5 Jan 2011

Pour Your Heart Out: What's Wrong With The Name Tatiana?

Emhppff! Deep breath!

Nothing, in fact I've become attached to it.

I want to pour my heart about Tatiana - those who email me, know me by that name as well...

So, what's wrong with the name Tatiana?

As I wrote before, nothing... just...

When I started blogging I made the conscious decision to keep my real name and full identity hidden. I didn't mind sharing pieces of my features but my name and full face were going to be top secret. I didn't want my family to know that I am the one behind the blog, plus I didn't want them to think that I was indulging myself online. I guess I was affected by the comment “Blogging about your personal life is just indulgence.” For me, the word indulgence in that phrase had a negative connotation. From the start I knew that blogging is NOT just indulgence but a tool to get things out of the shell. And I hope some people can understand that blogging can be therapeutic.

Most of you know the reason I blog, both for the baby plan and for the many thoughts rummaging in my head...

I shouldn't lose track... where was I?


I keep my identity ‘undercover’ because I know that there is a freedom in doing so. I can write anything I like and my family can feel protected. However, that freedom can be a backlash. From day one I was so thorough that I used pseudonym for my online accounts. But now I am getting attached to many of you, and sometimes I want to show you a smile on my face or share my real name with the world. My overly protective attitude seem to prevent that and I feel like I am pushing myself into a trap. But I know I can come out from there.

For that reason I want you to know why I chose the name Tatiana Teplan as pseudonym.

The day I was setting up my gmail account I had the first and last initials of my Christian name T.A playing in my mind. It was simply done because T.A ran into TIA-NA, so I invented the name Tatiana Teplan (Tatiana The Plan).

Tatiana proved to be perfect because most of the letters of my real name are all in there. Plus it sounds nice. But my offline name is special, and I hope one day you will all come to know it :)! But for now, Tatiana Teplan gives me the freedom to be me, with all my thoughts out there without judgement.

I felt the need to write about Tatiana so that if one day we meet in real life, you will not be surprise to know that my name is not Tatiana!

I hope you all like me the same, eheh :)!

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  1. i like you just the same! of course i would love to see your smile, i can tell that you have a beautiful! :)

    either way, i love your blog and although i don't know the name or the face that writes this blog, i like her just the same!

  2. I personally find nothing wrong with a pseudo name if you are intentional trying to steal someone else's identity with it. I have been in several blogging sites and many many many use pseudo names (including me). The only ones I ever had issues with were the ones trying to take on someone else's identity.

    Tatiana may not be your birth given name, but it is you none the less. Think of it more like a self given nickname.

    Keep doing what you need to do to feel safe.

  3. That's so nice of you Faith! You never know one of these days I might show a rea; smile ;)!

  4. Hmmm, I probably should have hidden my identity as well. I live in a small town and people come up to me and tell me that they read my blog. It does make putting all the business out there harder. My post for tomorrow will really put it all out there and well..I will see. It is my testimony and so we will just have to see. I like the name tatiana and I like you just the same. Heck, I didn't even know that was NOT your real name!

  5. Nothing wrong with keeping your identity hidden! Sometimes it is for the best! And can give you a freedom you wouldn't otherwise feel.

  6. I love the name Tatiana! Although it may have something to do with the fact that my name is Anestazia, and both are names of Romanov children. Anyways... I respect your effort to keep your identity hidden. I'm one of those people who is careless with my information and I respect your ability to do the opposite.

    Anestazia <3

  7. I honestly find it safer that way anyway. It makes me nervous to put my and my family's real names out there.

  8. Oh that is cool! I love it! I had no idea that Tatiana was not your real name :)

  9. Way to stick to what you believe! I salute you :) It's a cute name!

  10. Thanks ladies :)! I feel much better :)! Go Tatiana!

  11. Very cool how you walked us through all of that. I'm participating in PYHO today, too, and wanted to pop by to read your post!

  12. Disappointed when I read that wasn't your real name, b/c I think it's beautiful. Oh, well, your real one is lovely I am sure.

    I too write under a pen name. Emily is close to my own name and my last name (Cullen) is the name they made my mother used when at her first job b/c her real name was too complicated.

    Cullen changes my nationality too.

    With some readers I become close with, I do tell them my real name, cuz I feel guilty. But I do feel like an Emily after using this name for almost three years.

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