21 Jan 2011

My Mini Checklist To Conception

Disclaimer: I don't want to sound like I am an expert in matter of trying to conceive. I just want to share with you how I try to prepare myself while MrB.Plan and I try to conceive. Since blogging I've come to know that conceiving a baby can take upto one year without any complication in the man and woman. So, my advice would be "If you are TTC and nothing has happened yet, don't despair; just follow some of the information I've listed below and stay positive :)! On the other hand if you are a married woman and you are thinking about TTC then don't delay taking the full plunge if you are 80% ready ;)!


If you've been following my blog from the beginning of my journey, then you know that I want to stay fit before, during and beyond pregnancy. When I set my final date of TTC, I thought about how long it will take us to put the two things together but never envisaged our journey stretching beyond eight months.

Now that we've been TTC, on-off, for eight months, I sometimes forget the preparation I went through at the beginning. That's why I have to re-visit my checklist and share with those who are waiting to conceive and those who want to become mothers in the near future.

Apart from wanting to become a good mother, in my pursuit of mummyhood I want to stay healthy, fit, fashionable and gorgeous; practically I want to become a yummy-healthy-fit-mummy! So if you are married and want to become a yummy-healthy-fit-mummy within two years from now, then start making your own checklist :)!

My checklist:

1. Set the TTC date: to be mentally prepared I set the date on April 23, 2010. I set that date just for my mental preparation. I was close to finishing my university degree in May, so my mind was ready to become mother if I got pregnant soon after starting to try.

2. Fitness: I wanted to achieve a lean 6 pack stomach. I consider my tummy to be one of my favourite body parts and I don't want to lose that after giving birth - but if it happens then I won't blame myself for not trying to keep it flat. I also want to get back into shape not too long after birth, therefore a year before I decided to switch my baby plan on, I focused on my fitness and health.

I signed up to the university gym. I then concentrated on working out three times a week. I did:

Monday= circuit training or box-exercise

Wednesday= yoga or pilates

Friday= step aerobics or gym

I worked hard to stay within
my ideal Body Mass Index (BMI). I focused on my BMI because muscles weight more than fat and working out I toned up my muscles.

It was during this period that discovered pilates. It is the perfect workout for everyone, especially if you want to stay slender and toned. Plus, it is good to ease pregnancy back pains.

3. Doctor: two months before the go-ahead with the plan I went to see my doctor to discuss my intentions about trying for baby. He did a quick check up, but nothing major. After that he gave me more information about foods that I should eat and not eat during TTC period and pregnancy.

4. Health: I've never taken the contraception pills and I am happy about that. But to eliminate any further chemicals from my system I stopped taking pain killers when I have my menstrual circle back pains - call me obsessed!

Furthermore, I don't drink alcohol or coffee, neither I smoke and I am not on a junk food diet. So I am fairly healthy I must say.

5. Folic Acid: I have a terrible memory when it comes to taking medicines (I've never taken a contraception pill for that reason). Folic acid is one thing a woman of child bearing age and sexually active should consider taking, just in case ;)!

I took folic acid until December, when my last box finished. I am going to buy a new box. This time I am going to buy the double pack because I want MrB.Plan to start taking Zinc tablets. I think I should try to stick to one type instead of changing brands.

6. Laptop, Jacuzzi, Cotton seeds and Briefs: sometime MrB.Plan and I watch movies in bed and the laptop ends up our lap. I've read that laptops on the lap for men can cause male fertility. For this reason we put the laptop on a wooden tray, then on cushion to prevent any direct contact to the lap. I hope that helps a little. I've read that jacuzzi are not good either. Also doctors have researched that cotton seeds can cause infertility in men. Another no-no for the future daddies are briefs. Your man should trade in briefs for boxers ;)!

7. Dentist: If you need to go to the dentist for any eventual fillings, now is the moment. Imagine the pain you will go through while pregnant if you had a bad decay. I went to the dentist last year to complete all the major dental problem, it was painful but worthwhile!

8. Financial Plan: I should set up a baby budget but that can wait until I get the positive sign or the smiling face on a pregnancy test. On the other hand I've set up a life insurance.

9. Stress: this is the number 1 enemy when you are trying to have a baby. I must say, we've been under stress for half of the time of TTC journey. We are still in this stress mode. I believe and pray that February everything will settle into a routine and thus we will stress less!

10. Sex: if you want to get the perfect end result, then you have to get active in the bedroom! When trying to conceive couples become uptight about their sex life. Making love become a duty and the fun goes out of it, leaving both husband and wife stressed out and preoccupied. I've read that getting whoopee every other day starting from six days before your conception date will help the couple conceive :).

11. Enjoy your relationship: in an interview the actress
Thandie Newton said that she wish someone told her and her husband OI Parker to enjoy themselve, go out as a couple more often before having babies. So, let me shout to tell myself and every future parents !enjoy your lives as a couple without children! because once the babies come they are here to stay!

Now few Questions:
For the mothers:
1. How long did it take you to get pregnant?
2. Did you follow any checklist for TTC couples?

For the future married/mothers/TTC ladies:
1. When did you start trying to conceive?
2. Have you decided upon the exact date you want to TTC?

Would anyone of you/or your friends be interested in partecipating a yummy-mummy contest?

Please email me at msbabyplan@gmail.com


  1. It took us a little over 3 years to concieve Moo. And no we didn't have a TTC. We just let it happen naturally.

  2. We've set a date - mid-March 2012. My husband wants a January baby, but we know that it can take months to conceive, so we've just decided that we'd start trying after our 4 year anniversary.
    I too have a list of things I would like to accomplish, including being healthier and better shape, so that's what I'm working on right now. I thought that a year would be a long time to wait, but now that we've actually set a date, I'm kind of glad I have another year to accomplish things, and to get ready for the biggest life change ever. :) Hope your day comes soon! :)

  3. 1. How long did it take you to get pregnant?
    With my first it took us 14 long months. Trying for our second it took us 6 months, then I had a miscarriage (blighted ovum), then right after that it took us 2 months for our new baby.

    2. Did you follow any checklist for TTC couples?
    All I did was take prenatal vitamins and worked out, but not to hard. And I eat healthy. I did lots of charting, and used fertility friend.com. I don't know why it took us 14 months for our first then 2 months for our second. I guess it was just God's plan.

  4. I think it's great to have a pre-TTC check-list! I agree that it's so important to start out the pregnancy slim/fit - that will make it easier to bounce back to your size once the pregnancy is over.

  5. We have set a plan for 2 yrs post marriage August 2012. It is interesting to read how long it may take to conceive esp when you know when you want to TTC. It almost makes me want to discuss with the hubs about moving up our TTC date but I'm scared open us up to the possibility it would happen immediately! yikes! I am seriously considering getting off the Depo and move us to other means of pregnancy prevention in the mean time. I have been on birth control for a number of years and I would like to help us out with the thing I can do to help us have a better chance to conceive in the future.

  6. First, thanks for stopping by my blog!

    Second, answering your questions :)

    For the mothers:
    1. How long did it take you to get pregnant?

    I've had two and both were immediate - very first cycle. It was very important to me to have the babies during a certain time of the year. I had a two month window. I did everything in my power to hit that window. So the biggest thing that helped was charting my cycle with a basal thermometer. I spent a lot of time on the internet in forums for TTC and bought a special book. Things turned out exactly as I wanted and hoped. I know this doesn't happen for everyone so I was truly blessed.

    2. Did you follow any checklist for TTC couples?

    I did have to gain weight to be within a healthy range and I changed my diet, but that was it (besides the charting).

    Third, best of luck to you and the Mr. My only advice would be just be prepared for nothing to go the way you want so anything that happens is always better than you expected!

  7. Your checklist is a great idea. I keep a checklist for almost every aspect of my life.

    I'm on the fence with TTC.. I have an 18 year old daughter about to go to college. I'm not 100% on board with having another baby.. My husband doesn't have any children. But I have given thought to when I'd like to conceive (if I become 100% positive) and that would be in late November 2011so we can have a baby in August.

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