29 Jan 2011

She Had Us Wrapped Around Her Finger

We are back after five days in Scotland to see the baby :)!

And Amy you are right, the little one had us wrapped around her finger :)!

We couldn't get enough of her and she is the most BEAUTIFUL baby ever!

Her little cries are so sweet to the ears. Plus, although she is just one week old she is very strong and blossoming each minute that passes!

I wish I could share more pictures of her but for privacy purposes I am allowed just the one above. EFF and her uncle, MrBP.
MrBP is so cute and awesome with EFF! We are so ready to go all dovey over our own little one and MrBP is so ready for fatherhood! He was playing and comforting her when she cried for food. And we all had to run to pick her up at a little noise of discomfort, LOL! He is going to be the best father on earth, if I may say so :)!
I couldn't stop photographing him with his little niece - well I couldn't stop photographing the little one with who ever was holding her. She is such a blessing - she peed on me while I was changing her, so I hope that's a Great sign ;)!
Babies are adorable :)! We love her so much.

P.S: Changes are coming to The Baby Plan, I hope you all like it ;)!


  1. Glad you had a wonderful time with the wee little one in Scotland. Looking forward to what's to come for your blog. Don't you love seeing your partner with a wee little one...it's the sweetest.

  2. Congratulations on your new niece! I love the picture - so sweet! There's just something so precious about newborns - I've loved every stage with my kids, but I really love the newborn stage.

  3. That photo is so adorable. I'm sure you and hubby will be great parents.

  4. How very, very precious. :) Wish we could see more pics of her, but I totally understand!

    As for your new blog design - I LOVE it!! Lookin good girl!!


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