3 Jan 2011

The Neighbour's Grass Is Always Greener...

...because you don't have to mow it.

This old saying with the twist was published on a construction building site in Calgary. I really like it and it's been playing in my head since the day I read it.

This is the motto for my January...

I can't envy Alice Walker, J. K. Rowling or Toni Morrison, because they mow their grass for it to become green and successful. When they wake up early in the morning, I am still in bed counting stars. When they hear phrases like "Your writing will be read by the passengers in the airport waiting area..." I am sure they don't push themselves into a corner and become dirt. Instead, they take that as a compliment and write the best pieces for the passengers in the waiting area.

I need focus, determination and dedication to allow my grass to grow! Criticism must be my shield to succeed. I have to work for the economic class waiting area and one day I will capture the attention of a reader from the business class waiting area.

...the neighbour waters, mows and fertilises the grass for the latter to grow strong, healthy and greener.

P.S: Please stop by TC30s and leave a comment on who inspires you!


  1. I like this. Well said MsBabyPlan. Good luck with your writing this year. You can do it!

  2. i like that too....it's always better to work on your own life and situation than focus on someone else's! Enjoy fertilizing your grass!

  3. what a great post and it is so true! it is so much easier to look at others accomplishments then sometimes to work on our own.

    i think you are on the right track though! :)

  4. Other people's success does not take anything away from you. It is just a reminder that you can be successful too.

    Happy New Year!

  5. Thanks ladies! I am working on it and it's 7.34am my time.

    Thanks for the encouragement :)!

  6. Love this...

    Found you from today's Hop! :)

  7. This is the PERFECT saying. I am going to post it on my personal FB page ;-)

  8. I hope this year is a creative one for you, one in which you feel inspired to write. Good luck and best wishes.


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