness, too.
    I've been so assertive this year - I hope it lasts!
    Hope you have a great year - thanks for stopping by.
    *hugs*....hope your honey finds his keys ;)

  6. Thanks RainSplat for stopping by. We are going back to where he probably left them so I hope he finds them there this weekend :)!


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