8 Feb 2011

Love Story: One Night At The Pub

I love watching movies and subconsciously I pick up movies which relate to my own life story. I recently watched Going The Distance and it took me back to how MrBP and I met. Also it reminded me of how we lived the first four years of our love story.


Going The Distance, starring Drew Barrymore and Justin Long, is the story about a young woman and a young man who meet in a New York pub one summer. She is originally from San Fransisco. He is in the pub because that evening his girlfriend breaks up with him.

During the evening he finds out that this new girl is the higher scorer of same video game he likes to play. He thinks she is very cool. Not the ordinary girly-girl. She finds him to be fun to be around with. They like each other and they decide to try to date. Once the summer is over she has return to San Francisco. live their love story although they live opposite side of United States.

One down side of the relationship is their different lifestyle. She is a bartender, therefore she lives night life. He, on the other hand, works in a office, therefore lives day life. When they hear each other on the phone it was hard to talk because he might fall asleep or she might be busy with work.

They manage to keep the relationship for at least a year. But it proves difficult for both due to the distance. They break up. Luckily not for long because he decides to set up his own business in Los Angeles, this allows him to be closer to her. They decide to date and love blossom again.


This film reminded me how MrB.P and I had to live apart on the opposite side of Europe for four years. Our story is longer, but I will keep it short.

I met my true love one night in a well known pub in my little town. He was new in town. I was in the pub by chance because the guy I really liked didn’t ask me out. That was the reason I decided to go out with one my best girl friends.

That evening we decided to practice our English. To add to the fun I wore a Union Jack top my friend bought for me while in London the previous year. When we got into the pub we attracted attention from the Italian guys because we were speaking English. I also noticed two new guys, one had blond hair and the other had brown hair. I made a mental note that I really like the blond guy but didn’t think about it too much because my mind was focused on the guy who didn't ask me out.

The questions which the curious Italian guys were asking me brought me to reality:
“Where are you from?”
“I am from Canada...” I lied then exchanged looks with my friend. She smiled back approving my invented explanation so I continued with “... she is from Germany.”

We were so sure how the information was going to make the Italian guys leave us alone. In fact, speaking English with my friend saved our evening... However, this lasted only few minutes because the blond guy I noticed earlier came to ask me:
“Are you English?”
To my surprise I answered “No, I am Ghanaian and she is Italian?”
I looked over my shoulder to check if the Italian guy was listening. I don’t know why I didn’t lie. He introduced themselves. Then, I don’t remember how it happened, we found ourselves talking to these English guys for the rest of the evening.

Then I found myself talking to the blond guy alone for the rest of the eveving. He noticed an ivory ring on my middle finger so in his poor Italian he asked me:
Tu essere sposata? (You married?)” Okay ladies, I was only eighteen years old, LOL! When he posed that question I smiled, amused! In a friendly-understanding tone I replied
Sei matto, se non ho neppure il ragazzo! (Are you mad? I don’t even have a boyfriend!)”
Then he said “Io posso sposare te. (I can marry you.)” We laughed together, because I thought he was just speaking druken nonsense.

He was funny and very handsome. I laughed a full warm heart laugh. He smiled back and his blue eyes which shone with excitement like a clear blue sky made me forget about other stuff... So, I laugh very hard at the silly conversation.

But I also thought I just met you and you are proposing marriage. What’s wrong with these guy, they always propose marriage to me. Or they want to marry or they don’t want to ruin our friendship.

The last phrase was mainly based on the guy who didn’t invite me out that evening. Luckily this guy in front of me changed the topic to a lighter conversation. He asked in his sweet poor Italian: “Io posso essere tuo amico? (I can be your friend?)”
Certo, perchè? (Of course, why?)” I asked unemotional. I really liked him but in that moment I couldn't envisage him in my tomorrow.
Perchè io nuovo qui e tu portare me in giro perchè sono solo e non conoscere il posto. (Because I new here and you take me around because I am alone and I not know the place.)”
Va bene, sono tua amica, perchè lei va in colleggio e ci sono solo io qua. (Okay, I am your friend, because she goes to college and I am the only one here)” This was how he got my number in the first place.

But he didn’t phone me until chance helped us again. But that can be another story.

Just like the couple in Going The Distance, we had our ups and downs due to distance. There were time I wanted to give up on us but my true love never let that happy. He travelled the world for me and I am ready to travel the universe for him.

It is thanks to him that I can write a post to dedicate to him and shout to the world I really L.O.V.E you and happy BIRTHDAY my True Love!

Please ladies help me wish him a very warm, heartfelt happy birthday :)!


  1. omg, what a great love story. i want to know more, more, more!

    happy birthday to your true love ... i hope he has an amazing one! i have a feeling you will make sure of that!!! :)

  2. I love your story. It is so sweet. Like Faith, I want to know more too. So precious. Happy Birthday to your birthday boy and best wishes :)

  3. As i hated that movie, I love your story much more! Happy birthday to your boy!

  4. Happy birthday to your sweetheart! What a great post—inspires me to sit down and write out the story of how I met and fell in love with my husband!

  5. HAPPY BIRHTDAY MR. BP!! I bet your wifey has some fun things in store for you today- because, well, I hear she's pretty into you (shhhh you didn't hear that from me!)

    Love your love story. And I'm with the other girls- I want to hear more!

  6. Sounds like an AWESOME movie! :)

  7. awesome movie...but i love your real life story better:)

  8. I just read your story and it was awesome. So sweet. He has to be a great guy to be born an Aquarius, ha :)


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