1 Feb 2011

Leonardo DiCaprio

doesn't he just steal your heart away with that smile and look in his eyes?

The words are from my 1995 secret diary!

I am quite sure each one of us had their own teenage celebrity crush.

My first true celebrity love was for Leonardo DiCaprio - obviously there were others. But, I really-really wanted Leonardo to become my boyfriend - I never dreamt about having children together but I wanted to kiss him!

Well, I kissed him every night, but I don't want to embarrass myself therefore I will not show you the pictures of me kissing Leonardo DiCaprio...

...well, kissing the posters on the walls of my teenage bedroom.

Leonardo was the only one I wanted to have. And sometimes I thought if I can't have him, then I am never going to marry. That was just a teenager mentality, because I found the man who looks a little bit like Leonardo, but even better looking. And MrBP is naturally charming more than Leonardo could be. I am happily married and I do not like Leonardo DiCaprio as a boyfriend any longer :)!

Plus, I recently learned that he was the number ONE guy for million other girls, LOL!

Though, I wouldn't mind having his friendship because he seems a nice man. I am one of his big fans and I really hope he wins an Oscar for his acting one day because he is a great actor.

Do you have a celebrity crush?


  1. awww, i think everyone had a crush on him!

    i loved Jordan from "My So Called Life". I wanted to be his girlfriend soooo bad, lol! Now he freaks me out just a lil bit! :)

  2. LOL, Jordan was one of them guys I liked :)! But Leo can still be called a yummy!

  3. Ooh, I had such a crush on Leo and Jonathan Taylor Thomas! Oh to be a teenager again!

  4. ah to be teenager again, LOL!

    Now the teenagers are running after Justin B, you know the guy with cute hair cut :)! My teenagers nieces are probably after him.

    But Leo rocks!

  5. LOVE this... While you were making out with LD posters i was kissing his "big brother" mentor, Kirk Cameron.
    Well, like you, in one dimensional form anyway...

    But now, now I secretly heart James MacAvoy...

    and seriously- i love your (like a boyfriend) HOW CUTE! :)

  6. James was cute too, but old agge doesn't suit him too much - maybe I am bias, LOL! :)!

  7. Oh my heart smiles...@ faith I wanted to be Mrs. Jordan! Damn Angela!

  8. I loved Leo so much and even now. I would keep repeating his Titanic movie and all his movies in the world. No, I won't get tired of them. I have a boyfriend now, he's not good looking that much but I love him soooo much. The love I have for Leo is something that makes me feel like a teenager forever.

  9. i am a teenager and even in 2011 he is the crush of loads of my friends haha :) i think even when he's an old man he'll be gorgeous LOL

  10. leonardo dicaprio is actually mine. im sorry, but hes mine, even though i have a boyfriend who looks slightly like him, meh, leonardo dicaprio is the worlds most beautiful man.hes beautiful! i didnt know anyone couldbe so beautiful.. in romeo and juliet, catch me if you can... ahh wow.. hes mine. end of:)

  11. leo dicaprio is cool. i like him.


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