10 Feb 2011

My Face Care Secret Revealed

One thing I learn from young age is how to take care of my skin. I like to have a smooth skin and that's why I wrote about when is good to take care of your body in this post.

I thought I was good to my facial skin care as well. Every morning and evening I cleansed and washed with Simple face care. I was diligent but I couldn't see any improvement. I realised that I was using the products I've been using since my early twenties. I couldn't bring myself to venture out of those facial care because I thought they were good for me and I was scared to change products.

After the post on taking care of my skin I decided to research the right product for my late twenties face. I remembered Iman's facial gel I tried before which gave me the smoothest facial skin I've ever achieved. I went in search of the gel at the department stores. When I found it the price was too much for my wallet therefore I decided to find another alternative with moderate price.

I considered my age and my skin type - late twenties, without wrinkles but often dry skin - I did that by myself, but L'oreal can help you choose the facial skin care suitable for your needs. You can try this calculator. I opted for l'oreal facial skin care, because price is very resonable and the qualitity is excellent. I've waited to post about it because I wanted to see real results.

Today, after six month of trying it, I feel like I can tell you my facial skin care secret works. Now my face is smooth and cleared of any blemish.

I use this facial wash
after that I use the gel-creme moisturiser to hydrate my face.

... we like to say spend lots of money on the good essential items, and don't be cheap on useless things. ... this is one of my fav motto! But this time I researched and found out that my daily beauty facial skin care products can be effective without breaking my bank account. I feel good and expensive in my skin with as little money as I could afford! Also I am not scared to research and change facial skin care products.

What are your facial skin care secret?

P.S: In my last post my lovely ladies said that they would like to read more about our love story. I am so happy to comply! Next week you can read more, so, please stay tuned :)!


  1. I'll have to look at that calculator. Thanks for sharing! I started using Clinique before my wedding last year and really liked it, however, I haven't been using it since getting pregnant because of the acne medication in it. My face is not happy right now, but I think that's just a part of pregnancy... lol

  2. Funny you should write this post now- I found myself perusing the aisles of the drug store just last weekend in hopes of finding something a bit, umm- less expensive than what I'd been using. I ended up with a day/night face cream by Loreal (a shot in the dark). Although your post prompted me to then check reviews on Amazon and almost hands down people liked the Olay brand for facial creams best. It's so hard to find something that works really well because everyone is different (and marketing is confusing), but I'm glad you found "the one" for you! Fingers crossed I'm not too long behind you :)

  3. I am the same as Tami. I've been *-+
    +obsessing over ways to improve my skin and I have had positive results with so far... I really want to check out Iman's line! Hehe. I'll check it L'oreal until we get some extra money. I am seriously intrigued!

  4. Glad that its working for you. Hope you have a nice weekend! :)

  5. i need to really pay more attention to my skin care. i'm awful about it and get just whatever off the shelf that looks like it might work. thanks for giving me initiative to start looking for the good stuff

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  7. It’s good that you found the right skin care products suitable for your skin. But don’t stop there. Maintaining a healthy skin is a duty every woman has to fulfill if she desires to stay beautiful.

  8. Constant skin care goes a long way in maintaining its beauty. And it's essential to try out other products that may provide better results than your old one. And you're right, for the sake of beauty, you should always go for quality!


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