18 Jan 2011

Patience Is A Virtue... part 2

Some months ago, I had to go to the airport and my mother offered to take me because she was going near the area. Knowing my mother, I could tell that we were going to be late, but I decided to give her a chance.

The plane was due to take off at 9:40am, and to the airport is about 1hr and 50mins drive, so it was going to be okay leaving at 7am.

On our way there, we talked for most of the journey. She told me about reason she moved from Ghana to come live in Italy. She talked without holding back. She told me that she used to do homemade washing soap and that she is a self taught baker. She told me so many things that I didn’t realise that the traffic was bad.

Time flown away before I notice the clock.

At 8am we were still stuck in a heavy traffic. I was in panic. My mother said "Calm down, everything will be fine, we will get there in time."

I didn’t say anything. I was annoyed but just kept quiet and waited. Thirty minutes later the car hasn't move an inch. I started to freak out. I raised my voice and told "Just take another route... take that side route!"

"We are going to move very soon."

"Just take that side route... I will miss the plane!"

"You have to learn to be patient."

"Well, not today because the plane will be leaving in just one hour's time."

She turned the car and took the side route I suggested. But ironically when we got there the traffic was even worse. Plus the road didn't lead to anyway. It just led us back to some cars behind the spot we drove away from.

"I told you to learn to be patient..."

I smiled to myself and looked outside the car, ashamed.

Yes, I missed my flight but in its place I learnt a big lesson: patience is a virtue!

I am writing this because MrBabyPlan and I are learning to be patient in our life.

For instance MrB.P was very tempted to accept the first offer a guy made for our flat – this guy wanted to knock £40 off the asking price. But I told MrB.P to wait, to be patient and in the end I was right. Waiting has rewarded us with the title of landlords to a lovely couple who want to use our flat as their first place to live together as a young couple.

I am so pleased about the final decision – yesterday after they left the apartment I knew they were the one :)!


Now... our prayers is for the protection of the Almighty, to guide us and grant us patience for the coming weeks. We need patience to be able to wait for our visa to Canada without going crazy!

Please everyone pray for us!


  1. Patience is a virtue...one I've yet to cultivate. Good luck to you! Fingers crossed.

  2. Patience def. is a virtue! Not many of us have it ... I'm still trying to have it! :)

    Such great news about your flat! How exciting to be landlords!

    Sending prayers your way that you both get your Visas and everything works out perfectly!

  3. I'm still working on getting more patience too (although I've come a long way). LOL. I'm so glad that you guys got a sweet deal.

  4. Patience definitely is important!!

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    Have a Happy Thursday!! :0)


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